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Task: History of Korean American Korean American history started in 1882 when United s signed a peace, alliance and trade agreement with Korean government. This gave room for the two nations to separately create an ambassadorial mission. Since then, Korean citizens have been migrating to America as ambassadors, traders and learners. This movement was separated into three main phases with the first migration occurring between 1903 and 1905. Apart from most of these people being men, they mainly migrated to look for employment as contract workers in Hawaii’s sugar farms. According to Kim, the second migration started in 1950 and comprised of females who got married to the United States military men and children accepted into the families of Americans. The last group started migrating in 1967 and comprised of Koreans who arrived in United States under the work-related and family reintegration inclinations of the 1965 Immigration Act.
However, in 1924, American Congress recognized Asia as a barred region from which movement was completely forbidden. This ban was later lifted during the Korean conflict at the time when the McCarran-Walter Act was implemented in 1952. Therefore, Asians were authorized to apply for United States citizenship. The last wave of movement since the implementation of the 1965 Immigration Act that authorized family and work immigration, led to the creation of huge population of Korean Settlers in most of the cities including Los Angeles and Chicago. Other small sections of Korean American communities are also found in different regions throughout the United States.
Arguably, the article written by Kim is not only informative and interesting, but also comprehensive. In a short page, it has covered all the essential information that a reader would want to know concerning the history and movement of the Korean Americans. The fact that the introduction of the article does not immediately begin with the history is quite unique. When discussing history, most authors always go straight to the point of their discussion. However, the article begins by acknowledging how Korean Americans are rejoicing the year 2003 as their 100th birthday of their migration. However, the main weakness of this article is that it has failed to address how and why the Korean Americans participated in small business ownership. For instance, it has just indicated that a number of the Korean Americans participated in resident agricultural and small businesses like barbershops without illustrating how culture or ethnic background influenced their decisions.
The other key problem with the article is that it has not addressed the impact of communication differences between the two societies considering that Korean Americans spoke Korean while Americans communicate in English. Conversely, the statements about discrimination are agreeable. Even though they intermarried and gave birth to new generations, Korean Americans were still considered as Native Americans. There were also other forms of discrimination that every reader would expect. As stated in the article, Korean Americans faced other forms of discrimination including racial profiling and hate offenses. Notably, each section of this article is enjoyable since it gives readers an opportunity to critically reflect upon the history of the Korean Americans.
Work cited
Kim, John H. ” In observance of centennial of Korean immigration to the US.” (2003).

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