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Shylock argumentative essay

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Shylock is a Victim All villains Were once victims. A villain is someone who intentionally hurts some none physically, mentally, and/ or emotionally for their own satisfaction and pleasure. A victim is someone who is hurt physically, mentally, and/ or emotionally. The Merchant of Venice, a play written by William Shakespeare, is about a man who is pushed to the breaking g point and turns round to bite his enemy.

A person that is debatable whether villain or victim I s Shylock. Shylock was abused with words such as “ devil” and “ dog”.

His business isn’t booming because of Antonio, a Christian merchant. His daughter was taken from him by a Christian n man named Lorenz. Like a Christian he will take revenge but he “ will better the instruction ins”. He says he will “ plague” and “ torture” Antonio.

He doesn’t show mercy and takes Antonio to court to settle heir contract; which states if Antonio cannot pay his debt then Shylock gets o nee pound of Notation’s flesh preferably his heart, but he fails and ends up being forced to c invert to a Christian. Is Shylock a victim or not?

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