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What is an Essay on History?

Some may call history their favorite subject; for others, it may seem irrelevant. Regardless of the attitude, many students find it challenging to write essays on historical topics. At some point, it may be necessary for any student to write an essay on history. This may be a history of their extended family based on the interview format. This may be a description of a global historical event. This may even be writing about regents of a medieval-period state. These topics can be a part of document-based questions (DBQ). DBQ requires historical research and is a popular type of assignment for students.

Writing about one’s own family tree may seem easy. However, writing about slaves, the history of art, or the development of the first computer may be more challenging. For these situations, we advise you to look through our bank of essays about history.

History Essay Sub-Topics

Within the domain of history, there are various sub-topics that are explored on our website. You can find essays on the history of the world in general. History of specific continents, such as African, can be discovered. There is also the history of specific countries, such as the US or the Philippines. Finally, you can also explore the history of cultures, such as Canadian. For instance, regarding American history, some popular essay topics include Civil War and the slavery periods.

Others are genealogy and family history of famous people, and even oral legends of local indigenous tribes. The academic curriculum in many educational institutions is standardized. Therefore, the likelihood of finding the right topic on our website is high.

It is possible to find and use history essay examples of various types on our platform. These include:

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  • and even personal types of essays.

Most of the papers offered on our platform follow the standard essay structure:

  • abstract,
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  • introduction,
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  • and conclusion.

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Discuss the value of homers iliad for the historian

lliad by Homer lliad is an epic Homeric poem that reveals the story of the Trojan War and the battle of Troy, an event in Greek mythology when the gods still visited mortals. For instance, in book five of the lliad, Pylaimenes who happened to be the king of the Paphlagonians is killed.

How far did the position of women change from the end

Women of the Victorian era were idealized as the helpmate of man, the keeper of the home, and the " weaker sex". This was the light which set of the increasingly shortening fuse of many women, and led to the women's movement.

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Baroque era assignment

It was a fad of sorts, the hip place o see and be seen, and sometimes since they were there, some people would even listen to the music. In either case, the 18th Century French were the first to use the term to describe the art and music of the previous generation, and what they β†’

Mapping the war of 1812

The Aboriginals were positioned to the right of the British, in the swamp, where, after the British were routed by the Americans and had surrendered, the Aboriginal warriors fought valiantly against the mounted American army. As well, the deaths of Chief Tecumseh and Chief Stiahta were a great loss to the Aboriginal communities.

Should social security be eliminated

This is a very great way of providing social security to people. This means that social security is very vital to people's lives because they find means to help themselves in the future.

How tea party could drive gop to disaster

The convergence of the pro tea party Republicans on a single candidate will likely offer trouble to the anti-tea party Republicans and the Republican Party. On the other hand, Romney could get nominated and he could lose the election which would trigger the tea party Republicans to push for a more conservative candidate in the β†’

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Honoring cold war heros assignment

They made a deal that Dwight would work and pay for the first 2 years of Edger's education and then the little brother would take a break from school and he would go to work and help support Dwight while he went to school. After the first two years of helping his brother, in 191 β†’

It’s all provided in the instructions

The French Revolution The French Revolution took place as a result of disagreement between the feudal government and the commoners. However, in early 1793, the monarch was overthrow and executed by the French Republic was established In February 1793, the French Republic was engaging in war with most of the countries in Europe.

Discuss two segments of the economy in a critical stage of collapse when roosevelt assumed office and his administration’s attempts to strengthen them

Effect of the New Deal on Agriculture and Banking Sector: The Great Depression had taken a toll on the American economy. The new deal was directed at various critically affected segments of the economy, for example, the banking sector and agriculture.

History of beverages/soft drink

It was the first very successful method of keeping the bubbles in the bottle. Automatic Production of Glass Bottles In 1899, the first patent was issued for a glass-blowing machine for the automatic production of glass bottles.

International businesses in south africa during apartheid assignment

Or could a moral argument be put forward that their presence in South Africa was to the direct benefit of the well-being of their Black employees and of Blacks in the whole country to assist with their struggle in preparation for a way to a robust economy in the post-apartheid South Africa? The premeditated ban β†’

Why there should be prayer in public school

Nicholson Why there should be prayer in public school Interestingly, the same reason why prayers are banned in public schools is actually the same reason why prayers should be allowed in public schools. Inhibition of prayers in public schools would be a violation of the First Amendment.

