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Population After looking over the census for Cleveland City and Bradley County I have come to two several different conclusions. The first, being that we are growing at a very rapid pace. From the 2000 Census till the 2010 Census the area saw an increase of 15, 091 people making that 1, 509 a year.

We have a total of 140, 248 in the area but that is only the ones that filled out the census, my guess would be that we should add at least another 5, 000 to that. White persons outnumber the blacks by almost 77% and the Hispanics in the area according to Census outnumber the Blacks by 1%. The median age group for this area is 25-34 years of age, making up 28 % of our population and persons 65 and older make up 14%, so I do not think that crime is going to increase in our area very much since old people are too tired to commit crimes, however the nursing homes should probably be getting a little more prepared.

The children under the age of 5 are very low, making up only 6. 5%. The 5-18 age groups make up 21% of the population and since our schools are already overcrowded we should plan to build a new city and county Elementary School and a new Middle and High School. In the 1900??™s our area had a total of 15, 759 people, two schools, one police department and a few markets in town for everyone to gather the things they could not grow or make at home, today we have markets on every corner for everything for every one of every race. This area has grown tremendously in just the last thirty years that I can remember and as it will continue to grow for the next thirty years. People come and go but the majority of the new residents in the last ten years have come to our area to retire and get out of crime ridden over populated and overpriced cities.

My hope for my hometown is that it continues to grow but grow good.

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