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Falling in LoveLayla is seventeen. It??™s her senior year in high school. She is student body president, head of the drama club and friend to all. She is also a cheerleader and is on the flag team.

She and her older brother Eric, get along really well. Eric is twenty three and still lives at home, although he is hardly ever there except for dinner and video games. He is usually out on the town with his best friend Brennan, whom Layla has taken a liking to. One of those immature high school crushes where the boy??™s name is written all over her notebook surrounded by little hearts with Layla plus Brennan written in them. Brennan is twenty two.

He is taking night classes at the local community college. He is studying criminal justice. He works two jobs, stalking shelves at Hannaford??™s, and delivering pizzas for Pizza Hut. He lives in a one bedroom apartment on the third floor of a walk up. His free time is usually spent playing video games with Eric, though sometimes they end up drinking.

Brennan has had a history of breaking girl??™s hearts. His last relationship ended quite sourly. His girlfriend came home one day to find his lover??™s lipstick stains all over his favorite shirt. Eric has called him out on it more than once, expressing his distaste in the matter but Brennan just won??™t listen. Layla is home early today.

She woke this morning feeling a little sick to her stomach, she thought she could make it through the day at school but by fourth period she was on her way home. Both her parents are at work and Eric is, who knows where. She is alone. She puts on her favorite sweats and lies down on the living room couch thinking she will sleep it off. Just as she is about to fall asleep, there is a knock at the door. It??™s Brennan.

She is struck with a feeling of sudden terror. She doesn??™t want him to see her like this but she also doesn??™t want to leave him waiting at the door. She looks in the mirror and shakes out her long dark hair, thinking oh well, and opens the door. Brennan is standing there, in the doorway, looking fine as ever. Layla just stands there for a moment before saying hello. Brennan came looking for Eric, he had tried texting his phone but got no response.

Layla explained that her brother was not home but Brennan could come in and wait here for him. Brennan accepts and steps inside. Layla leads him to the living room and offers him a spot on the couch next to her. Brennan looks into her eyes for a brief second and sees something in her that he has never seen before; he thinks there could be something between the two of them. Brennan asks Layla if she would like to play video games while they wait for Eric. She agrees, though she has no idea how to play.

After playing for a while she begins to get the hang of the game and beats Brennan to win. She is so excited she reaches over and kisses him. Realizing what she has done, she makes up some excuse to make him leave. Brennan has no idea what to do so he tells Eric that he will be staying at his apartment for a while, to let things cool down. A few days go by and Brennan finds himself thinking about Layla constantly. He then decides to ask her on a date.

That night he gets in his car, drives to her house, knocks on the door and when she answers, hands her a small bunch of flowers. He invites her to see a new movie in town and she excitedly says yes. Brennan walks her to his car and opens the passenger door for her and helps her inside. When they get to the theatre, he once again helps her out of the car, buys their tickets and popcorn and drinks, and they walk to their seats. When the movie starts and the lights go dim Brennan looks down at Layla??™s hand on the arm rest between them.

He reaches for her hand nervously, and she reciprocates. They sit there in silence, hands intertwined for the remainder of the movie. At the end of the night Brennan walks her to her front door, says goodnight, turns to leave, then turns back and they embrace in a kiss. A scene from a movie, long and romantic. A few nights later, Brennan invites Layla over to his apartment for dinner. Layla spends that entire afternoon getting ready, deciding what to wear, how to keep her hair, and what to talk about. Its seven o??™clock, Brennan pulls up to Layla??™s house with butterflies in his stomach and a single red rose in hand. When she comes to the door, he tells her she looks beautiful and hands her the rose.

In his apartment, Brennan has set the table for a candlelit dinner with elegant flowers and candles. Layla is amazed by what she sees and is curious as to the reason he has done all this. They sit down and begin to eat. Just as they are both done eating, Brennan takes Layla??™s hand, looks her in the eyes and says.

??? Layla, I have been thinking about what I am about to say all night. I love you.??? Layla of course is ecstatic and she moves to his side of the table and kisses him. Soon after, the kissing becomes more intimate.

Brennan leads her to the bedroom, where the kissing continues for a short while. Layla stops him, and they lock eyes for a brief moment, no need for words, both are thinking the same thought. The next morning, Layla awakes to find herself in Brennan??™s arms. She smiles, looks up at him and lays her head back on his warm chest, listening to his heart beating steadily. They lay there in silence for a while just holding each other. Fast forward two months.

Layla is preparing her speech for graduation. She and Brennan have been spending as much time together as possible. They have fallen even deeper in love. In the fall Layla and Brennan will be headed to the same school.

Brennan has decided to attend school full time so that he can be close to Layla. Layla has noticed that she has been gaining weight and she believes that it is due to the stress and long hours of studying she has been doing lately. It??™s the weekend before graduation; Layla has been throwing up for the past few mornings. Brennan is worried that something may actually be wrong so he sits down with her and they talk about what she is feeling. Layla tells him she has gained about twelve pounds and she has been getting sick many mornings. Brennan thinks for a minute, then puts two and two together. He fears the worst.

So he drives to the drugstore and picks up three different tests. Layla is frightened that he may be right, she takes the tests. The color pink has taken on a whole new meaning. Brianne [email protected]

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