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David cole interviewing dr. franciszek piper

The point Cole tries to make here is that most of the evidence and facts about mass homicides at Auschwitz were either incorrect or exaggerated by the Soviet Union to serve their propaganda during the time of war and how on a larger scale, facts and figures of war have been manipulated in favour of β†’

Neo-liberalisation in the world

By 1980, Neo-liberalism had grown to higher levels in Britain and the United States such that it sidelined Keynesianism and social alternatives. In the 1990s, neo-liberalization triumphed after the failure of public capitalists of Germans, Swedes, and Japanese.

Conflicts and challenges in philadelphia

The question of actual changes in the city, the rebuilding of the centre and preservation of Colonial period buildings mention in this part. Imagining Philadelphia: Edmund Bacon and the Future of the City.

World war ii and the holocaust

While Adolf Hitler along with rest of the Germans abhorred the hard line restrictions and conditions put upon them in the form of the indemnities and other penalties, the fact that Adolf Hitler considered Jews and the Austrians as the main agent and factor of brining about defeat to Germans in the First World War β†’

Were the puritans puritanical (carl degler)

Whilst this is true, most of the other restrictions on dress were to preserve the modesty of the wearer, although it was not as dull, plain and conservative as the stereotype. The central view of human nature in the Puritan faith is that it is prone to sin and this is an inescapable factor of β†’

Lagaan directed by ashutosh gowariker

In a mocking mood, Captain Russell threw a challenge to the farmers, that if they can defeat the British soldier's team in the game of cricket, they will not have to pay any Lagaan. But, Elizabeth Russell, the better half of Captain Russell somehow develops a soft corner for the villagers and their issues and β†’

Why did the colonists want independence from england

In addition to this, the long distance between the king and the colonies caused little link between the rulers and the subjects. They ruled them the way they wanted and not in collaboration.

During the french revolution, did ideas and events influenced women to break from the conformities of their society and fight for their civil rights? assignment

The women of 18th century France began to question the way society viewed their political and social rights, and as a result created a movement to abolish the political and ideological views of women's role in society at the time. As most nobility and clergy of France at the time were men, it was nearly β†’

Catawba county, nc

As with many hubs of rail transportation, the early economy of the Catawba County region was one that relied heavily on the jobs and opportunities that the large rail junction provided. One of the main bragging points that the county has is with regards to the high number of famous individuals that hail from Catawba.

Was the spanish inquisition politically, socially, or religiously motivated

The Spanish Inquisition started in 1478 by the Catholic monarchs of Spain, Ferdinand II and Isabella I, by the promulgation of the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition. Thereby not only were the Jews and Muslims living within the Spanish realm forced to convert to Christianity on pain of death, but it was β†’

Short answer quiz

American History: Short Answer Quiz American History: Short Answer Quiz Explain the different ways Progressive reformers responded to the problems the nation faced in the Gilded Age The progressive reformisms came with the notion of fixing every problem that had resulted from the Gilded Age with the problem of uneven distribution of resources taking a β†’

Mannerism in art history

In my opinion, whether it is David, Michelangelo's sculpture or Mona Lisa, da Vinci's portrait, I prefer the realistic of this type of art over Mannerism. Modern art can be compared to Mannerism.

United states military functions as the worlds police

United States' Military Functions as the World's Police In the process of acting as a dominant force in the world through the use of their military forces internationally the United States of America has always faced a number of challenges. Due to the period of the involvement a good number of the United States β†’

Politics in the middle east

Politics in the Middle East In a discussion relating to the politics of the Middle East, a reporter of ' The Guardian,' Ian Black in 2014 compiled a report that characterizes the region as one characterized by extreme violent. Black presents Syria political condition as the worst of all in the nations found in β†’

Party debate

This is because in two party systems the two opposing parties are either in favor or against a particular agenda and voters finds it easy to vote for the candidates of that party which is supporting their side of the agenda. In my opinion it is better to have a two party system and such β†’

The apex of regional civilizations

Lecturer's and Number Submitted The Apex of Regional Civilizations In the documents, Duran extracts the 16th century history of the stable Aztecs their mythical origin to the destruction of the empire by Spain by describing the court life of the elite, common people and life during war, flood, and drought. Nevertheless, as illustrated by Cieza β†’

