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Restaurant field experience report

Restaurant field experience report Joe’s Excellent Chinese cuisine Introduction The restaurant offers different Chinese food such as tatter tots with bacon jam and potater tot. It is situated near SanFrancisco (Yelp, 2014). During the period that I worked in this restaurant I was shifted in different departments in order to gain as much experience as possible. Below is a list of departments I worked in.
Assistant Manager
The role of an Assistant Manager is to work as part of the restaurant management team. In this post one directs plans and coordinates the operations of the organization while adhering to the operations standards of the restaurant. As an assistant manager I learnt to embrace the culture of the company, give solid leadership, and serves perfect drinks and impeccable food hence creating a perfect team member and guest experience. I was also able to maintain safe, sanitary and spotlessly clean restaurant. During the period that I was an assistant Manager I also learnt how to provide directions, coach and feedback for the team members. I gained effective communication skills by having to communicate regularly with the team management. I also gained time management skills since I had to deliver quality work and maintain restaurant at its best at all times.
Bar manager
The beverage manager is responsible of preparing drinks orders for the entire day for dining service. I therefore, managed beverage stock as required and ensured that they are paid for. The other major role that I had to take estimate how much beverage would be consumed on each day and place orders with the suppliers. Additionally I had to check for fresh deliveries in order to maintain high quality. I also learnt how to solve on clients complains about the served drinks.
As a receptionist, I was responsible of greeting guests, show them their tables and provide menus. I also provided customer service and deal with all enquiries in a courteous and professional manner, either via email or telephone. Additionally, providing information to guests on requests to ensure their comfort, safety and satisfaction was also a principal responsibility for me. During this period I learnt to offer exquisite customer care service, to solve their inquiring and complains made via email or telephone. I also developed adequate communication skills and to be professional at all times while attending to guests.
The efficiency of the kitchen of a restaurant rests on expeditors. This is the person who is responsible of setting the pace and flow in the kitchen. On this post, I ensured that the orders made by guests were completed on time, according to the menu, andensures they are in good quality for their satisfaction. I was also responsible relaying orders made to the kitchen, monitor the progress and keep the sanitation and temperature is at its best. I learnt how to be effective in delivering quality orders to the customers. Since everything had to be on time, I had to be careful in time management without disappointing the guests. I also learnt how to solve
During the whole period that I worked in the restaurant I had good time with the team members. The restaurant had all kinds of people from different backgrounds. The workers in that restaurant rested after they had completed their duties without helping others. Due to this culture one had to develop to complete assigned tasks on time but one was not restricted from asking for assistance. During my first days at work I used to help others who were behind time scheduled but I learnt that some of them used to take advantage of that. However, I learnt to be time cautious, disciplined and gained abilities to work with people from different backgrounds.
Yelp. (2014, July 4). Yelp. com. Retrieved December 09, 2014, from Joe’s Excellent Chinese Cuisine: http://www. yelp. com/biz/joes-excellent-chinese-cuisine-san-francisco

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