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Argument essay/ homosexuality

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Argument Essay There are many rights I believe homosexuals should not have. Their life style is an abomination in god’s eyes! The King James Version of the bible says in Leviticus 20: 13, ” If a man also lies with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. ” It is totally a sin to have sexual relations with the same sex. God intended sex to express love to your mate and reproduce. Because I am a Christian, I am utterly against homosexuality! Public affection, marriage, and adoption dealing with homosexuals also rub me the wrong way.

First of all, homosexual public affection is not and should never be considered the norm. As much as society is cooping with this situation, it is not appropriate. There are people who want the world to know how ecstatic they’re to be in a same sex relationship, so they tend to show off. My cousin in-law, who is a lesbian, is not afraid to show her affection to her partner in public. She likes to grope, kiss, and huge all the time. I remember as a child how you only knew homosexuals by word of mouth or by a close friend or family member. I never saw gays or lesbians walking around flaunting their sexuality.

They had to be in a secret society that meets in a secret location at a secret time. My mom had a gay friend she grew up with and he never acted as if he was gay in me presents. He talked a little different, like a woman, but he dressed conservative, wearing suits and ties like a man. My mom explained to me how they would have to keep their life styles on the hush, also known as ‘ staying in the closet’. This means to keep it a secret. Society back then would not allow such things. Secondly, I believe homosexuals should not be able to get married. Marriage is an honor in the sight of god.

I don’t mean to keep throwing my religious opinion in this, but this is what I was raised upon and basically all I rely on. It was made for men and women to share their spiritual enlightment, reproduction, and to have a life time companion. The research shows that Public opinion remains firmly opposed to the redefinition of marriage. A May 2008 Gallup Poll asked the question: ” Do you think marriages between same-sex couples should or should not be recognized by the law as valid? ” Respondents opposed homosexual marriage by a margin of 56 percent (opposed) to 40 percent (agreeing).

Respondents to a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll in October 2007 rejected same-sex marriage by the same margins. My cousin in-law also got married about three years ago. They had to travel to another state just to get married. The point that I am trying to get across is that if homosexual marriages were meant to be you wouldn’t have to sneak off to do it. It would be legalized through out the world! Third of all, homosexuals adopting kids would subject the children to an unstable environment. Kids at a young age will not understand the situation unless you explain it to them thoroughly.

If not, they will always wonder why they have two of the same sex parents. My cousin in-law, who has two kids, also is going through the same thing. She no longer has custody of her children because of her life style. She chose this over her family. Her relationship was more important than her taking care of her kids. So her family saw the neglect and decided to take full custody of the kids. Many homosexuals and their sex partners may sincerely believe they can be good parents. But children are not guinea pigs for grand social experiments in redefining marriage, and should not be placed in settings that are unsuitable for raising children.

In conclusion, homosexuals should have limitations to their rights. They should stay in the closet like back in the day. Everyone in society is not okay with homosexuality. This life style is an abomination in god’s eyes. Because of my religion I am against homosexual rights. Public affection, marriage, and adoption dealing with homosexuals, to me, aren’t right! Everyone might not agree with me but this is only my opinion. http://www. bible. com/bibleanswers_result. php? id= 246 12/01/09 http://www. truenews. org/Homosexuality/facts_about_same_sex_marriage. html 12/01/09

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