Political ideologies

The original meaning of this term lost its value in the coming years to be replaced by Marx's use of the term and the interest taken by generations of Marxists in the new color ascribed to ideology by Marx explains the popularity of ideology as a key science in modern social and political world. This β†’

What is bartletts definition of latin europe and frankish europe

In the particular excerpt from Bartlett's book that I have assigned to you, Bartlett argues for the importance of colonization as a key theme in the High Middle Ages and provides an outline sketch of the expansion of the Roman Catholic Church. Likely trained as a Priest himself, Fulcher of Chartres was one of the β†’

Comparison of the narratives

The aim of the paper is to compare the experiences that the two slaves had. The essay will compare the similarities and the differences of the experiences, which the two slaves had.

The many faces of affirmative action

Johnson introduced the Affirmative Action program in 1965, it was hailed as a concrete step in redressing the wrongs perpetrated by 200 years of slavery and created an avenue to the new equality of civil rights. Affirmative Action is a laudable program that has provided significant justice for women and minorities, compensates for centuries of β†’

Chapter 11, who owns history the texas textbook controversy found in wheeler, discovering the american past, volume ii, 7th edition (pages 349-384)

The Texas Book Controversy.s History being the study of past and in particular that has to deal with human beings is crucial in our daily lives. Liberals, on the other hand, believe that history changes, and therefore it is good to incorporate some of these changes in our modern history books.

Amrican jewish striggle

Like other Jews in the rest of the world they developed the following traits: i. The persecution of Jews by the Stalinist regime in Russia, the Nazi regime in Germany and the Holocaust show manifestations of Jewish struggles that account for significant immigration to the U.S.


Beginning late in 1978, the reform was fully developed after the XII Congress of the Chinese Communist Party and strengthened its position as a result of the decisions of the XIV Congress. In 1997, the theory of building socialism with Chinese characteristics and market development under socialism was formulated in the final form.

The american enlightenment

The ideas of John Locke and the Enlightenment Period caused a few philosophers and people who were outspoken about freedoms and rights to shape the American government. This is the theory that as citizens it is the citizen's duty to rid yourself of the government if the government is unfair towards the citizens.

Rococo, neoclassicism, and romanticism

Work of art from Neoclassicism is Painting that mainly corresponded with the underlying 18th-century enlightenment epoch and extended in the early 19th century. Moreover, Neoclassicism was mainly procreated from corresponding methods within Paris in regard to the underlying history painting.

Japan’s development & history

The culture in the Japan entered in successive waves in the continent. The culture of Japan took shape in the period of Yayoi.

History: slavery

They retraced it in the bible of the story Noah and ham his son, and the figured why they are the way they are. Why do indentured servants and slaves come to the New World?

Henry viii “defender of the faith” assignment

Henry VIII Defender of the Faith " The Defender of the Faith" is a title of which has been bestowed upon all English Monarch since the reign of Henry VIII. Henry was granted his title because of the piety he demonstrated to the Catholic Church.

The marshall plan assignment

Communism also promotes the idea of sharing the countries' properties and riches with its people equally, which is Of course, welcomed in poor war-torn areas in the Western Europe. The Marshall Plan was set out to help the poor countries after the war so that they would not fall to communism and in turn become β†’

Campaign posters made of a non recyclable materials

Problems of Campaign Posters Made of Non-Recyclable Materials One of the biggest events in the political history of every country would be its elections. 9 Mar.2013.

The american war of independence

Union policy over slavery changed throughout the course of the war because of internal rifts between the Northern and Southern states, which were in a tight competition for political power. The Chesapeake colonies of the upper South, particularly in Virginia and Maryland, were among the primary drivers of the Southern economy.

Eusebius: life of constantine

Harris Kamran History Critical Analysis 14 September Eusebius: Life of Constantine," New Advent, 2009, http://www.newadvent.org/fathers/25021.htm 2.Ibid.3.Ibid.4.Ibid.5.Ibid.6.Ibid.7.Ibid.8.Ibid.9.Ibid.10.Ibid.11.Ibid.12.Ibid.13.Ibid. New Advent.2009.http://www.newadvent.org/fathers/25021.htm.

