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The little regiment

The little regiment author is? Stephen CraneWhat is Descriptive language? Establishes character setting and tone, draws comparisonsWhat year was the little regiment written? 1896What is Figurative language? Clarifies meaning emphasizes a point , conflict, tension, scorn, protectionfigurative descriptive and sensory language does what? Adds interest, clarify meaning, emphasize the point, draws comparisons, establishes character, setting and tone, developingArdorVery strong feelingsBivouacA temporary encampment, especially military, without protecting shelterCaissonBurning it was a two-wheeled wagon for transporting artillery shellsCountenanceFacial expression or general appearanceCrescendoAn increase in loudest or force in a piece of musicDerisionMockery or ridiculeDissonantNot in harmonyLanguorLack of strength or energy weaknessMulleinAre we that has coarse leaves covered by a thick woolly down and bears spikes of density clustered yellow flowersNecromancyArt or practice of communicating with the dead evil witch craftPalpableeasy to sense or perceive obviousPetulanceThe state or quality of being easily or unreasonably irritated inpatient or ill temperedPoignantDeeply touching arousing strong emotion especially sadness or sympathyReverberateOf sound, to be reflected again and again afterScornFeeling of hatred for someone or something thought of as worthless or evilTenorA man singing voice with the highest natural range or a singer with such a voiceNaturalismSimilar to realism depict life accurately, real people real situations contrast with realism characters fates are determined by environment, hereditary, and chance characters lives are saved by nature or society. Who wrote The Little Regiment? Stephen Crane ONTHE LITTLE REGIMENT SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder Now

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