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The Notebook During World War II a love between two social classes was something parents didn’t agree to. It wasn’t completely the parents’ choice, but they still did pretty much anything to prevent it from happening.

The Notebook comes from the novel written by Nicholas Sparks. It is a story of a girl born into a wealthy, upper class family, and a boy from a not-so-wealthy middle class family who fall in love but are torn apart because of social class. What I like about this movie is how it can capture all types of audiences by the love between the teenagers and the struggles they face because of it. When Allie’s parents saw how much she was falling for Noah, they forced her to transfer to a college a lot farther than anyone had planned.

Her parents didn’t think they were right for each other because Noah came from a poor family. When Allie left, Noah wrote her 365 letters; one letter a day for a year. He joined the military and served in World War II, a few years later his father passed away. Even though these struggles existed many years ago, in a way they still exist today. People make unrealistic standards for themselves and their family; some people just think they’re better or deserve better. The characters in the movie are very intriguing and are one of the main reasons I love this movie.

The beginning of the movie starts out with an older man regularly reading to a woman in a retirement home. Then, it shows them as teenagers going to different places and having fun like a young couple in love would. Both of the main characters are amazing actors and make every scene come alive. Allie comes from a family where every day is pretty much set to a schedule. When she meets Noah he shows her new things like how to drive a manual drive truck and how to jump off a rope into a river. This movie reminds me of myself when I first met my boyfriend; going to the fair and the going to the beach with friends, just having fun.

The author definitely knew what young love felt like when he wrote his book. The Notebook was never dull in my opinion. It keeps you interested in the movie and doesn’t drag on. The movie goes from point to point to point and always has something good happening.

Even when they’re just showing all the un they had going to the movies and things like that, it had a point. The movie was a love story that definitely emotionally connects with a lot of different types of people. I know most guys don’t like love stories or “ girly movies” but I know a lot of guys who love this movie. Everything in the movie just connects with the person and it makes you think to yourself, “ would I do that? ” or “ what if I had someone who loved me like that? ” The Notebook goes into when they meet again after seven years and how their love just rekindles itself because it was so strong.

It continues through the end when Noah reads to Allie everyday at the retirement home and Allie has Alzheimer’s so he tries to use the story of their life that Allie wrote to get her to remember. Through it all, in the end, she starts to remember and they fall asleep together and pass in each others’ arms. The parts in the movie when it transitions back to when they’re older in the retirement home, it really made me think of my grandparents. My grandfather died about ten years ago but when I was little I remember how close they were, how they always held hands and danced together in public.

They had been together since my grandmother was 16 and in the movie Noah and Allie met when they were about 18. Many people would be able to relate to this just by having grandparents and seeing them together. The Notebook is a great movie that keeps you on your toes and makes you happy and sad at the same time. It shows the struggles of the 1940s and what children of different social classes had to deal with just to love each other. I really like this movie because of everything I’ve already stated and the actors and actresses just make it that much better.

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