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Business ethics

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Making money remains the only priority in the life of several people; they do some unimaginable acts to make money. It is very important to follow ethics; it becomes all the more important when people engage in business. This paper will shed light upon a case study which is all about business ethics.
Paige who was at the front desk clearly has no ethics in her life, after seeing the $ 50 note in the hands of Liz Borden she changed her mind and accepted her offer. Liz Borden was given a room in spite of the fact that she had no reservations whatsoever and the other woman who arrived with her kids was denied of a room in spite of having a reservation.
Paige’s behavior was certainly beyond the pale and it is also quite conspicuous that she has no ethics whatsoever and the woman who had a reservation should take this matter up with the hotel management.
It is also a fact from the case study that Paige is a greedy woman and she can do anything for money. The person who is at the desk should be really ethical and should not get carried away upon seeing money.
There are several recommendations which can be made after reading the case study, the following section of the paper will be the recommendations that can be made about the case study.
Virtue ethics and duty ethics have both been breached in the case study by Paige. She never thought about the consequences of her actions. The other woman who arrived with her children at 9 pm had nowhere to go and there was heavy snow outside. Did Paige think about her children? Where will her children go? Where will they stay the whole night? These are some really important questions which must be answered by Paige.
Paige’s behavior should be reported to the management by the other woman who arrived late and had a reservation. Upon further investigation Paige should be given her walking papers. It is also important to check the records so as to find out whether Liz Borden had a reservation or not.
The case study also says that Paige’s performance has been appreciated many a time, this is another reason why she was encouraged to take the bribe and even this should be investigated further. These are some very important actions which must be initiated by the woman who was denied of her room.
Paige’s sacking is inevitable and the management must also ensure that she does not get another job anytime soon so as to make others understand the value and the importance of ethics. The sooner these actions are initiated by the other woman the better it will be for clients who book their rooms in hotels. Parity is extremely important and Paige denied the other woman of parity and she is clearly guilty and should be taken to task.

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