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An economic essay usually focuses on financial and economic factors affecting trade. Here, you may find a wide range of essays that will help you uncover level economics and other related complex topics, despite the institution you are writing for: college or university with IB economics. Already want to explore? But wait, let me tell you something. Keep in mind the purpose of the paper: each paragraph should be argumentative and persuasive for readers. No wonder that conclusion is the most crucial part of your extended essay. Therefore, do not forget to list the results of your writing and recall the personal statement there.

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Imagine that your academic assignment concerns economics as a science. In this case, it is better for you to describe the structure of the econ itself. For instance, you may tell your reader about the place of economics in the age of globalisation. As if that’s not enough, tell about existing micro and macro levels of economics. In case you might be asking yourself: β€œWhat are these levels about?”. Microeconomics compares the ideal trade market with the real one. Moreover, it defines factors affecting the common welfare. Macroeconomics considers econ from the national point of view. It also researches economic policies conducted by a government. You can also discuss different approaches to economics as a science. Use the templates on our website to know more about the Marxian theory as an example.

Your teacher can also ask you to write an economics essay. Here, you should discuss core principles or concepts in detail. As a student, you can analyze the relationships between supply and demand in the market. Some of the papers based on reliable research may find their application by firms, companies, and while creating policies. You may want to write an essay that will discuss recommendations for some industries. In this case, you should choose the best field of social interactions you would like to analyze. For instance, consider contemporary crop production. You can also analyze how one’s decision to finance is affecting crop industry. No wonder this is an exciting topic to research! On our website, you can find related essays and read a couple of them. This will help you to decide whether you would like to work on this research question or not.

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1359 Informative Economics Paper Examples to Help You Improve Your Performance

The relationship between petroleum and crude palm oil economics essay

Hence, the relationship of petroleum and crude palm oil can affected the economy performance of Malaysia. The objective of this study is to investigate and study the petroleum price can affect the crude palm oil price or not and the price movement of these two commodities in the long-term and short-term.

How to attract tourist to malaysia essay sample

Simple put, the buying and selling of products and services.2. Draw a graph with these details: a) Cadbury chocolate at the X-axis, b) Maggi instant noodles at the Y-axis c) The maximum units of the chocolate and instant noodles d) A budget lines e) Attainable point f) Untainnable point.

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Principles of economics essay sample

The Market Forces of Supply and Demand 5. Consumers, Producers and the Efficiency of Markets 8.

How did economic, geographic, and social factors

The Bacon's Rebellion in 1676, the indentured servants' uprising, lead to the idea of the use of indentured servants dramatically dropped because the indentured servants held a threat to the peace and tranquility of the colony. The majority of laborers on the plantations were African slaves.

Causes and effects of gfc economics essay

The aim of this report is to analyze situation related to collapse of the financial market in the U.S.A.after the Global Financial Crisis, which began in 2007. The time range of this report begins from 2007 till 2012, in order to show the start of GFC and its effects in present.

How capital markets work economics essay

To decide which market to invest in, investors must analyze elements of different markets, the mechanics of how the certain market works, how the certain market will influence the world in a greater environment, how macroeconomics influences the certain market in return, etc. Until the end of 2011 the developing Asia consume over 25% of β†’

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The health department in south africa economics essay

The reason for this is because the government deals with either the sale, provision, ownership, production and the allocation of goods and services to either the government or its citizens. The government is also responsible to create a framework within which health care is delivered to all in the country, and the right to all β†’

Book review: common sense economics

In the beginning of the book, the authors of the book started to breakdown this message of economics by explaining to the readers the twelve key elements of economics. The first concept, Incentives Matter, is the first concept that that the authors talked about in the book.

The function of money economics essay

In the literature the creation of the European Monetary Union is often portrayed as the result of a grand Bargain between France and Germany prior to the Maastricht Treaty in which the rest of European states sought to participate in order to get a share of the political benefits and status that this monetary union β†’

Political science and economics

As a matter of fact, the solution of many of the economic problems must come through political agencies and the major problems of every state are economic character. The problems of the modern state are Political Science And Economics By Normalize the economic conditions had influenced the political affairs.

Carter’s economic policies led to savings and loan failure

The Savings and Loan crisis of the late 1980's and early 1990's cost approximately $160 billion, out of which the American taxpayer shouldered in excess of $120 billion in Government bailout measures. In retrospect, Jimmy Carter's policies should have focused on lowering interest rates and possibly left the money markets as they were.

