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Analysis of psychosocial development

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Analysis of Psychosocial Development
Understanding the development of a human being from a scientific view that includes not only the physical development but also its psychosocial development is a very interesting and engaging topic because it also enables me to understand the process of how I became into being as well as others. I found out that a person “ ages” not in terms of years but in fact in stages as enunciated in the theories of life span development. Erik Erikson’s eight ages of man is of particular interest because in it he posited how a human grows adapts to his or her world through the psychosocial development where each stage is characterized by a crisis such as in stage one as basic trust versus basic mistrust, in second stage, autonomy versus shame and doubt, in the third stage initiative versus guilt. This is the development of the id which relies mainly on instinct and personal satisfaction to the increased mastery of psychomotor functions to personal interpretation of the world. Erikson’s discussion about the stages of development does not also keep the embroiled in Freudian sexual orientation of the world because he de-emphasized the libidinal drive and desexualized Oedipal conflict in his discussion of theories of life span development and in a way sanitized Freud’s theory to make its coverage more expanded and not merely confined to sexual orientation. In mentioning this, it is not meant to negate the sexual aspect of a person because it is also part and parcel of a human being‘ s development. After all, mankind’s survival depend on it and without it, procreation would not occur.
I am however more reflective on the psychosocial development of a person because I can relate more to this aspect of study and find its theories to be valid. For example, as a child we are more “ centric” as we are more preoccupied with the satisfaction of our whims being in the stage of “ id” or in the stage where our acts are dictated primarily by instincts. Interestingly, the social aspect also develops, such as the development of trust as our mother provides a predictable environment where these needs or whims are met. Then we learn self-control as no longer urinate and excrete feces anywhere. Interestingly, Erikson removed the Oedipal interpretation of this where a child supposed to derive pleasure from excreting feces and went straight to sense of self autonomy and ending in self-awareness and effective psychosocial adaptation.
I like this interpretation of our psychosocial development because it is conflict-free and its theoretical schema sexually sanitized that led to a more positive interpretation albeit it is grounded on Freudian foundation. The addition of the social aspect to our development made the approach and interpretation holistic that made it more accurate in understanding ourselves. For example, the addition of the social aspect made me understand that I did not only control my bowel in my development but also learned to evaluate my social context and thereupon learn to adjust myself to become a good member of society.

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