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Student’s accountability

Every teacher has the main objective of having effective learning in classroom. This means that the students fully understand what they are learning in class through the various methods that the teacher will employ. It therefore becomes very difficult for a teacher to ensure that there is effective learning when some slow learners in class mix with fast learners. In this case, there is a need to employ the best options and the best strategies so that we can save Joe.

Irrespective of the fact that Joe’s parent are not happy with the way he is learning, it is clear that he is a slow learner and just like all the other slow learners, he needs more attention. (Brophy, 1998) However, it would not be advisable to concentrate on Joe alone. Therefore, it would not be a good idea to repeat the lesson that Joe missed. This would waste the time for all the other students who would not benefit in the process. Due to this, option A is not favorable. In addition, it would not be advisable for Joe to participate only in the set of lessons in his class.

The reason is that he will not attend the tutor 1 lessons, which are very important to him. He will also affect these tutor 1 lessons and that way, he will affect all the other students. This makes the second option a little difficult to apply. I would therefore go for option C that recommends Joe to write the assignment on his own at home, even if he does not get to participate in the lesson. (Hidi, S. & Harackiewicz, J. , 2000) I arrived to this decision using the learner-centered strategy. It is in the best interest of all the students that there is effective learning among all of them.

The performance of a single student should not affect the learning of all the other students. In addition, if Joe works on the assignment at home, there are high chances that he will learn more effectively. He does not feel pressured to work on the assignment while at the same time he does feel discriminated. Working from home also makes him more independent as he does not have to look up on anyone to help him. As Evertson, C. & Harris, H. , (2003), says, independence is a core factor to effective learning. His parents will also be comfortable with that decision and they would offer their support, which is also very important. ?

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