An overview of privatization economics essay

The reasons why government increasingly chose to sell state owned enterprises to private owners include the raising of new revenues for the governments, the encouragement of foreign investments, the introduction of SOE to market discipline, competition and the promotion of increased efficiency. Paul Starr in his article " The limits of privatization" define some terms β†’

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Macroeconomics summary assignment

People not in the labor force The labor force is the sum of employed and unemployed workers. The Unemployment Rate The unemployment rate is the percentage of the labor Orca that is unemployed.

From transport is a very important service

The history of this mobility ortransport is the history of civilization. The sector contribution to the nation's GDP, with road transportationhaving a major share of it as said earlier.

Week 09 written assignment – monopoly break-up

The allocation of resources in an economy is Pareto optimal, often called Pareto efficient, if it is not possible to change the allocation of resources in such a way as to make some people better off without making others worse off. A main advantage for the firm in a monopoly is that fact that they β†’

The digital economy

Some of that is already being experienced in the way that many people now shop online for items and have them delivered directly to the intended recipients, instead of waiting around in long lines in crowded stores, only to find out that the store is out of whatever it is the person wanted anyway. Another β†’

Thailand’s perception toward migration

Thailand's perception toward migration The specific policy was indicated by the government of Thailand for managing the migration of highly skilled workers in preparing and responding to the country's commitment to realizing the ASEAN Economic Community by couple of years, 2015, coming. Thailand's migration policy in holistic ought to promoted at the present given that β†’

Garments industry in bangladesh economics essay

The export-share system and the convenience of not expensive labor are the two main causes at the back the achievement of the business. The time-out of the export-share system from the beginning of 2005 has elevated the competitiveness subject of the Bangladesh RMG industry as a top major concern topic.

The effect that sweatshops have on the economy essay sample

On one hand, some argue that sweat shop labor should cease to exist in foreign countries because of the poor conditions in which these employees work in including the following; working 10 hours a day seven days a week for less than a dollar an hour, being denied vacation time and bathroom privileges and being β†’

Porcelain and the economy of china

As a key contributor to the economy, we have to look at it history and how it has affected the economy in the past. The article mentions that this was in great demand from a very long time and became the embodiment of Chinese porcelain.

Smoking: epidemiology and immediate outright ban essay

The results also indicate that the majority of people do not like smoking; I consider this to be a good thing for society. Finally I also believe that such a ban would not work as too many people do it and thus it would have to be a series of bans and the like.

Comparing india and china essay sample

While India is considered the largest democracy in the world, China is still under the grip of socialism. China is switching between third and fourth largest economy in the world while India is the 12 th largest economy in the world.

The factors affecting housing prices in malaysia economics essay

To examine the relationship between population rate and housing prices in Malaysia. To examine the relationship between household income and housing prices in Malaysia.

China green economy

The plan is expected to become China's first national plan to shift the development agenda decisively toward a pattern of green growth, accelerating the country's efforts at green modernization. The environmental aspects of the plan are likely to be boiled down to five key points that will be presented to the public and used to β†’

Philippine economy

According to Balabag, Marilyn." The Japanese Period in the Philippines." n.page.Web.Aug.2012. According to an article of " Why foreigners study English in the Philippines.": n.page.Web.Aug.

Rights and freedom essay

The socio- economic rights is based on the right to education, right to housing, right to acceptable standard of living and also the right to health. He was an American clergyman, activist and a remarkable leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement.

Relationship of independent variables with fdi economics essay

The FDI decision on the hand, hinges on the characteristics of a particular country or location and the level of investment. As Chakrabarti concluded that FDI has a sensitive relation with many variables and literature is not clear in defining the determinants of FDI.

The economic outlook of the fisheries sector economics essay

About 60% of fish consumed in the EU are from outside EU waters to meet the demands of its market both in terms of canned tuna and tuna loins. The seafood hub of Mauritius is a cornerstone of the seafood and fishing business in the Indian Ocean.

The global aviation market economics essay

In spite of some vital amendments made by the government towards the late 2012 by extending the FDI limit up to 49% and allowing foreign carriers to invest in domestic airlines, some key areas for improvement still remains, being the constant hike in the price of ATF that constitutes 30-40% of an airline's operating expenses. β†’

Environmental economics – the bakun dam project in sarawak assignment

It is essential to the people of Malaysia that the construction of the dam continues, as it will benefit them in the future through industrialization. There are also many negatives to the completion of the dam; which include the displacement of natives, increased foreign debt, and the gradual deterioration of the dam after many years.

