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Space the united states of america/4ere had been

Space Exploration affected a great portion of things in the world. For example, like technology  and the educating of kids around the world. This all started in 1957 October 5t h when the Soviet Union  launch the  famous aircraft, Sputnik,  into orbit.  A month later the SovietUnion launched another aircraft into space named Sputnik  2 that aircraft included a dog as a'(test subject to prove if it would be possible for living organism/4t space. Then in 195e, the Americans launched their first satelliteBspace.

From this point on this was considered the space race. While lots of tension belonging in between those two countries John F. Kennedy, declared that the American will land on the moon by the next decade. But during that time the Russians were winning this space race. They were the first to send a human into space so the Russians were ahead but not by far. Then, in 1966 February 3rd The Russians landed their firstrocket on the moon but not too long after that the Americans did the same. After all of those events thei(91ots of tension between the two to see who can come out on top. Then on July 20t h 197t? eil Armstrong was the first ever successful man to ever walk on the moon.

This moment basically declared our victory against Russia. From then on there was just lots of research on different information about space that could be useful. The government involvement in space was another big factor of our space explorat ion .

The government must be involved with space exploration for us to gain our research. Nasa <'doesn't sell gain money off their ow  . Therefore the only way NASA could do its research is to-----------------accept donation from the government to support their staff and equipment. The educational factor took a turn ever since 1950. Ever since the space race between Russia and the United States of America/4ere had been a lot of changes in research and education revealed from all of those experiments . From the experiment stand point lately they have been testing plans in space to see how they survive in space and if certain types of planets would be able to be lived on. In most high schools they now have classes for astronomy. Ever since then the education of space seemed nearly impossible to teach because they had no research on that particular  object.

In conclusion from a learning educational point  of veiw it took a turn to the good side and we easily adapted to  this new research about space exploration. Multiple aircrafts  have flown into space for  all different reasons. The three mostthought about aircrafts were t h(}emini,  Apollo, and Mercury Missions . First off the GeminiAav? this aircraft was a satellite that orbited the earth anvs a gap to fit the future Apollo. Second, the Apollo ircraft was made to land the first person on the moon this aircraft successfully achieved their mission. Lastly, the Mercury Missio, jthe mission they did on this is to send a human being into orbit and see how space effected their bodies and mental stat e. The three aircrafts put an influence on todays daily life in many ways.

the one way to achieve something is to set a goal for it first andNASA also has goals for their company. Their goal is to completely [email protected] and if its livable. They’re going to release a fleet of robots to go study the exterior of !))ars.

Every time.,,;;,, they launch a new project it costs a lot of money. To keep asking government for money isn’t the best way to go.

Their plan carefully plan out what their mission is so they don’t fail andwaste money from NASA. Their current mission is to discover ,, a.. rs withthe fleet of robots. Thenumber one question going around NASA currently is if there is any sort of current living organisms. Also, another project they’re working on is trying to send up more equipment to the moon.

To do that they must have a stronger rocket and more room in the rocket to be able touse all of that supplies. On the other hand NASA back then had completely different goals. For.; 1/·, example getting the first man to , 9?! 3rs. John F.

Kennedy set’ a goal acco plish t. 91 first man to·,:,..

..—.    ·- —– -the moon in a decade and he completed his goal.

To go from sending the first man to the moonto sending robots to a planet that we barely even knew of at the time is what think is trulyastonishing. NASA has a big role of research here in America but there is a reason to why they decided to  start their  organization.  NASA was  made in 1958, madPQhe  eold war. Before they had a less-educated space program. Then the government of the Unite States of America decided to construct an all-out research center for our solar system.

Why? We didn’t want the Russians to get ahead of us in research. If they were to get an upper had in this whole space project then they would have security and technological superi rit y. With that on the line Russia might’ve had more control then us and all countries.

In conclusion luckily we acted fast and we build a research  center during the cold war , and the  true story  behind Nasa  is something  that you wouldn’t expect. The International Space Station actually gets a big portion of NASA’s in formation for’-../them. It is a large structure and it was launched into EartHs low orbit in 1998. This gets data about the solar systems low gravity and how it effects certain things. In the International Space Station it has a microgravity and a space environment research laboratory, to test biology, human biology, physics, astronomy, meteorology, and other fields. In conclusion, the International Space Station was a great Idea and lets us study important factors about the solar system we didn’t know.

Microgravity has a great affect on things and people because of the lack of oxygen we aren’t used to . In space microgravity can affect our bones and our healt h. This has been found out through the Space St ation . Actually,/udies have actually proven that since your not using your  strength in space-do to  microgravity-your bones get weaker and start  to deteriorate. Another thing that the Space ation found out is that liquids that won’t mix as much on planet9’Earth reactions get slowed by temperature and microgravity. Finally, another thing they researched is that there are weird crystal like proteins that form up in your tissue when your in space.

Then, those proteins build up over time and aren’t good for  your tissues because the clog them up and end up not  letting you move with getting a cramp. Even though doing all ofthis research is risky , landing wise, currently I think its going to pay off in the  foreseeable future . Space exploration for the past couple years has been an exciting ride. There are many thin  t o learn about space in general but when focusing down on just NASA and the history behind this space exploration is quite unique I would’ve never know the facts about NASA and the Space st ation .

NASA and the Space Station is more then just a place where they make rockets and look at the moon , it ‘ s a research lab, biology firm , a physic testing area, and it helped the Americans win the Cold War.

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