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My Super SWEET 16GRADUATIONPARTY Directed By Chassity Gibson A Biography of the Film Maker: Chassity Gibson: Student, Writer, Director, Co-Producer Chassity Gibson is a Producer/Director of reality TV, commercials, musicvideos, and promotional films for networks and clients nationally throughout the US. Her first feature documentary, “ the life of a young single mother”, an inspiration from her mother, was an award winning production. Aside from her film work, Gibson has written scripts for plays premiering at major theaters found in Las Vegas, and NYC.

Born in Rochester, NY and a graduate of SUNY University at Buffalo, she currently lives in Fort Worth Dallas with her newlywed husband, Edsel. Filmmaking was never Gibson’s dream as a child or growing up. In fact, the road she was looking more towards her first year at UB was engineering. Going into her sophomore year though, she enrolled in her first film class, Basic Video (DMS 103), and apparently she had found her niche. Currently at the age of 36 Chassity Gibson has 3 award winning pieces along with a greatfamilysupporting her throughout the adventure it has been.

Having two twin boys, Gibson is very devoted to her family time outside of work. This being something new to “ try-out” Gibson says, “ is very stressful but I’m going to make sure I make it all worth it”. Title: “ Win Or Lose”. Biggest Graduation Party in NYS Log Line: Two UB graduate best friends, Candice & Jasmine, Plan for the biggest Graduation party buffalo, NY had ever seen. Synopsis: “ My Super Graduation Party” is similar to the MTV reality TV show “ My Super Sweet 16” minus the bratty, spoiled, teens that always seem to have their way through their pushover parents.

In this series, instead, we find mature, independent, UB students preparing for life after college by setting it off with a huge celebration for all their accomplishments. Getting to know the stars of this show becomes quite easy through the way they move & interact throughout their episode. You see them juggling end of the semester final projects and exams, while creating time to plan & promote their party only weeks away. Watch their assertive demeanors in school as well as towards the party planners, in seek of success. Exaggerate over minor issues that may arise, somehow overcoming it.

Dolling up, to insure they are the best looking females for the night. Finally, they relive the best part of it all, by recapping their big night with girlfriends over breakfast. Every episode of the series has its own individuality aspects to it, based upon the students we are dealing with, the type of party they want, and the results we receive from the guests who actually come to celebrate with the graduates. “ My Super Graduation Party” closely follows the lives of the individuals of each episode for one day before the party, the day of the party, as well as one day after the party.

This provides a fascinating social matrix that draws the viewer to connect with the graduates as they face challenges and become satisfied with their final results. This specific episode of the series, “ Win or Lose; the biggest graduation party in NYS”, does in fact have great success for CANDICE & JASMINE due to the work they put into it. Throughout the episode the view will see in on many aspects of the casts life away from the party planning, which normally creates a bias and foundation for that cast member that carries with them to the end of the show.

For example: “ Love life” – Love life is something that constantly re-appears throughout the entire show. From keeping annoying ex boyfriends out of the party, to attempting to ask the cutest boy on campus to be their date, and sometimes we witnessing a new love stir up. We follow these interactions as they add on to the shows variety of aspects of each of the cast’s lives. “ Education– Our casting will be graduation very soon after they party takes place. The student’s school efforts will be highlighted to show the stresses, successes, and failures that they encounter…and most importantly how they deal with those experiences. Friendship” – The bonding rituals and social lives will be highlighted as the over-riding context. Our cast will be a pair of close-knot best friends, who are throwing a party together. Each episode will include the two meeting for drinks or dinner to discuss latest life happenings and planning of the party. “ Win Or Lose; Biggest Graduation Party in NYS” episode arc- Intro – A small montage is shown of each UB student to provide the viewer about her background, life, and current situation in the show. This is quickly done as we move on to see CANDICE & JASMINE in scenes preparing for school the day before the party.

The two have separate lives, making it difficult to plan everything together; thereforecommunicationbecomes an important issue when both wants need to be met. They talk amongst each other excited for the next day’s festivities, while getting dressed & putting on make-up, and agree on what still needs to be done before the day arrives. Initial Highlights of early morning talk – Some fascinating recaps from the previous nights of the week, interesting gripes about the workday and/or family, disagreements that need to be worked out, and all of these highlights are shown in about 1-2 mins of clips at the cast’s home.

Candice & Jasmine live in a small apartment with their dog, Lovely. School/Work day for Candice – Her day begins around 9am the day before the party. She is running late for class because her hair is not cooperating with her today, yet has to be perfect if she is going to ask MEL GIBSON to be her date after their class together. She attempts numerous styles as it gets close to 8: 50am, and none of them seem to work. Finally at 9: 05am she pulls off the simplest look and heads toward the door. Leaving class, Candice struggles to find Mel, who normally sits in the same spot every day, and leave the same way every day.

Disappointed she shoots a text to Jasmine for advice. They decide to meet for lunch. School/work day for Jasmine – Jasmine instead has work that Thursday morning, 8am-12pm shift. At work she constantly thinks of outcomes for the party, distracting her performance that morning. When it finally reaches 12pm, Jasmine must meet right after with the owner of the club where they plan to throw their party. Issues arrive about the amount of people the place can hold, the ability of guest to buy drinks, and how VIP and lines outside will work.

Jasmine wants a huge stage where she can show off on the whole night, while Candice wants aphotobooth in the same area. We see how Jasmine works around this issue while speaking with the owner. The two meet for lunch around 2pm that same day. Candice reveals how upset she is about not asking Mel out after class and not knowing if she even wants to anymore. Jasmine tries to calm her down & move her energy away from that situation & gear it towards the party. The Day of the Party- This day moves pretty quickly from the moment the casts opens their eyes, to the moment they are ready to lay back in their beds.

Jasmine, who ordered a dress online that week, is yet to receive her package in the mail and has no outfit for the night. A mall trip has to be squeezed in to try and fix this, yet no outfit compares to what Jasmine had in mind originally. The viewer then meets VEE, Candice & Jasmine’s close friend who has been promoting the party for them and making sure they get a great turn out. Vee makes sure everything is in line and that the party still goes on no matter what. That night is closely followed throughout the party and we see the reactions of the guests who come.

The Morning after Breakfast – At this point the show will reinforce the friendship between the two students, Candice & Jasmine, and how close graduation really is. The eat breakfast and discuss all that went on that night. Candice can barely remember, she had so many drinks, and Jasmine recalls all the compliments she received all night. Clips from the previous night are shown and advice, reassurance, and support between the ladies are highlighted. Any additional outlandish or hilarious stories are played out. At the end of it all the ladies are asked to give their own separate individual comments on the overall experience.

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