Economic thinking and dominated

According to Jacob H Hollander, The theory of value is, restricted to commodities, while, Ricardo's theory of distribution involves in it the relationship between the land and capital, but on the other hand, the basic aspects of these economic principles gets a back lash when it comes to Interest and Rent resulting in number of β†’

Economics notes and answers

They do not have the opportunities in their own country rather than the freedom and opportunity in America. You can overcome everything if you have the will to do it.

Maurice felix charles allais essay sample

While critics note that Smith did not invent many of the ideas that he wrote about, he was the first person to compile and publish them in a format designed to explain them to the average reader of the day. LEON WALRAS Leon Walras' biggest contribution in economics is the " General Equilibrium Theory" and β†’

Economics and the railroads

Social Savings Actual GNP 1890 - GNP 1890 OR Fact contractual Explicit contractual Transportation system without OR Lots more canals and roads would have been built Must assume that most of the investment that went Results: Social savings in cargo = 4. Hill with no federal subsidies He built his rail efficiently and slowly as β†’

The most polluted residential areas in south africa economics essay

We take note that the diving school recognizes the source of the pollution and wants to decrease the amount of pollution. Although the overall wealth effect remains the same, the initial distribution changes the profit outcome of the firms involved and thus having property is the favourable condition since the owner of the property rights β†’

Political and economic matters essay sample

This had influenced principles or goals of the American society, and it all lead to industrialization, and an upswing of democracy which caused a vast form of nationalism, and encouraging the common man to take part in politics. The majority of the population in need for a job to survive had started to increase due β†’

Answers for case discussion questions in indonesia

This made a lasting impact to the economy since the people had not been given by the government with the right public infrastructures that they deserve to alleviate their employment rate. Corruption in Uganda turned out to be so endemic since most of the people just tolerate what their officials do.

Economic turmoil in latvia

Before the government could step in to control the bubble that was created the property bubble in the US burst sending a rippling affect through the world. It is possible that the foreign banks imposed political and economic pressure on the IMF and the Latvian government to avoid devaluating the Lat versus the Euro in β†’

Master tag case

The key benefit to the revised approach is that the tags are being sent directly to the customer that needs them, the growers. The pro for the seed company is that they do not have to sort tags to send off their order to the growers.

The introduction of a common european currency economics essay

They were introduced in order to ensure that the country that's applying to become a part of the single European currency is prepared and has met all of the criteria which will ensure a stabilized running of the currency in the long term and will not bring any issues to any other countries that are β†’

The history about the macroeconomic issues economics essay

On separate demand and supply diagrams for bread, sketch the effects of each of the following: A rise in the price of wheatPriceQuantityThe supply curve will shift to the left: the price of bread will rise and the quantity sold will fall. The quantity of the demand and supply will be the same when the β†’

Economic indicators

Once the interest rates are lowered people are more likely to be able to borrow w which will be read for the economy and for large and small businesses. This is also good n sews for both small and large businesses because when sales are higher in small business, more product must be ordered from β†’

Insurance broking in india economics essay

As data for Indian insurance broking sector was not publicly available, we have used revenue/growth of insurance sector as proxy for the growth expected in insurance broking sector. 7% of the insurance sector in Asia.

Level of socio-economic wellbeing of people

The real impetus for the migration of workers from different parts of the country was the economic opportunities in the construction work. In order to ascertain the economic situation of the communities, the most fundamental issue remains the collection of expenditures data by Has for the calculation of income.

Fundamentals of macroeconomics paper assignment

Cost- push is the second and it is caused when supply of goods and services is controlled for a reason and the demand stays the same. This also affects the government because the higher the price the more tax revenue is made, which creates a excess of funds to fund the public and government projects.

The seven core principles of economics essay sample

Economics is the social science that deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services and with the theory and management of economies or economic systems. Opportunity cost is the cost of the next best alternative that must be forgone in order to pursue a certain action.

