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Personal traits

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There are some traits I think they are also my weaknesses that I do not like about myself, I am not able to change them completely because they make me different from others and also defined who I am. However, I am trying to improve myself day by day to adapt, work, and communicate with others and to limit effects of these traits in my performances. These traits are trying to make anything as much perfect as I want, Judging a person by external appearances and lack of self-control.

Firstly, I want anything has done as much perfect as possible, it is may be good because I can gain a lot of good feedbacks or good results but it also causes a lot of troubles for not only myself but also others. Since I expect too much so I tend to collect other works; therefore, I usually work under pressure, feeling overwhelm and depressed when the result went bad. Moreover, I usually work in team, sometime I create stressful because of my requirements. That leads some unnecessary discussions and arguments.

Hence, to improve this weakness I think I should truth in there contributions by instead of do or try to fix anything by myself, I can discuss and give some recommendations for others and lets them finished in their own ways. As the result, I can reduce the volume of my tasks, avoid unnecessary arguments, have more time and wide views to check and evaluate final performances. Secondly, I tend to Judge a new person based on their external appearances, it can prevent me from making true friends and is misleading.

To avoid these mistakes, firstly, I should spend more time to know new people because different people have efferent life styles, backgrounds and believes which their appearances cannot show. Secondly, I should remind myself some mistakes that I already have because mistakes are lessons. Hence, keep in mind these lessons will help me give expectations and behavior to others in appropriate levels. Finally, I think self-control is an important point which I should improve because I communicate ad interact with others every day and time.

Therefore, my attitude and behavior will directly affect others’ Judgments about myself. When I was in a first workup at university, it was hard to make appropriate responds when I was angry. This leaded to lost friendships andstressfeeling for me. To improve my self-control, I should find and remember some signals which appear before I cannot control myself, for example high temperature, or get wet at my hands. Moreover, I think that keep calm- silent in a moment before starting or continuing a discussion or argument is a good way, because I have time to think carefully and refresh my mind.

This helps me o avoid letting my emotion cover my opinions and lead my actions. In conclusion, to have a happier life by reducing stress and work under pressure, I should not try to finish anything perfectly as I want, but I can ask for helps and be open minded. Moreover, to avoid and limit mistakes caused from my Judgments which base on other external appearances, I should spend more time to Finally, to improve my self-control, it is better to recognize and remember signals occurred when I am getting angry, and keep calm will create time for me to think carefully about my reactions.

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