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The Road Not Taken “ The Road Not Taken” is a poem written by Robert Frost which comprises of four stanzas. In the first stanza of the poem, it is seen that the poet is standing in the woods and he has two paths lying ahead of him. He is well aware of the fact that at this point, he needs to make a choice and choose one of the two paths. He looks at both the roads until the point that he can see them. In the second stanza, the poet claims that both the roads are almost the same. The only difference lies in the fact that one of them seems to be less used and less travelled and he chooses this path. In the third stanza the poet explains the fact again that both the roads did not hold much difference. He thinks that he will come back to walk on the other road some other time. But despite of this he is aware of the fact that it will not be possible for him to come back again and choose the other road. In the final stanza of the poem, Frost explains that after years he will actually be sharing his experience with others and tell them that he had an option of choosing one of the two paths in the woods. He will share the reason for his choice.
“ The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost has a deep message to convey and is not just simply about the woods and choice of the path that he takes. The poem explains the occurrence that happens in the life of every individual. It presents the occasion of choice that comes in the life of a person. In the life of a person, there are many instances when one has to choose between many different options and a person has to think before taking a decision. This happens many times and is a common occurrence in the life of almost every individual. The choice pertains to many important matters. This importance of choice is signified by Frost’s confusion before choosing for one of the paths in the wood and he analyzes both of them before opting for one of them. Also it explains the fact that it is very difficult for a person to come back to the same point in his life and begin again because every decision that a person takes initiates a cascade of events which needs the person to take further decisions. Hence it is impossible to actually move back again and start from the scratch. The poem also presents a very important aspect of human nature which is dissatisfaction. A human being is never satisfied with what he gets and what he opts for. He usually keeps on thinking that if he had chosen the second option, he might have been in a better position and this ambiguity is seen in Frost’s poem when he also wishes to take the second path but deep down he is aware of the fact that this would not be possible.
Hence, The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost is a well written poem which signifies important aspects with regard to the life of a person.
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