Pestel analysis for digi essay sample

In this few years, even the Malaysia economy was not so good after a decade of high economic growth, the asian financial crisis in 1998 had plunged malaysia into recession.however, during the discoveries time, the major three telecommunication companies digi, celcom and maxis increasingly become stronger and increased the sales, more and more customers in β†’

Information technology of health care industry

Additionally health information technology will actualize the vision of ensuring that patients are able to access information that will enable them to make rational economic and clinical decisions also with the help of their care providers. The aim of the leadership structures would be to ensure that the necessaryenvironmentis provided to encourage health care providers β†’

Supply and demand and larger societal forces

The macroenvironment consists of the larger societal forces that affect the microenvironment demographic, economic, natural, technological, political and cultural forces." We stated on this website that marketing was about meeting needs and providing benefits and the customer should be the central focus of the business. The companies marketing environment can be defined as the 'controllabe β†’

Phase 1 – intro to economic thinking

The reason I feel this way is because as the prices increase a lot of people would not be able to pay for the services. Discuss the issue of health care in the context of the following microeconomic concepts: Marginal analysis Marginal analysis in the health care industry for example would be if you were β†’

The impacts of economics crisis in indonesia

In order to cover the budget deficit, the Indonesian government asked the assistance from the International Monetary Fund. Due to this, The Central Bank has to print newmoneyfor injection and bailing out the insolvent banks caused by the rush.

Noneconomic measures of development

Public Services The quality of public services and the creation of facilities to assure thehealthof the labor force are equally important evidences of national advancement.- Safe drinking water and the sanitary disposal of human waste are particularly important in maintaining human health.- Their accepted presence in the developed world and their general absence in the β†’

Substitution of it services and products economics essay

Domestic IT market increased revenues from Rs 886 bn in FY2008 to Rs 1, 475 bn in FY2012 registering a CAGR of 14%, with Software and Services contributing to 60% of domestic revenue and Hardware contributing to the balance 40% as the government emphasized on better technology for government projects. The top 4 Indian IT β†’

Almost serviceman working in bermuda was about

Although poverty is not common in Bermuda, there is still the lowline of income of $27, 000 per year.{4} Sure this is still a lot higher than the minimum wages of other countries but even when earning this much, one is said to be poor and incapable of living a healthy lifestyle without any assistance.{4} β†’

As an economist how would you compare living standards in the uk

If it was not then the comparison would not be fair, as if both countries had the same level of Real GDP however Iraq had half the population of the UK then the people of Iraq would have twice the wealth of the British, which simply in many peoples opinions would mean the Iraqis enjoy β†’

The open source us veterans health administration economics essay

A closed process and lack of real public involvement will undermine the accountability and credibility of policy decisions, and closed policies can result in inflexible, high cost solutions that are unable to meet the rapidly changing demands of healthcare.[1]If we define health care as a complex 'ecosystem' which is unpredictable, containing numerous interacting components and β†’

The history of singapore inflation accelerates economics essay

The country had weathered the Financial Crisis in 1997, which Singapore's economy had stayed stable in comparison to its neighbouring countries' sliding economies, and again after the 2008 global financial crisis, where many developed economies were struggling with the backlash of the crisis, the Singapore economy had actually emerged as the world's fastest-growing economy in β†’

Econometrics project

The goal of this paper is to estimate the relationship between personal consumption and personal income among all Americans over the past 30 years. However, the model demonstrates that there is an insignificant relationship between personal consumption and the Coincident Index.

The social hierarchy of classical china essay

The peasants had to sell out to large landlords and they created the Yellow Turban Rebellion, which later would overthrow the government, the merchant's power and wealth were limited since they were viewed as a threat, and the emperors and landowners also had conflict.3. The development of social differences and economic with the interaction of β†’

Macroeconomics sample exam paper assignment

Refers to the total goods and services that the household the firm, the government and the rest of the world intend to buy in the economy.6. Policy of the state that influence the change in demand and u apply in the economy.

Comparison between the tax structure of india economics essay

In the last two decades, Brazil, China, India and South Africa have become very important actors in the globalization process, which is why, analyzing the evolution of the drivers behind that process and its impacts on people's lives is crucial to a better understanding of these countries' economies as well as of living standards in β†’

A visit to a beautiful place essay sample

Hence the aim of this paper is to fill the gap in the literature by conducting an analysis of the determinants of Irish house prices in Ireland between 1997 and 2011.1. Their paper examined the relationship of the long-run impact of inflation and house prices in the USA for the period 1968-2000.

