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Performance management system

One of the hallmarks of an up-to-date, ‘ best practice” performance management system is that it includes specific competencies that all the organization expect all of its members to display. One of the methods that can be used to measure performance is through the use of “ performance appraisal”. While specific design and construction of the form varies from one organization to another, five elements should appear in every performance appraisal form and that includes: organizational competencies; job family competencies; key job responsibilities; projects and goals; and major achievements (Grote, 2002). What is HR’s role in maintaining effective working relationships with unions? How can HR develop proactive policies that reduce the likelihood of union organization? From their close links in the colonial days, unions in some cases become a tool in the hands of politicians.

Given a scenario, it is a little wonder that role of trade unions in organizations has been a relatively marginal one. It has forced trade unions to restrict their agenda to grievance-handling and bread-and-butter issues in periodic collective bargaining where wage and job security issues are fought out (Poole, 1999). HR’s role in maintaining effective working relationships is to make policies which will help to have a good relationship with unions. Through developing policies which will be beneficial to an organization and will eliminate the possibility of emerging of unions, there would be a less chance for unions.

Assignment 2: 1) What is the impact of specific activities targeted at a small group in the organization (like baggage handlers) on the rest of the organizations employees? According to the presentation, compensation is often the cause of discontentment in an organization. Management and employees usually have conflicting views on the compensation structure. According to the presentation the baggage handlers prefer cash benefits to non-cash benefits, however, the management wants to keep the cash payments to minimum, and increased the secondary benefit. There is always a ceiling as far as benefits are concerned, and they have to be taken into account at all times.

According to the presentation, the best compensation plan is that which is transparent and easily understood by the employees. It should compensate employees adequately for the job they are required to perform and at the same time, leave enough room for job improvement. According to the presentation, there should be components that motivate them to go beyond the brief and perform better 2. ) How can an organization convey that it is stringent about its policy on sexual harassment? An organization can express that it is rigid on its sexual harassment policies by imposing rules and regulations and reviewing those rules and regulations through/ with the cooperation of the employees. According to the presentation, the manger needs to evaluate such situations dispassionately, considering the backgrounds of the employees, and weigh all the possible solutions before arriving to a decision.

3) Can a performance appraisal system in one organization be replicated in another? Why or why not? It depends on the organization being compared to, if it is almost the same type of organization it can be replicated, but if it is not, it can’t be replicated because a different type of organization needs specific performance appraisal system for its organization. ReferencesGrote, R. C. (2002). Performance Appraisal: Question and Answer book.

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