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Development economics iran

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Iran is a country which is currently going through a stage ofmetamorphosis. It could be said that Iran’s political and economic landscape is changing and hopefully for the better. The previous President Mahout Maidenhead was a political hardliner and a staunch critic of the Western Powers whereas Hosannas Reunion, the newly elected President is a diplomat and as willing to open talks with Western Countries over the pressing issue of Nuclear Proliferation.

Hosannas Reunion has previously held the position of ‘Chief Nuclear Negotiator’ under President Chatham who himself was a Palomar and was willing to bring modern reforms in Iran. Maidenhead has left Iran to Reunion in a state of economic crisis. When Maidenhead announced Iran’s budget in March 2013 which is the start of the Iranian financial year it was of about $65 Billion but the Budget itself had a deficit of $25 Billion. Iran’s inflation rate is currently soaring at about 37% and unemployment rates are through the roof with data suggesting that 43% of all Iranian families have at least onefamilymember unemployed.

Inflation out all those above mentioned above is probably the worst sue in Iran currently which has caused riots on more than one occasion. The officially announced rates by the central Bank of Iran hover around 30-40% but independent studies have shown these rates to be in excess of 40%. Inflation has been caused by a number of factors in Iran like the dwindling exchange caused by lack of exports due to international sanctions, an incomplete execution and exceptionally hardliner policies by Maidenhead.

The most pressing issue currently in Iran in terms of political urgency is the nuclear crisis and the way it has crippled he economy through various international sanctions like the lack of any form of Trade between Iran and the US, various sanctions by the United nations and the European Union regarding the banking sector, the commodities market, the automotive market, the petrochemical product market and the exchange rate market. As a result Oil exports in Iran had fallen to around 700, 000 barrels per day in 2013 from around 2. Million barrels in 2011 which is costing the country around $ban- $ban each month, themoneythat Iran doesn’t have. What is the crisis that you hear on the news every day? In short, the crisis is that World powers are suspicious of Iran and their nuclear activities and think they are trying to build a nuclear whereas Iran denies any such allegations and claims their nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only like generating electricity.

Amid this entire crisis, the clear answer is that Iran needs saving, Iran’s savior can’t be a hardliner oppose to the west, he needs to have moderate views and needs to open talks with the rest of the world. It is clear hat the west has done that Iran has to come to the table; it has squeezed Iran too point where they had no other choice but to negotiate. This is where President Hosannas Reunion comes in, a former chief Nuclear Negotiator in the Chatham era, who better to take Iran out of this nuclear crisis.

While the former president has been described as an ultra-conservative hardliner his counterpart couldn’t be more different who is known for compromise and lack of hard line stances. The more important matter currently is the pairs stance on nuclear enrichment. Maidenhead saw Iran’s nuclear program as a way of showing the west Iran’s denial of American superior ship and stopping the nuclear enrichment or even voluntarily suspending would be bowing to America.

However Reunion is not this way, as chief Nuclear Negotiator he was willing to foster goodwill with the west and restart negotiations. It is clear that if things had remained the way former President Mahout Maidenhead had wanted them the story of Iran would have been a very grim one by now. With western powers and Israel contemplating on an attack on Iran comes a President who is willing to open peace talks with the USA for the first time in over 30 years.

With Reunion categorically saying that Iran would never ‘seek weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons’ and the All Showmen also issuing a fatwa against nuclear weapons things are looking bright Iran’s old economic and foreign affair policies would have prevented from ever making headway into world economics and be the super power that it could be.

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