Study of economic growth and development china

Elite research institutes such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences were created to support the research and development and China rapid progress in nuclear technology, space technology, and genetic engineering in the 1960s and 1970 testifies to the partial success of this system. Programmes such as the 863 project and the 973 project were designed β†’

A summary of labor economic terms

These actual and potential workers in the population of the industrial society constitute the labor force. The employees subjected to both state and federal minimum wage laws are entitled to receive amount which is higher.

Demand for money in india an econometric investigation economics essay

According to Friedman the demand for money function is the most stable macroeconomic relation and also one of the most stable and important components in the analysis of economic behaviour. According to Friedman, the demand for money function is the most stable macroeconomic relation and also one of the most stable and important components in β†’

Fundamentals of macroeconomics paper assignment

As seen, the government is in the middle of the entire process acting as a sort of mediator and overseer with both businesses and households contributing to the process. Both the households and the businesses pay taxes the government on the purchases and ends the simple model of how purchasing of groceries affects the three β†’

Data analysis – viscosity

Gases also have viscosity, although it is a little harder to notice it in ordinary circumstances." As temperature increases, the average speed of the molecules in a liquid increases and the amount of time they spend " in contact" with their nearest neighbours decreases. I predict that the more carbon molecules it has the less β†’

Consider is starving. such action is considered

According to Peikoff, it ismorally wrong for him to rely on the government for his health care because to pay his healthcare, the government gets itsmoney from the citizens through taxation. I would agree with Peikoff's solution to the case and place Jim in a pay-for-service systembecause he should be responsible for the consequences of β†’

Insurance company broker analysis essay sample

The type of insurable interest can vary depending on the type of policy the insured holds, e.g: Motor insurance If the insured's car is damaged in an accident the value of the insured's car has been reduced and weather the insured pays to have it repaired or sell it for scrap, the insured has suffered β†’

The economic effects of a world without oil

The Doomsday Scenario The impact of declining oil availability depends on whether the alternatives to oil materialize. It is hoped that the alternatives to oil will be more environmentally friendly and help to reduce carbon emissions.

Token economy

The first is the beginning phase of the purpose of the supervisor. Jim is now in the facilitative confrontation phase, problems have began to surface and Jim hears complaining, with the incident of no one being there when he needed Jim will need to sit and discuss his role with the staff and their issues β†’

Key figures about turkish agribusiness economics essay

With its favorable geographical conditions and climate, Turkey is considered to be one of the leading countries in the world in the field of agriculture and related industries. As of 2010, the share of the agricultural sector in Turkey's GDP is 8.

Gross domestic product – pakistan economy

The Macro Economics final report on the GDP and GNP trends of Pakistan since 1990 has got everything about the crusts and troughs of the Pakistan economy. The reason for writing this report is to have a look at the trends in Pakistan economy and comparison of it with the world's economy for a look β†’

Vietnams rice export by varieties economics essay

From the VFA's data on quarter basis of the same year, there was time when export price of second quarter at the bottom US $465 a ton, but volume hit a record of 2. Starting at a peak in 2008, then price reached a bottom in the next year and gently recovered to a higher β†’

Econ1102 macroeconomics 1 | session 2, 2010 assignment

Use a model to show equilibrium in the money market and explain the effect of a financial innovation that leads to a fall in the demand for money. In the long run, the equilibrium is restored to the potential level of output but at a lower inflation rate.

Planning of growth and long term employment

What this means is that, while top management and the members of the board may be taking a more tangential view of profitability, there is someone in the organization looking at the price of goods in the marketplace, the cost of making goods on the factory floor, and the inventory of finished goods in the β†’

Economy and its types

It is the sum sum of the ingestion, distribution, production in a state, which measures that how an economic system is. This type of an economic system is the mixture of planned and market economy.

The japaneses management practice economics essay

With the presence of indigenous Shinto religion, which regarded the emperor as the direct descendent of the supreme God, strong national social-cultural identity was built within the Japanese society. As a result, the influences of historical legacies and cultural traditions are extensive in the Japanese society.

Fdi and economic growth

One of the major methods of increasing the technology is by foreign direct investment. Thus one thing is what is well known s that foreign direct investment is essential element when it comes to the growth of a nation.

Median sales price of new houses sold economics essay

The most recent unemployment report indicated that about 155, 000 jobs were added to the U.S.economy in December of 2012 and that the unemployment rate of 7. The increase in the price of gasoline accounted for almost three-fourths of the overall CPI change in February.

