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There are many genuineness out there In need of this service, Like printing press, schools, tarpaulin business, computer cafe and many more. If you’re running a small business, you know that your online presence is important. However, most small businesses will set up a website and perhaps a blob, which is why this study aims to help a small business to be known In the world of internet by making them a website that enables them to sell their product online.

We chose Tina Net Marketing to be the subject of this study; the said business is a telemarketing company that offers brand new ink ND toner for all types of printers, we decided of making them an Ordering Management System, a Billing Management System, and an Inventory Control System. An Order Management System is as a software-based platform that facilitates and manages the order execution of securities, typically through the FIX protocol.

Order management systems, sometimes known In the financial markets as Trade Order Management systems, are used on both the buy-side and the sell-side, although the functionality provided by buy-side and sell-side Mom’s differs slightly. There are several business domains which use MOMS for different purposes but the core seasons remain the same: To keep track of customers, accounts, credit verification, product delivery, billing, and etc. While the Billing Management System is a flexible, activity-based warehouse billing software solution that automates labor-intensive processes typically associated with billing management.

The system records stateless such as receiving, put away, replenishment, pick/pack. Weighing, storage, loading, cycle and physical counting in real time, and then develop invoices using rules and charges that are customized for each client. So no matter where an order is filled, billing is centralized, customized ND accurate. Billing Management also provides dynamic cost analysis that captures activities and their associated costs, and then determines which processes, products, customers and suppliers contribute most to the bottom line.

This cost-analysis feature lets you evaluate and compare the actual costs-? and opportunity costs-? of service by client, partner or line of business. An inventory control system is a process for managing and locating objects or FIFO inventory control systems often rely upon Barbados and radio-frequency identification. Inventory control system may be used to automate an order fulfillment recess. Such a system contains a list of orders to be received, and then prompts workers to pick the necessary items, and provides them with packaging and shipping. Company Background History Tina Net Marketing is a private owned company by Ms.

Orphan Abbesses it was founded in year 2011 and is located at #19 Jasmine SST. Midtown Cantina, Racial. Business Concept Tina Net Marketing (TNT) offers Brand New Ink and Toner for all types of printers. The business is anchored on the following core values: Superior quality Excellent service Total convenience Value for money Environmental concern Mission Tina Net Marketing(TNT) shall continue its growth in minor metropolitan centers with the objective of providing superior product quality, excellent customer service and competitive pricing accessible to the market, thereby insuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Vision Tina Net Marketing(TNT) shall maintain its’ excellence as a newcomer ink refilling station in the Philippines. Corporate Objectives to be known in the ink refilling industry to be able to give better service in terms of prices to be established in five(S) years of existence to give employment with our fellow countrymen in the near future Process and Procedure The ordered products will be delivered 1-2 days upon purchase and the payments are Negotiable. Terms of Payment 5 days 1 5 days 30 days Products Statement of the Problem General The problem of the conducted research is about the company’s sales monitoring and inventory system.

Keeping records of sales and inventories manually are the current method used by the company. Due to this current method of inventory system, the company has encountered several problems regarding the monitoring and stocks checking. Tina Net Marketing management once said, “ Manual method is very hassle and time consuming process of inventory. It has many drawbacks as here are many mistakes while recording large data and it disturb some important transaction sometimes”. The purpose of this study is to develop a better network infrastructure for Tina Net Marketing.

The study intends to fill such weaknesses the proponents found. Specific Problem 1. The company is still using a manual inventory process and manual recording of billing. Objectives of the Study The main objective of the study is to design a Web-Based Point of Sale for Tina Net Marketing using our knowledge of common network topologies. Project aims at exploring novel ways of organizing and using networks beyond legacy Internet genealogy. The ultimate goal is to design and develop a system that enables flexible, dynamic, and fully autonomous formation of network nodes as well as whole networks.

Specific Objective The proposed system specifically aims to: 1 . Develop a better marketing strategy through the use of Order Management System. 2. Implement general and appropriate Inventory Management System and Billing Management System. Scope and Delimitation We, the researchers have decided that the scope of our study will include Tina Net Marketing’s Order Management System, Inventory Control System and Billing employee as a subject of our study. The study does not cover Sales and Purchasing Management System.

Significance of the Study The results of this thesis study categorically benefited from many sectors of the business institutions by providing information on the results of the performance in terms of using the internet to improve their business’ marketing strategy, it will enable some entrepreneurs to know the important areas of using the internet strength, thereby guiding them in reconstructing their strategy that will suit the consumers’ needs and will result more convenience not Just for the customers but also for the business itself.

Among the persons who will be directly or indirectly benefited are the following: To the owner and the staffs of the business concerned, the results of this study may encourage them to work hard and give continues excellent service to their customers providing superior product quality and competitive pricing accessible to the market. It may also help improve the business and most probably be known as one of the most trusted company in ink refilling industry here in the Philippines. This research is of significance to the domain of educational technology as it extends the knowledge base that currently exists in that field.

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