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This i believe

R. Preeti 14/12/2007 THIS I BELIEVE Switching on the radio, Michael tried to find solace in his ‘talking box’, to help him overcome his solidarity. Almost six months had passed since his break up with his beloved, the one he loved most dearly, the one who had pledged loyalty and togetherness forever and the one who had cheated him finally. He couldn’t overcome this big loss, as he perceived it.
Mike had been a very popular guy at college. Cheerful, ever energetic, charismatic and enigmatic—he was the perfect guy any girl would want. He excelled in everything from academics to extra-curricular activities and most surprisingly, was unaware of his strengths and very down to earth.
It was at this juncture that the girl entered his life. In his eagerness to make her feel the best, he gave up everything he had—-devoted himself completely to her and took care of her even if it meant going completely out of his way. He couldn’t strike a balance between his reluagr life and his personal one. He spent very little time with his family anf friends, and spent every possible minute with her.
Today, he was alone. She had betrayed his trust and his utmost devotion, for no reason at all. How he wished he could erase this part of his life. Yes, he would. He was going to breathe his last tonight. Suicide, they say, was an act of a coward. But Mike thought otherwise. He simply couldn’t think of a life without her. He ahd given her all he had and much more. Why did she do this to him
He strained to blank his mind out and listened to the radio, to keep those frightful thoughts at bay. The radio was his companion these days, sicne he could no longer remained his extroverted self. He hated facing everyone. The radio jockey was anchoring the hit programme that united lovers. He heard a clear voice come on air. He recognised it instantly. It was his childhood friend, Wilma, who was also his college-mate. She was pouring ehr heart out and professing love to someone, she knew she couldn’t get. Mike was surprised she had not shared her strong feelings for that special someone with him. He was her buddy! And she said, ” Mike, I love you forever.”
Strange are the ways of God. Just when your life rocks, there comes a speed breaker that makes things go haywire. And just when you are about to give up, miracles happen!

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