World better off today then fifty years ago

Jobs were readly avaiable for skilled labors as manufacturing jobs and cost burdons being placed on companies, they started to out source jobs to other countries and the cost to do bussness in America was to much so people were losing there jobs and those jobs will never return causing greater unemployment. People today are β†’

The recovery of youth development fund loans

The study ended up by soliciting several YDF stakeholders' observations and views on the development of the program in order to improve youth's economic accomplishments in the study area. The most key proposals made by respondents in the direction of the enhancement of the retrieval of the youth Development fund involved: increasing the budget for β†’

Revenue recognision assignment

You explained to the Senator that one way of measuring the impact on her constituents is to determine how the tax change affects the level of consumer surplus enjoyed by the constituents. Based on your arguments, you are given the go-ahead to conduct a formal analysis, and obtain the following estimates of demand and supply: β†’

Purpose of nafta and criticism faced by the organization

Article 102 of the NAFTA agreement stipulates the goals and missions of the organization. Applied to the context of NAFTA, exporting such products to other countries where demand is high results in higher joint returns; importing nations gaining value in the form of goods and services and the exporter in the shape of export income.

The rise of fascism 1918-1933 essay

THE RISE OF THE NAZI PARTY AGAINST THE SOCIAL AND POLITICAL BACKGROUND OF PRE WWII GERMANYGermany was governed by Weimar republic between this of 1919- 1933.it was called Weimar republic because its in Weimar city where the national assembly met and drew a constitution on how to govern the German empire after they were defeated β†’

Blinder oaxaca threefold decomposition economics essay

The data in the UK LFS in Figure 1 shows that the increasing immigration of the non-UK born has been a dominating trend over the outflow of UK workers from the country, especially in the years of 2000s. Going further on, this paper describes the data used for the research and the model and methodology β†’

Article example

In this paper the author will define economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, the law of supply and demand and will identify the factors that lead to a change in supply and demand. This paper will discuss microeconomics, the law of supply and demand, and the factors that lead to a change in supply and demand.

The social economic and legal impact resulting from ebusiness essay sample

The project also investigated the web-based business of Rosenbluth and Dell.eBusiness is not just the buying and selling of goods and services it is also servicing customers, collaborating with business partners and conducting electronic transactions within an organisation.eBusiness is the complex fusion of business processes, enterprise application and organisational structure necessary to create a high β†’

Cultural capital as the contributor to educational success

This essay explores the theory of cultural capital and its relationship to educational success; analyse how class affects cultural capital and in turn influences educational success; and evaluate alternative factors which impacts it. The class structure affects the amount of cultural capital an individual possesses, resulting in unequal opportunities for students, ultimately affecting educational success.

Understanding economics

The lowering of taxes along with a controlled government over looking spending will have a fast and positive effect on the economy. The Gross domestic product is affected when the government brings in more taxes then they spend, reducing disposable income and slowing the growth of the economy.

Financial data analysis

The operating income decreased by 98% from 2008 to 2009. This unrestricted donation is recorded on the Interim Statement of Income in December 2009.

Why are vaccines needed for malaria biology essay

The development of a safe and effectual malaria vaccinum would be a necessary constituent of a widespread malaria control scheme. Thus the development of a malaria vaccinum is desperately needed for the effectual control of malaria.

Economic paper trinidad and tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is one of the wealthiest and most developed nations in the Caribbean and is listed in the top 66 High Income countries in the world. They concluded that most of the successful economies in the world thank their success to traditional establishment of political and economic institutions that are similar to the β†’

Economic crisis of india essay sample

The present serious state of affairs is a cumulative consequence of the accumulated acts of omission and commission, of sins and pitfalls of our planners and rulers. The fourth major cause of our economic crisis is the system of restrictions and controls in which our economy finds it enmeshed.

Brexit and its concequences

This is the time for the businesses and other entities to adjust to the new rules, but also the time for the UK and the EU to work out the new relations. Winston Churchill was one of the first to call for the creation of a ' United States of Europe' and he is considered β†’

Advantages of a well-driven asset and facilities manage policy in the town of gold coast

Asset and facilities management in the town of Gold Coast has led to the creation of a management plan that includes several stakeholders. The council's primary responsibility is to act as the oversight of the entire asset and facilities management team.