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Internet and Intranet Technologies Weekly Upload1 Aim: To test and evaluate the CMS website www. cms. gre. ac. uk for compliance. To produce a report which demonstrate the Usability, accessibility, standards compliance and content. 1 Screen Shot of the CMS website showing Nielsen’s 10 deeds 9 6 5 4 7 3 2 Usability: The School Website is analyzed for its usability using Nielsen’s 10 good deeds in website design. The following table lists the 10 good deeds by Nielsen and the results for the School Website. Ten Good Deeds in Web Design | Sr No | Criteria | Results | Pass/Fail | 1 | Have a Prominent Logo on the Page and make the Logo link to the Home page | The University Logo appears on the top right corner and navigates to the University Home page when clicked | Pass | 2 | Provide a Search Facility | The University has a Search Facility | Pass | 3 | The Website should provide Straightforward Headlines and Titles that clearly explain what the page is about and that will make sense when read out-of-context in a search engine results listing. | The Pages have Meaningful Headers and Titles | Pass | 4 | The Website facilitate scanning and help users ignore large chunks of the page in a single glance | The Website Provides Groupings and Subheadings Which indirectly breaks the large list to several small Units | Pass | 5 | The Website should provide hypertext to structure the content space into a starting page that provides an overview and several secondary pages that each focus on a specific topic. | The Website introduces the overview of the CMS school on the master page and several linked secondary pages to focus on the specified topic | Pass | 6 | The Website should use Product Photos | The University Picture has been attached on top of the Page | Pass | 7 | Use of relevance-enhanced image reduction when preparing small photos and images | The University student Photos which appear on the website is enhanced and clearly visible | Pass | 8 | Use link titles to provide users with a preview of where each link will take them, before they have clicked on it | The Website does not provide any Link Titles | Fail | 9 | The Important pages should be accessible for People with disabilities | The Site passes the Cynthia says Accessibility Report | Pass | 10 | Conform to the Norm, The website should function same as the other websites function | The website behaves in the same way as the other websites in the internet | Pass | As seen from the above table the CMS website passes most of the Nielsen Website designs 10 good deeds. Accessibility: The Cynthia Says portal is a web content accessibility validation solution. It is designed to identify errors in any content related to Section 508 standards and/or the WCAG guidelines. The Results from the Cynthia says Portal for the CMS website is shown below. Standards Compliance: The site has to be tested to know if the site has a valid XHTML and a correct CSS validation. The XHTML of the site can be tested using the Mark up validation service provided by the W3C School. The results of the XHTML site validation has been shown below. The site fails and has a error in the underlying XHTML document. The error being “ Line 235, Column 5: end tag for element ” p” which is not open”. The sites CSS validation can be analyzed and checked using the CSS validation service provided by W3C School. The result after the validation has been attached below. Although the W3C validation service doesn’t find any error on the website but it does show 64 warning for the website. Content of the Site: The content of the website is well written and constructed. The Home page of the CMS school website gives a precise overview of the contents which are relevant. Conclusion: The CMS site is well designed and developed although the site does have some shortcomings like the website does not provide any link titles which are one of the good deeds for a good website according to Nielsen and also it fails the mark up language validation from the W3C validation service but still provides enough information for students about the CMS school.

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