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| Volcanoes Facts| Volcanoes facts and examples| | | | Document about Volcanoes in general and 4 specific examples of volcanoes in the world| Table of Contents 1. Our Earth3 2. Volcanoes4 2. 1What is a volcano? 4 2. 2Few definitions4 2. 3How does a volcano erupts? 5 2. 4Effect of volcanoes on people and the environment5 2. 5Different types of volcanoes5 3. Volcano Examples6 3. 1Mount Rainier6 3. 2Mount Kilimanjaro8 3. 3Mount Eyjafjallajokull10 3. 4Hualalai12 4. References14 Table of Figures Figure 1: Our Earth3 Figure 2 Features of Volcano4 Figure 3: Volcanic landslides at Mount Rainier6

Figure 4: Volcanic eruption at Mount Rainier7 Figure 5: Crater of Mount Rainier7 Figure 6: Mount Kilimanjaro8 Figure 7: Clouds over Mount Kilimanjaro9 Figure 8: Bird eye view of Mount Kilimanjaro Crater9 Figure 9 Eyjafjallajokull’s largest outlet glacier covered in volcanic ash11 Figure 10: The eruption on 27 March 201011 Figure 11: Crater of Hualalai12 Figure 12: Bird eye view of Hualalai13 Figure 13: Hualalai Mount View13 1. Our Earth Figure [ 1 ]: Our Earth Our earth is a beautiful planet in the universe, our earth is full of very interesting wonders and some of those wonders are Volcanoes.

Earth has 1510 active volcanoes on the earth’s crust and currently there are 80 known volcanoes under the oceans. A volcano is formed by movement of the tectonic plates [there are around 90 tectonic plates] which move slowly under the earth’s crust. When two of these plates slide on top of each other it goes higher and higher until it is on top of the earth’s crust. This makes a volcano Earth is the only plant with the most volcanoes [Mars has 1 volcano ‘ Olympus Mons’. ] This document is all about volcanoes ‘ What is a volcano’ and other very interesting facts about 4 specific volcanoes.

I hope you enjoy my document. 2. Volcanoes This section provides information on volcanoes in general. 3. 1 What is a volcano? A volcano is an opening, or rupture, in a planet’s surface or crust, which allows hot magma, volcanic ash and gases to escape from below the surface. Please refer below picture for main features of a Volcano. Figure [ 2 ] Features of Volcano 3. 2 Few definitions Crater ??? is the top of the volcano, where the ash and lava come out (also called the vent) Lava ??? is rock that in its molten form issues from volcanoes; when magma reaches the earth surface is called lava.

Magma Chamber -is a magma chamber is a large underground pool of molten rock found beneath the surface of the Earth. The molten rock in such a chamber is under great pressure, and given enough time, that pressure can gradually fracture the rock around it creating outlets for the magma. 3. 3 How does a volcano erupts? Volcano is on top of the earth’s crust and the underground part of the volcano is known as lava or magma chamber. The magma in the magma chamber goes up through the pipe, it also gathers rocks and ash with it, up the vent [top of volcano] and the volcano erupts. 3. Effect of volcanoes on people and the environment Volcanoes sometimes are very dangerous and can destroy and harm many things like: * People and their houses * Environment * Plants and animals * Dust causes pneumonia and illnesses * Ash clouds can cause pollution as well as flights disruption (Because of the ash clouds aeroplanes cannot fly) 3. 5 Different types of volcanoes There are 3 different sorts of volcanoes in the world active, dormant and extinct. 1. Active- once it has erupted it has chances of erupting again. 2. Dormant- once it has erupted it has low chances of erupting again. 3.

Extinct- has not erupted for 1000 years. 3. Volcano Examples This section describes 4 specific volcanoes in the world. 4. 6 Mount Rainier Mount Rainier is the prominent volcano in Washington. Mount Rainier is the highest mountain in Washington and the Cascade Range. Mt. Rainier is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. No. | Questions| Answer| 1| Where erupted | Washington| 2| Last eruption| 1894| 3| Height| 14, 410 feet/4, 392 meters| 4| Width| 10?? feet (3. 0 m)| 5| Active, dormant or Extinct| Active| 6| Age of volcano| 840, 000?? years old| Figure [ 3 ]: Volcanic landslides at Mount Rainier

Figure [ 4 ]: WARNING!!!! Snow and ice swept down from north-east side of Mount Rainier Figure [ 5 ]: Crater of Mount Rainier 4. 7 Mount Kilimanjaro The Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most famous mountain in the world, This volcanic mountain has three cones which have been known for their volcanic eruptions in the past. The names of these three volcanic cones of the Mount Kilimanjaro are Shira, Mawensi and Kibo. No| Questions| Answer| 1| Where erupted | Tanzania (Africa)| 2| Last eruption| dated 360, 000 years ago| 3| Height| 19, 298 feet/5, 882 meters| 4| Width| 1. meters (Kibo volcano)| 5| Active, dormant or Extinct| Dormant | 6| Age of volcano| Not known| Figure [ 6 ]: Mount Kilimanjaro Figure [ 7 ]: Clouds over Mount Kilimanjaro [It’s an inactive volcano so these are not ash clouds] Figure [ 8 ]: Bird eye view of Mount Kilimanjaro Crater 4. 8 Mount Eyjafjallajokull * Eyjafjallajokull is a currently active volcano in Iceland on March/April 2010 * In translation, Eyjafjallajokull means Eyja (island) fjalla (mountain) jokull (glacier). It is called Eyja for short * Eyja is currently erupting and its last eruption was from 1821 to 1823. Eyja’s current volcanic activity caused a total shut down of airspace over many European nations for 5 days and is believed to have caused the largest financial loss in the air travel industries history * Eyja is located just west of volcano Katla. Katla is even larger and more powerful than Eyja * Eyja covers 39 square miles * Eyja used to be part of the Atlantic coastline. The coastline has receded and Eyja now has many steep cliffs and waterfalls * Eyja’s eruptions in 1821 to 1823 caused fluoride poisoning too many farm animals. No| Questions| Answer| | Where erupted | Iceland| 2| Last eruption| 14 April 2010| 3| Height| 5, 466 feet and 1, 666 m above sea | 4| Width| 1. 8-2. 5 miles wide | 5| Active, dormant or Extinct| Active| 6| Age of volcano| Not known| Figure [ 9 ] Eyjafjallajokull’s largest outlet glacier covered in volcanic ash Figure [ 10 ]: The eruption on 27 March 2010 4. 9 Hualalai Hualalai is the third youngest and active volcano in Hawaii Island. 6 different vents erupted lava between 1700s and 1801, two of which generated lava flows that poured into the sea on the west coast of the island.

Even though Hualalai is not as active as Mauna Loa or Kilauea, 80 percent of Hualalai’s surface has been covered by lava flows in the past 5, 000 years. No| Questions| Answer| 1| Where erupted | Hawaiian| 2| Last eruption| 4 January 2004| 3| Height| 4, 527m , 15, 000 feet| 4| Width| 20 to 50 meters| 5| Active, dormant or Extinct| Active| 6| Age of volcano| Over 300, 000 years| Figure [ 11 ]: Crater of Hualalai Figure [ 12 ]: Bird eye view of Hualalai Figure [ 13 ]: Hualalai Mount View 4. References * Website www. wikipedia. org/wiki * Website www. woodlands-junior. kent. sch. uk Click here to a slide show: Rivers

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