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Student prompts/teacher directions

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Student Prompts/Teacher Directions

Prompts Prompts prompts and teacher direction in s such as science and mathematics is critical especially when developing units of study. Criteria for developing the assignment units are also paramount with learner’s in mind to develop interest and long term objectives. It is also urgent to integrate effective resources and materials for the learner and tutor to enhance knowledge dispensation. This includes implementing a workable unit plan with practical inquiry strategies that help students in problem solving skills (Boyle & Scanlon, 2009). However, despite using modern resources and materials during learning and merging science subjects, it is also important to stress on understanding by learners on various course units.
Integration of science and mathematics is imperative because it brings contents of decimals, fractions and/or percents together. Inclusion of assignment criterion such as unit standards and clear-cut objectives is also important during such critical integration. Standards of learning should be geared towards goals and objectives with long term plans that help students. For example, using effective resources and materials such as technology and modern books is critical when imparting knowledge upon students (Boyle & Scanlon, 2009). Using slides and projectors while teaching students is essential in meeting the diverse student needs.
Strategies such as use of e-books and online teachings methods should be introduced to help students who find normal learning difficult. Similarly, finding solutions to problems requires inquiry models with long term benefits for the students. Such inquiry models should improve student’s academic ability and analytical abilities. Comprehension of basic class units is paramount during problem solving sessions because it equips the students with concrete basis for reasoning. Unit understanding also helps in interpretation of formative and summative assessments critical for class reading (Boyle & Scanlon, 2009). These include assignment copies of various subjects meant to strengthen a student’s rationale and logical assessment of problems.
Development of science and mathematics programs requires higher standards that increase the rationale and student’s comprehension in strategic inquires. It also reflects on various unit studies such as comprehension and problem solving skills testing learners’ innate abilities and understanding of contemporary issues. These include creation of mathematical programs such as fractions and decimal sense authentic for meeting students’ objectives. Conversely, student reflections will work with science project with impact on their learning capabilities. In that case, a change in strategy such as introducing practical units in science has direct influence on the learners’ rationale. Use of work plans and schemes in curriculum assessment is also essential when integrating both science and mathematics. Resources such as getting qualified teachers and tutors with the expertise of implementing learning strategies is also essential for students and teacher directions (Boyle & Scanlon, 2009). However, informal and formal assessments conducted by teachers and tutors should consider learners’ level of understanding and resources available to produce a rationale report.
Education is an essential thing in society that deserves considerable attention. It begins with having modern resources and materials with the ability to solve current problems. Additionally, it also entails inculcating practical knowledge in students’ minds especially in their unit courses and curriculum development (Boyle & Scanlon, 2009).
Boyle, J. & Scanlon, D. (2009). Methods and Strategies for Teaching Students With Mild Disabilities: A Case-Based Approach. Mason, OH: Cenegage Learning.

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