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U06d2 legal reporting

Running Head: LEGAL REPORTING Legal Reporting Submitted by: XXXXXXX Number: XXXXXXX of XXXXXXX Health and safety of the general public is the utmost important task of the government. In order to ensure that the general public is provided with the best levels of safety and highest levels of quality in terms of health care, the government and the American Medical Association together have developed numerous laws that are mainly to protect the general public and ensure that all the processes and events are legal and in the best interest of all. The various laws that the government has introduced varies from a simple mistake to huge errors and misconduct like abuse, or even incompetence of the doctors or nurses. There are several issues that are covered by the law and these include abuses like sexual abuse, child abuse or any form of misconduct with the elderly (Pozgar G. D., 2006). Also, any form of misconduct or irresponsibility shown in regards to communicable diseases can also be reported and filed against.
To ensure the best for all within the society and also at the healthcare centers, the doctors and the healthcare centers are required to participate in reporting any form of suspected child abuse or elderly abuse (Syrett, 2008). The government is very strict in these matters and is working towards the well being of all within the society. The health care workers are also liable to report any rapes, harassment, and all birth and deaths are also expected to be kept up – to – date to ensure an accurate census.
The government has allowed for the health care personnel to participate and help the society by reporting any kind of suspicious behavior, however if this right and responsibility is dishonored and misused to falsely report, then the individual can also be faced with serious consequences like civil and even criminal obligations (Pozgar, Santucci, & Pinnella, 2009). There have also been a number of processes and reporting systems that have been implemented to ensure that all healthcare organizations report the incidents and any form of any communicable disease is curbed at the starting point itself. The states also have laws to curb the possibility of any new disease to spread and to create an epidemic (Pozgar G. D., 2006). To be able to curb this, the government requires the state to report any and all irregular or unexpected similar symptoms in numerous patients. To also ensure higher safety and security of the patients and the processes being accurate in the healthcare industry there is a requirement to also report any errors from the health care end (Nathanson, 1995). Along with the safety of the general public there is also a high level of safety that is seen for the employees as well. For this special grievance cells and also the compliance departments are implemented at the healthcare centers and the employees can report any misconduct or even any reportable events here.
To conclude, it is clear from the processing and the various laws that are implemented, that the government’s first priority is to ensure a safe environment for all be it the general public or even the staff of the healthcare centers (III, 2008). Every possible event has been covered by the laws and there is a zero tolerance for any kind of misconduct or even any form of irregular behavior.
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