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Moreover, students can select classes or lectures that are instructed by prominent professor, lecturer or expertise in particular fields where it is unlikely to have in face-to-face classes (New Jersey Virtual university, 201 1). Ease material access There are materials that can be used in distance learning program, which allow students to choose the best suitable one for them such as video lectures and voice-recorded lectures.

These media contents allow students to use them repeatedly and students can stop, replay, or rewind to any part of the lecture as many times as they want (Top MBA, 2013). Flexibility Distance learning allows students to choose and take classes at any time that fits their schedules.

Moreover, class exercises can be done at times that students are available. This gives opportunity to students to study and work at the same time without disrupting their work schedule less (Distance Learning Net, 2014).

In addition, this new type of learning permits students to study anywhere with no limitation as long as they can connect to the system (Distance earning Net, 2014). ; Saving money Generally, costs involved in distance learning to students are less than rotational classes due to the fact that it allows students to take classes at home or any other available site, thus it reduces many costs such as, transportation and accommodation (New Jersey Virtual University, 201 1). Moreover, education providers can reduce their costs as well, for instance, those related with materials, facilities and maintenance.

Page, L. 2013). 3. Built research The term distance learning or distance education, refers to the teaching- learning arrangement in which the learner and teacher are separated by geography and time. Distance learning can be traced to the mid-sass with resplendence study in higher education. Not until 1972 did the International Council for Correspondence Education (ICE) coin the term distance education to describe the family of educational practices that had sprung up through the years around correspondence education (Williams).

In the present-day scenario it is very essential to be creative and innovative in delivering course materials to students based on their varied learning needs. Universities and schools need to understand and accommodate these needs so that students’ goals are met. Distance learning is one such method of nonviolently delivering course modules to student’s across the globe. It completely eradicates the geographical constraint Of imparting education. On the other hand it also is criticized for not having a face-to-face interactive classroom setting.

This downside of distance learning was dramatically balanced out with the advent of Internet.

Advancement in Information Technology (IT) and the widespread of Internet brought into 5 picture the whole new era of interactive method of teaching. New interactive computer software helped in enhancing the distance learning experience of the students. From the figures in Appendix 2 -? Built Research it is possible to understand the evolution of distance learning. Distance learning evolved from being a merely passive activity to a highly interactive mode of education.

This has been evidently possible due the technological advancements. Looking at the distance learning continuum we can draw upon certain conclusions.

In the 21st century, increasing powerful computers and the World Wide Web has created a space of its own by creating an E-learning concept. E-learning has the potential to offer, at any time and place, richer resources than most rotational methods of delivering learning and teaching (Holmes & Gardner, 2006). Therefore, we would promote E-learning and use the World Wide Web as a major part of our project.

We would also be introducing various other forms and methods to deliver the course materials to the students. D Cloud computing -? Dropped, shared drives -? Google Drive Video conferencing or face timing with interactive Q&A session (can form a part of the assessment) using mobile applications for interactive mobile E-learning experience This immediate revolutionary Step Of Internet bridged gaps of how education can be delivered and assessed.

With this in mind, we are keen to take into account the use Internet as a means of distance learning program.

The below diagram elaborates on the framework for the implementation of an E-learning process. Figure 1: A flower petal framework (non-hierarchical) for E-learning practices and skills (Holmes & Gardner, 2006). 6 Discussing further, we will demonstrate different tools and to deliver the content. Tools and implementation of E-learning system There are several tools that can be used for implementing an E; learning system, namely; Communication tools: These tools act as an integral part of any E-learning practice.

The effectiveness and consistency of the tool can make of break an E-learning program.

For example: Voice over Internet Protocol (POI) for voice communication, Screen Readers, virtual whiteboards, sharable text documents, web page projection and transcript recorders. Media: Traditional method of teaching lacked the visualization of theory which can be successfully implemented by AD images, videos and animations. These visual media enhances the learners’ interest and his understanding about the subject. It also has been proved that association with visual images has helped in retaining and concreting the subject knowledge.

Examples that can be mentioned are animation software’s and video lectures.

Personalized Students profile and interests: Students will be able to keep a track of their assessments. And this freedom encourages the students to focus on the classes they missed and the subjects they fall back in. The professors can assess students and understand them at an individual level through these profiles. Simulations Techniques: To create a challenging and interactive environment that foster participation of students is a major test for an E- learning system.

To do this, one may rely on various simulations such as in Gilligan school BBC News, 2005), in United Kingdom (KICK), teachers and schoolchildren had teamed up with the software makers to create a special version complete with recognizable local landmarks. The students use the game to redesign their home town, and so learn about environmental and transport issues. This is one case where simulation technique gives an opportunity for students to make use of their learning and put it to a practical approach.

Learning Management Systems (L MS): Also known as Managed Learning Environments (Males) or Integrated Learning Systems (Ills) are content and livery management applications that helps create a structured format for delivery as well as software that helps eases the obstacles of file managements and transfers. For instance: Model paid software package, open source’s initiatives in course management software, such as Postpone (http://www. Postpone.

Com, Holmes and Gardner, 2006). 7 There are two prominent practices of delivering and implementing these tools. Learning): D The ARCS Model is a systematic design process incorporating four sets of associated strategies proving to be important to distance education environments. The variables (individual questions) are assembled into one of the four groupings that correspond to the ARCS Model: Attention, Relevance, Confidence, and Satisfaction A Multimode open or distance learning design blends a variety of techniques and technologies-? both old and new-? that best fit the teaching/training project or situation.

For example, an instructor decides that the primary instructional delivery medium for her course Advanced Debate Team Strategies for XX (cross-exam) will be two-way interactive video, for these reasons (Holmes and Gardner, 2006): Public presentations are integral part of the training process The powerful, easy-to-use tracking camera is a good self-evaluation tool to help students critique their visual presence.

Highly developed, spilt-second audio and video compression capabilities of today’s advanced system eliminate problems with delays. . Project Chart The project chart is a necessary document to the project initiation. It explains and communicates how the project will be organized. It works as a guideline and a contract between the project team and the project sponsors.

4. 1. Project Scope 4. 1 . 1. Goal and objectives The main project goal is to develop a new distance learning course to MS in Operations Management, at University of Stretchable.

It will be interactive and it will be a mix of theoretical, practical concepts and exercises.

The focus will be on three of eight topics given, related with the principles of Lean, suggested by the client, and the course will be taught by specialized professors from the Operations Management Department. Our expectation is to have a large demand and that all students involved will be able to acquire knowledge about the principles of Lean and its applications in the business world, both in manufacturing and service sectors. 8 Our proposal is to build a program that draws students’ attention to this different way of learning.

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