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The best educational programs

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Answer PLNU is renowned for its wide diversity of interests and forging healthy balance between the faith and academia amongst its to develop them into good citizens. It offers excellent degree programs in the various fields of interdisciplinary academic areas for undergraduates and graduate courses. Established in 1902, the university highlights academic excellence with high ethical and value based mission of dispersing education to diversified community of students coming from across the globe. Founded on the principles of Christian values, it promotes social justice, sustainability and environment, personal and professional development that aligns with faith and accountability of actions.
The religious paradigms and strong ethical and moral values are intrinsic to the academic curricula that motivate students towards academic integrity and empathy towards others. The value based education in PLNU is one of the most cherished factors that would help me to fulfill my long term goals of serving community with high degree of commitment and in promoting ethically delivered objectives and goals. In the current environment of fast paced life, the PLNU helps one to be grounded in the reality of human relationship that transcends social barriers of class, creed and region. The value based educational programs would hugely help to overcome the challenges of life.
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I believe that diversity is hugely important on the college campus mainly because the globalization has ushered in the multicultural society that includes people coming from diverse background of culture, race, color, class and nationality. Diversity within the campus would equip students with unmatched understanding of cross cultural values and help develop mutual respect and love. These would hugely help them in their professional lives when they are working across the globe and interact with people from different culture. (words: 292)

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