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Sample essay on project ind. 2

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Project scope

In relation to the sales and also marketing activities, this project scope will deal with the requirements of the sales team for an effective marketing campaign. This project is undertaken to determine the needs of the sales personnel and establish their deliverables to the management of this company. Therefore, meeting such needs will attain the overall objective for this project.

Deliverables for the team

One of the deliverables is a list of the project specifications. The other deliverable is a compilation of 3 photographs of the product highlighting each dimension of view of the product. In addition, there will be a deliverable of a complete pricing structure. The final deliverable comprises of all marketing materials for the product. The type of information it will contain will depend on the deliverable itself (Portny, 2012). For the project specifications, the list will highlight all the dimensions and features of products for this sales campaign. The information contained will be that which will give full details on the product so that development of the scope and other marketing activities will be successful (Portny, 2012). In addition, it will give information on the schedule within which to complete the marketing activities.
With regard to the deliverable of the photographs, the information will give a physical appeal as to the nature of the product. Having a full 3 dimensional view will give the management an insight on how the product will be viewed by consumers. At this point, applying creative graphics and the entire design of the product will be a critical determiner of its success in capturing the attention of consumers.
The information on the pricing structure deliverable will comprise of prices and discounts that will be offered for the product under different quantities. In order to attract high sales, high discounts will be offered for products sold in high rates (Woods, 2011). Other information will relate to competitive pricing so that price for this product can be set at an optimal level. Information on marketing materials will contain details of the marketing tools and the requisite resources. There will be information on usage of tools such as brochures and the marketing mix for this product. All these efforts will be aimed at ensuring that the product is a success (Williamson & Tracy, 2013). For the level of detail, all this information will be highly detailed so that the marketing department may understand its full nature and implications (Adams, 2012). Therefore, the information to be presented will be exhaustive but still open for corrections to incorporate the needs of this department.

Project exclusions

The exclusions will have any elements that will not be in the scope. One of the exclusions is that this scope will not include cost details of setting up sales locations. The other exclusion is that the scope of this project will not give legal implications for this campaign. The marketing department will handle this role. In addition, transportation of the product will be excluded. The final exclusion is that the marketing team will not serve any other company duties apart from marketing the product to consumers.

Assumptions for the project

There are some assumptions for this scope. The first is that the sales team will cooperate, and the deliverables will be attained on time. The other assumption is that there will be no major changes in the operating environment which would prompt the marketing department to alter its requirements. Finally, it is assumed that the company will attract highly skilled personnel for executing this marketing exercise successfully. These assumptions will affect the scope of this project since they will alter the way it will be conducted in the event that they change (Schwalbe, 2008).

Points to be shared with management

Several key points will be shared with the management. The first is that one employee from the marketing department will be supervising five marketing assistants in the field. The other point is that payments will be made in advance for these marketing activities. The third point is that failure to meet the deliverables on time should lead to project abandoning. The objections for these points may be grounded on several reasons. With regard to employee supervision in the field, the management may deem it as unnecessary since it will reduce the employees number in the office. The other objection is based on advance payments whereby it may be seen as denying the company an opportunity to generate extra revenue from these funds. In addition, the management may object to abandonment of the project due to failure to carry out the sales activities on time due to costs that will have been incurred.


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