The mask of adolf hitler assignment

With the help of emotional speeches, false propaganda, and the angry masses Hitler was able to fool the world and create an immoral reign. In the egging of his seize of power he was not originally favorite of the people but entered the government though corrupt bargaining." Hitter's Nazi party captured 18% of the popular β†’

Reading response # 3

In order to argue whether there is really a clash of civilization as suggested by Huntington or the reaction is just Muslim or Arab Phobia, it is important to understand the roots of this conflict and how this difference emerged. The current arrogance against Muslims and Arabs therefore is part of that perception that Arabs β†’

What yemen thinks should be done about syria

One of the consummate historical occurrences is the ouster of the former president, Saleh and the swearing-in of Hadi after numerous riots and unrest. It is important since it transformed the Yemeni government for the better of its economy and welfare of the citizens.

Web activity 2

What is the voting eligible population of the United States and Texas? What is the difference of turnout between the US and Texas?

Louis xiv

In 1670, Louis finally finished his memoir of the early years of his reign, which was intended to advise his first son, the Dauphin, about the secrets of effective rule. He informs the Dauphin that it is difficult to obtain honest advice from the crowd of people that work for the king.

Greek mythology and golden throne assignment

Hephaestus was one of the 12 Olympian gods, he was the god of fire, divine smith, and god of craftsmen. He was the maker of all beautiful and mechanically wonderful in Olympus, especially arms and armor for the gods.

The executive order 9066

As far as the legitimacy of this order is concerned and its place in the constitution of the United States, the constitutionality of the order and the establishment of the internment camps was immediately called into question as soon as the order was signed and forced to be acted upon. By order of the president: β†’

Arming against hitler: france and the limits of military planning by eugenia c. kiesling

Author's prime focus, at the beginning of the research, was to look into and dig out the reasons of military failure at strategic planning level but eventually the study focused on more important part of the determination of strategic choices made by the French top commands. This book requires a careful study and an in-depth β†’

20th history of art

20th History of Art of Murals for The Museum Of Modern Art Introduction In attempt to sharpen my critical thinking and writing skills, this assignment tries to understand the formal analysis of artistic work. Diego Rivera: Murals for The Museum of Modern Art I will discuss Diego Rivera: Murals for The Museum of Modern Art β†’

Texas: history of sugar land

The population of Sugar Land grew in terms of stature and population and was incorporated in 1959. Some of the biggest employers in Sugar Land include: Schumbere, Fluor, and Nalco.

Second red scare assignment

McCarthy proclaimed to the women that he had a list of 205 names of suspected Communists currently working in the State Department. All the debate McCarthy sparked was exactly what he hoped to achieve; the recognition of the people.

Haig and the somme

But if Haig is writing this because he knows that his tactics will mean that a lot of his men die, then this would show that Haig was in fact the butcher of the Somme. Source I also disagrees with the statement because it is a letter from Lloyd George to General Haig congratulating him β†’

The role of desire/beauty in dante and augustine???????s journey into god assignment

100 The Role of Desire/Beauty in Dante and Augustine's Journey Into God In both Confessions and The Divine Comedy, Augustine and Dante are depicted as very creative and intelligent men. Augustine is lost in a sea of desire and is struggling to fgure out how he is supposed to live a life that is dependent β†’

Gilded age and industrialization

The gilded age was a time in the 1890s when there were several railroads built and led to the establishment of the enormous initial concentrations of money, produced the first big corporations, and created vast treasures. As a result of this mode of transport, several companies were connected to the available raw material and human β†’

The political career of richard nixon assignment

While the case was still in the courts, Nixon decided to run for the Senate. Nixon was a man of limited means, and when he won his Senate seat a group of businessmen had publicly solicited funds to enable him to keep in touch with the voters in his home state while he served in β†’

Nevada between the u.s states nevada and

From 1931 to 1936, the Hoover Dam was built and finished during the Great Depression. In conclusion, the Hoover dam is a legendary landmark from Nevada.

Modern-day individualism

The article talks about the challenges of and solution to wealth administration in the modern society. The law of competition has led to classifications, thus widening the gap between the poor and the rich.

The great depression brought changes to art in many ways assignment

The other was the Regionalist and they were more focused of the positive side of things, hoping to drive America out of the depression. The plan was called the new deal and was simply a promise to the American people that this new plan would get America out of the economic depression.

