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The rugmaker of mazar e sharif

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The novel ‘The Arguer of Mazda-e-Shari by Ninja Mozart and Robert Hillman, reveals the life tale of an extraordinary person, Ninja Mozart. In Ninja Mascara’s life he goes through many difficulties, such as the time that he spent in Whomever that made his life much better than it was, but it is also the continuous and numerous war and conflict in his village and across his nation of Afghanistan. Ninja, his whole life has revolved around difficult decisions and choices, some of these decisions made him get caught by the Taliban.

To get through all of this he created options and with the help of his belief in God and the support of his family, he is able to keep pushing on to reach his goal of finding a better life for him and his family. Whomever was a place that Ninja would absolutely keep in mind for the rest of his life. Whomever is a place where refugees that are looking for a new life stay for a while. They said that Ninja is in there for ” Jumping the queue”, but Ninja didn’t know what was going on and didn’t mean to do anything wrong. Nana’s encounter in Whomever was really challenging.

There were many conflict and riots that happened in Whomever. There were many authorities that were terrible and did not really agree to individuals which made Ninja terrified. Most of them were very hesitant with every phrase he said in the interview. In Whomever Ninja runs into this women and she says that she wants to marry him, Ninja reacted by simply giving her an apple and says no. This shows the loyalty that he has towards his wife Yakima. One day Ninja thought he was able to walk in the cities of Australia as a citizen, but the people made a mistake of thinking

Ninja was someone else. This was very upsetting for Ninja, but he had the endurance to withstand the bad news. He knows that a man has to work tirelessly to be entitled to what he gets. Ninja at this point knew Whomever was his last hope to reach his goal where ” life is possible. ” Ninja has always been around war and conflict, so that made it an everyday thing for Ninja. Ninja has always been hiding and moving from place to place so he wouldn’t be killed or captured by the Taliban who have something against the Hazard people. ” It seemed to us that the aim of the Taliban was Unicode. This reveals how heartless and what the Taliban would do to innocent people. Ninja also quoted, ” In Afghanistan feeling secure at that time was never a long term thing. ” Here Ninja is saying that he was always on guard and cautious wherever he went. At one point Ninja gets caught by the Taliban when he thought that it was safe to come out of hiding and go back home to his family. When he was caught he was tortured and beaten up, but then he was let go and when thought he was going to get shot in the back of the head, but he wasn’t so he went home back to is family with blood all around him.

As hard as it was for Ninja, he was able to get back up and surpass the possibilities to endure the conflict and war in his life. Through all the hard times Ninja was able to get by all of them to reach his goal of finding a better life for him and his family. Through the time spent in Whomever and the challenges that kept coming up, Ninja finally got what he deserved, an Australian citizenship. ” l was not requested to tell the globe that Australia is the best country in Earth, I was not asked to say I love the Prime Minister, I was only asked to follow the saws of Australia. Ninja also fulfilled his lifetime dream of opening up his very own rug store, but the store didn’t go so well at the start, but with the help of new friends, his business was up and running. ” This is the land with the most generous people. ” Ninja is telling us that he is grateful for meeting the people that absolutely changed his life in Australia. As an Australian citizen Ninja was able to bring over his wife Yakima and his daughter Maria away from the dangerous war and conflict back home.

Here in Australia Ninja and his family doesn’t have to worry about war and conflict anymore, here they are safe. Through all the ups and downs, Ninja was able to endure all of it, Whomever where he had to go through to get his Australian citizenship, the war and conflict where he was captured and tortured by the Taliban and all it this took was determination, strength and a beneficial mind set to lead him to reaching his goals with the support of his family and his religious beliefs. All of these are the reasons that make Ninja Mozart an extraordinary individual. By: Duty Unguent 1082

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