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August comte

Auguste Comte Auguste Comte  (19 January 1798 – 5 September 1857) was a famous French philosopher who is deservingly considered to be one of the “ fathers” of sociology. He is also famous for creation of the doctrine of positivism. Comte is also called “ the first philosopher of science” (Lenzer, 1997).
The main idea of Comte was to restore the society, which was damaged by French Revolution, with the help of science and his positive philosophy. Such idea appeared under the influence of socialist Henri Saint-Simon. Many philosophers such as Karl Max and John Mill were influenced by Comte. His ideas are very valuable for modern academic psychology practiced by the philosopher Emily Durkheim. The theories of Comte also contributed much to modern management science. He emphasized the importance of quantitative analysis for decision making process. He insisted on the necessity of inseparable cooperation of theory and practice. Comte also developed the “ religion of humanity”, which was aimed at “ living for others”, thus the word “ altruism” appeared in the world vocabulary (Thomas, 2012).
Auguste Comte is one of the greatest philosophers in the world and his theories are so commonly applicable and valuable that they are widely applied in modern science. (Pickering, 1993).
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