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What is success

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What is Success? FIRST PAPER Success is an accomplishment of a deed within a stipulated time or within a stipulated limitation. Success can define the completion of a goal or mission. One can expand the meaning of success in their lives to include a whole plan or also limit it to just one element of this plan. This success is achievable personally or professionally.
One can achieve success by first picturing success. According to Albert Einstein, imagining proves more crucial than knowing. Second, realizing the purpose of one’s life helps in achieving success. One needs to find things they take pleasure in doing and satisfy. Third, one can achieve success by describing success blatantly. It is impossible to achieve true success if one does not know its true meaning. This is because everybody defines success in a different manner.
After looking up the word success, I learned that success is only important if it has a personal meaning to an individual. Establishing objectives that correspond with this meaning of success is the next method for realizing it. Struggling to succeed in keeping with another individual’s standards or meaning of success is not a good idea. One may achieve such success and earn admiration and respect from society when in fact he or she lacks a sense of personal fulfillment.
According to William Sumner, one can only define success in either the context of public view or one’s idea of the world. As a result, what one thinks is important in life shapes our definition of success. There are numerous criteria for determining and measuring success. As a result, Sumner created “ The Inevitable You” model for achieving success. “ The Inevitable You” is supposed to help people come up ideas of success through psychological and “ neural pattern” software (Sumner 2013). This software defines reality. I do not entirely agree with this program for achieving because of its extremely far-fetched basis. As a result, I do not think people should pay attention to what Sumner says about success.
According to Jessica Hamilton, success is a modest and local livelihood that is thrilling skillfully and links or motivates an individual physically and spiritually (TEDx Talks 2013). Hamilton clarifies that success should entail repeated and fixed notions and images. Success should be capable of establishing a social benchmark. Irrespective of one’s salary, their plans for success should have a feeling of growth and purpose. Hamilton says that her children “ are emotionally empowered” because she teaches them these aspects of success. I agree with Hamilton definition of success and the methods for achieving it. This is because Hamilton is a successful dynamic marketing expert awarded by the 2012 Queensland Deloitte Business Woman of the Year.
According to Steve Jobs, one’s passion contributes heavily to the meaning or definition of success. In addition, passion is necessary for achieving success. Jobs argues that remaining determined towards achieving a set goal is nearly impossible without passion (Jandafrique 2009). A majority of successful people were truly passionate to their cause. I agree with Jobs’ definition of success and the crucial role passion plays towards achieving it.
Entrepreneur Tomas Gorny came from a humble, Polish background and did not complete high school. While seventeen years old, Gorny migrated to the United States and became a millionaire without even learning English. A few years later, Gorny’s business empire collapses and he manages to rebuild once more. Today, Gorny is CEO of cloud company Nextiva and iBoost.
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