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Essay How to make money As a manufacturing company, which is involved in the utilization of 3D printing and flow water jet cutters; it is easier to make money by developing a clientele base of individuals that want products of unique shapes and sizes. Such involves developing the material and molding such material into the finished products, which are sold to customers in different areas. The 3D printers will make sure that the company has the potential of developing solid things from several micro-thin layers of resin, glue, or glued together in powder form. These 3D printers enable an additive process to occur, which makes sure that the powder forms are built to form a larger solid thing, which is in accordance to the preferences of the customer (McGrew 1). The water jet cutters will use super-duper high pressure water jets in the process of cutting the material for the printing in a perfect manner. Such ensures that the cutting process is effective and clean. However, in developing the products, the company has to identify a unique product, which is not been produced by the other companies. Such will create a competitive strength for the company in terms of selling the products in the market. Moreover, the finishing of the company product will be unique to create brand of the product and identity of the company in the market of these products.
Products to make
The 3D printers will enable the company to make molds of different sizes and forms. Such includes prototypes of buildings and sculptures, based on client requirements. For example, the printers will make the brackets, structural members of a building, furniture and sculptures. These products will be complex than what other companies are making in the market. The flow water jet cutters will aid in the cutting process of these products to ensure that they are within the size requirement for the printing process. The printing will occur in the following materials, ABS, PVC, PLA, Polyethylene and Polypropylene. Such printing occurs for 1mm course in case of the large objects to 0. 35mm fineness based on the specification and the requirements of the customer. A typical example product for the company is robotic prosthetic, which is marketable in the field of medicine. Another example is micro-laptops, which will compete with other companies, which are making laptops, such as Samsung, HP, Acer and Dell among others. The manufacturing process of these products will focus on utilizing high level of technology in order to achieve success in the competitive market environment.
Products by other companies
Other companies are making different products or similar products, but not of the same value. Such products from other companies include IPhone 5 case, electric store shoe, gear wraps, jewelry, electric fabrics, coffee cups, card holders, bulb holders, toys and flower vessels. All these products are expected to compete in terms of value, quality and price with the products that the company is making. Such is because all the products involve the use of 3D printing and the flow water jet cutters.
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