How should the events of the french and indian war assignment

Identified sent Washington to deliver a message to the French demanding that they leave the region and stop their harassment of English traders and settlers In April of 1753. The events of the French and Indian War can be used to reflect the legacy of George Washington for they provided the crucial and fundamental knowledge β†’

The great depression and past recessions of america’s history in comparison to today’s economic crisis. assignment

It makes and breaks governments at will." What McFadden was saying is that the crash and depression were brought on by the actions of the Fed, that through its greed it gained control of the central banking authority of the United States government, ran up huge debts to its international banking partners, bankrupted the country β†’

The administration of richard nixon assignment

The nation would further divide itself following the assassinations of Anti-war activists Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy in 1 968 and a rising rate of Inflation. On the location of the future Republican National Convention and Onion's fluctuating decisions on milk price supports that amounted to a shakedown for campaign funds prior to the β†’

The vietnam war as one of the most divisive periods in the us history which polarized the society and brought a premature end to the nixon presidency

The Vietnam War is one of the most divisive periods in the history of the United States which polarized the American society and disrupted the political atmosphere ultimately bringing a premature end to the Nixon presidency. In conclusion, the article highlights the disastrous consequences of the Vietnam War; the unethical and immoral agreements and policies β†’

Randel and puglisi

RANDEL AND PUGLISI The articles give an overview of the genesis of European journey into the new lands of America which wasinhabited by the Native Indians. The two articles give different accounts of the journey of John smith, his attempts to woe the Indians and put them under King James I and the historic interaction β†’

Argument( debate/dialogue) and response paper between two person

Aristotle sees polis as a village that had reached a state of full sufficiency and one that existed for the sake of bringing good to the society and those in it. Given the fact that the king is in charge of everything, there is no political liberty in the polis, and the residents are forced β†’

Martin luther king vs. malcom x debate

This paper intends to give the essence of the debate between Martin and Malcolm and state specific points of disagreements between the two. In conclusion, I find the debate between X and Martin as educative and crucial to the current studies of African American struggle for liberation or freedom and ethnic studies.

Book : ian kershaw – the end (hitlers germany 1944-1945)

In an attempt to do this, the writer takes a new dimension of the World War II and the role played by Hitler and the Nazis. In the estimation of Ian Kershaw, the reason was that there were strong structures instituted by the German government and for that matter Hitler that rules on the states β†’

S5w7qs response

The United States should also check on Iraq's neighbors like Syria and Iran to ensure that they do not fund sections that cause violence in Iraq. Security Policies: the United States should help to empower the Iraq's security forces to take a major role in containing sectarianism, violence, and insurgency.

The rise of islam in saudi arabia

The rise of Islam in Saudi Arabia started in 624 with the first raid by followers of Muhammad in Mecca city. The takeover of Arabia by Muslim community led to the establishment Caliph, the central control that formed strong alliance between Arabs and the Muslim community.

Boston massacre propaganda

Although they were quite justified in doing so, the townspeople of Boston severely over exaggerated the events of that day in order to gain public sympathy and pit more colonists against the British regime. In this regard, the colonists used The Boston Massacre to encourage the spread of outrage among the colonies against the British.

U-boats in world war i assignment

The machine gun, the tank, and the airplane ruled the battlefields of France and Germany. This was the U-Boats mission in World War l, and many Germans believed the technological advancements of the U-Boat would lead Germany to victory.

Best economic progress since wwii

The increased levels of Germany economy after the World War II, was caused by elimination of price controls, reduction of marginal tax rates, and currency reforms, between 1948 and 1949. The economy of German has immensely grown, thanks to the currency reforms and elimination of price controls.

Constitutional advance in kuwait :

The events leading to the realization of a new constitution in Kuwait are many, different, and challenging. In the process of drafting the new constitution, the Sabah family tried to sabotage the realization of a new constitution.

Disarmament in the inter-war period essay sample

Insiders were obliged to adjust to the implemented ratio for the size of fleets. Conference held in the capital of Great Britain was to continue attempts for disarmaments.

