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WORK EXPERIENCE I have had diverse working experience in a multitude of business departments in a very volatile, demanding, yet profitable industry. My father owns a steel trading company in Egypt which was launched approximately eight years ago. During my experiences within the business, I worked within warehousing divisions, sales and marketing, customer service and accounting. In warehousing, coordinating logistics in areas of scheduling and receiving involved processing shipment paperwork, developing customs documentation, and also the impact of inventory holding costs at the operational level. When working in this division, I had contact with multiple shipment vendors and worked to develop quality relationships with drivers and their related dispatchers. Invoicing was often a job requirement in the warehousing division.
Sales and marketing dealt with identifying target markets for delivery of business-to-business promotional literature. In this business area, job responsibilities included heavy focus on relationship marketing to ensure that vendors within the supply chain remained responsive to our business’ needs. Monitoring strategic alliances for improving costs was often a business responsibility. In similar regard, customer service functions in the steel company included fielding calls from multiple clients and demanded proficiency in materials resource planning software.
At the leadership level, accounting job responsibilities included calculating current and future net profit by reviewing balance sheets and income statements and recording revenue receipts. I earned considerable experience in the rules governing sales tax and income tax at the business level. Accounting gave me the ability to assess the financial health of a business through financial review.

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