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Ludwig van beethovens life

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Beethoven’s tragic life did not end with the tragedies that the family faced. However, his career almost came to an abrupt end when he started losing his sense of hearing. This development was a tragedy to an individual who eked out a living as a pianist. Nonetheless, he confronted this challenge, and he became one of the greatest composers the world has ever had. Beethoven was able to deal with the tragedy of losing his sight, and he went on to make compositions that resonate with the contemporary society despite the differences in time. Therefore, his story is that of sheer determination despite the tragedy that an individual faced. Despite the scars in his life, the loss of the most important asset in his life, and the tragic life that he had lived, Beethoven shows the importance of overcoming any challenge regardless of the direction towards which our life is heading. For a musician who did not hear the music he was composing but only felt and sensed it, Beethoven’s life underlines the importance of remaining focused towards my objectives. As a student who aspires to become an engineer, I understand that the life of an engineer is challenging and it requires determination and focus to see the successful completion of the projects. In effect, Beethoven’s accomplishments and life will influence my life by encouraging me to tackle any challenge despite the nature and the magnitude of these challenges. However, I can only achieve my objective of becoming a renowned engineer in an institution that had a supportive environment. Hence, I know your institution will help me achieve this goal as it offers the opportune environment.

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