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Tiffany perdue

Tiffany Perdue Senior Exit Requirement 4 April 2013 Senior Reflection Paper My name is Tiffany Perdue. I’m currently seventeen years old and have lived in many places throughout my life. I have attended Newton High School on and off during my high school career and while here I have learned a few things. I have learned about the career path, about friendship, about the struggles of life, and mostly I have learned about myself and who I am. My career choice has changed multiple times throughout my four years in high school. When I was a freshman, all I thought about being was a veterinarian and helping treat sick animals wherever I am. Sophomore year, I wanted to be a forensic scientist. That was until I took chemistry and struggled to even pass. I still would not take away the time I thought I wanted to be those things though, because while they are very different, it helped me discover what I truly wanted to be. I want to be a police officer and someday enter into the FBI. I know its not going to be easy, but I know I will enjoy myself after the struggle. Friends come and go but the true ones stay in the end. I have had many friends in the past few years; we have fought, shared secrets, and created memories. Some memories I would rather forget, and some I will cherish for the rest of my life. I would never take any of them back because they taught me who my true friends are and who I can truly trust. I know now that true friends do not make up nasty rumors about you and tell everyone your secrets. True friends, no matter how nasty the fight will stand up for you, protect you and most importantly be there for you. Life in high school has not always been the easiest. At times you just want to lay in bed all day, sleep, cry, eat, and just stay away from people. Those days are tough. Especially when you have been through some of the things I have. A few years ago, my sister had her first child, and I was finally an aunt. Sarah Jean Hitze was born May 7th, 2010. She was my first niece and I love her. She was beautiful and perfect in every way. Who would have thought that in 1 month and 11 days she would be gone? I did not, that is for sure. The first real loss I have ever suffered and it killed me. I did not want to go to school, eat, move or sleep. I just wanted to cry until Sarah came back. She didn’t come back. My sister was a devastated mess and we all knew that a mother should never have to suffer the loss of her child. Even though my family was in a shamble, I knew I needed to be strong and not let my education go to waste because I wanted Sarah to be proud of me. I knew Sarah would want me to be happy, and I knew God now had the perfect little angel. The most important thing I learned while being in high school is who I am. I am stronger than I ever thought I would be. I have stood up for myself and stopped the drama that high school brings into life. I have managed to break out of my shell a bit and talk to people when freshman year I was so shy I wouldn’t even ask a teacher if I could use the restroom. I have learned how to behave in most situations and how to react in a positive way. I have learned that change is a good thing, (most of the time.) I know how to adapt to new places and make new friends; that’s one good thing about moving around. I have learned to be confident in what I do and to not put myself down because someone is prettier, or smarter, or more athletic. Mostly I have learned to just be myself because being myself if the best person I can be.

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