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Development DEVELOPMENT Question Globalization is the increase of rate and intensity of the dealings and integration among people in the society, companies, and governments of various nations. The process has effects on human beings, in that it affects issues of health, life, safety and environment. Culturally, globalization involves issues of ideas, religion, politics, economics and prosperity of communities all over the world. The comprehension and the definition balanced to take to account the effects and the causes of the process.
Question # 2
The first tension lies between the choice of the individual and the choice of the society. Firstly, conflict occurs when one is exercising individual rights and chooses a particular lifestyle, buys products, or thinks of a thought, and thus one is at odds with the society. Secondly, people and communities sometimes believe that the areas of culture, preservation of local culture because of history, traditions, and the desired pass of the heritage used to make a generation successful are short timed.
The second tension occurs between the free market and the interventions of the government. The tension occurs when the first aggregate that is because of the free market is for lots of the choices made by individuals.
The third tension occurs between the local authority and the extra local authority. In this tension, the decisions made at the level are mostly close to the individual citizens and the decisions made by the authority, and how it affects the citizens.
Question # 3
Vietnam is a story based on the success story. Reforms were made depending on the political and economic that transformed the poor countries to middle-income country within the century. Vietnam has been applauded as the equity of development.
The pattern for trade is affected by the economic growth and development of regions and countries. The growth of trade is encouraged the creation and diversion of trade by the single market. The significant of the trade is in the geographical pattern of the trade in increasing share of the share of trade. The growth also boosts the exports and provides the advantages of the opportunity export available there.
Development describes the expansion of the human throughout the lifespan, from the notion about death. The study made by scientist about the development of human that seeks the understanding and explains reasons as to why people change throughout their lives. This includes aspects of the growth of human, physical, emotional, social and the personal development. Development does not only involve biological and physical growth aspects, but they include also the social aspects that are related to the development throughout the life.
Question # 4
Modernization theory; it is the process of the social change where they are less developed communities that acquire characteristics that common to more developed societies that are based on the Neo-Liberal principals. The transformation made on the pre-modern or the traditional society into one associated with the technological growth and the growth of the economic in the western nations.
Question # 5
Dependency theory; it is the foreign trade, inventions, and the aid are the exploitative; the uneven development; and causes more poverty; rich are searching for raw materials, cheap labor; not underprivileged but become impoverished; and ferocious cycle.
Question # 6
Globalization is neither bad nor good. It has rather complex aspects and a multi-faceted process used as impacts viewed in different ways base argument on the values at stake. The free individual choice is vital, but the society’s abilities are used to make decisions according to what is best for the members. The free market is significant, but the ability of the society is to make the best decisions to all members.
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