Storm over the andes

On the economic front, after the economic breakdown in the 1970s and 1980s, the Latin America economy underwent several reforms and which have seen the economic growth and success of some of these nations. The immense success of the economy from the 1990s is being overshadowed by the continuing political storm in the area with β†’

How history can define the future: understanding globalization and its interrelation with past events

How History Can Define the Future: Understanding Globalization and its Interrelation with Past Events Scholars around the world have been using the term globalization since the early part of 1960s but it was not until the 80s when this term became widely accepted in the academic, economic and political circles. The US history itself is β†’

Natives responses to modernity

As they migrated, the Indians encountered different cultures and even when they encountered land that was different from the one they used to know they resolved to burn it in order to transform it to the original land that they used to know. In this essay, I will discuss the numerous ways in which the β†’

Public policy – asian american (ethic studies)

As evidenced in the issues underpinning public policy and Asian America, is explicit that human beings have initiated and always push for means to liberate themselves from these confinements in terms of restructuring their lives through developing policies to guide their social, economic and political aspects. According to the public policy and Asian Americans, Asian β†’

The qing or manchu dynasty

In this constitution, the supreme power was with the emperor and others had minor rights to vote. In 1800, the Qing or Manchu dynasty was at the nadir of its power.

Discussion-module 11

The Islamic World system led to the transfer of knowledge to Spain and Portugal. The lawyer Ibn Battuta symbolized the Islamic World system as he travelled across the globe to meet the demand for Islamic judges in Africa and India.

Italy profolio

Legislative Branch of Government in Italy The legislature is composed of the lower house, which is the chamber of deputies and the upper house comprising of senate. The Executive Branch of Government in Italy This is composed of the President, Council of Ministers and the Civil Service.


This historical description acts as a warning both to the current and future generations on the consequences of war. In conclusion, this book gives an insightful analysis of the end of the World War II.

How has music changed since the middle ages assignment

During the Middle Ages music was still popular to have but there were not many genres, the most common kind of music during the middle ages was flute. Music has change immensely since the middle ages because of the invention of new musical instruments and new musical genres.

Cold war dbq assignment

In addition, when Germany was broken up among the four countries of France, Great Britain, the United States of America, and the Soviet union, the Soviet Union had the most land Of all. The majority of the responsibility for the Cold War lies in the hands Of the Soviet Union, and only minimally the United β†’

President lincolns second inaugural address

Delivered on March 4, 1865, Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address abounds in the use of the rhetorical and stylistic elements which catch the attention of the ears as well as the minds of the listeners. In short, President Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address is a spectacular example of how a powerful speech adorned with rhetorical and stylistic β†’

Francis bacon of love text assignment

It is a strange thing to note the excess of this passion, and how it braves the nature, and value of things, by this; that the speaking in a perpetual hyperbole, is comely in nothing but in love. For there was never proud man thought so absurdly well of himself, as the lover doth of β†’

Analysis of suez crisis in 1956-1957

The Suez Crisis which was aided by the French and Israelis was not just a disaster for the Conservative party but Britain as a whole as it created lots of problems and tension internationally especially with the USA. On the other hand, Kilmuir was a member of the Conservatives at the time and he might β†’

Problems caused by mercantilism for the american colonists assignment

They enforced many policies such as the Stamp Act, the Townsend Duties, and the Tea Act which caused many problems for the colonists. It was not the cost of the stamp that angered hem, it was the principle.

Primus oeuvre within the context of jim crow racial politics, anti-colonialism, afro-centricity, and multiculturalism

This is a prelude to the reader that Primus is consistent both in the arts and in the concept of ongoing social activities, especially in the political arena. In this context, it is clear that Brown is emphasizing the elemental role of the art in trying to establish a better multicultural future.

Flag fen

The reason why it was thought to be a long house was because of the evidence found, for example: A large variety and amount of domestic waste was found - cooking pots etc. The next let down was that archaeologists had actually discovered that the Bronze Age people lived in round houses so this fact β†’

What are the two main theories of the origin of american indians in north america

Submitted Two Main theories of origin of American Indian in North America ' Indians', ' American Indians' or Paleoamericansare some of the common names of the people who apparently welcomed Columbus in America. Till now nobody is sure about their origin though and a big number of people are in the favor of the second β†’

Baroque art assignment

In architecture the period is exemplified by the palace of Versailles and by the work of Bernie in Italy. Having long since shed its derogatory connotations, " baroque" is now simply a convenient catch-all for one of the richest and most diverse periods in music and art history.

Aztec human sacrifice – a detached view assignment

Yet, years ago, when I read Gary Jennings' novel Aztec, I was fascinated with his description of the Aztec's sacrifice of prisoners during the dedication of the great pyramid in Tenochitlan: " The hearts of...perhaps the first two hundred of them, were ceremoniously ladled into the mouths of Tlaloc and Huitzilopochtli until the statues' hollow β†’