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Off campus visit evaluation ii

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A visit to of Santa Fe Springs’ Community Development Commission Council Meeting “ The Community Development Commission Board directs the activities of the Community Development Commission (CDC) of the City of Santa Fe Springs,” (Santa Fe Springs…, n. d.). This CDC is in-charge of the community’s public improvements, including the building of infrastructures, affordable housing projects, and recreation parks (Santa Fe Springs…, n. d.). Every second and fourth Thursday of the month, the community development commission holds city council meetings at the City Hall’s Council Chamber to discuss the local issues or upcoming projects of the community (Santa Fe Springs…, n. d.).
Last July 21, 2008, the Community Development Commission held a meeting with regard to the “ authorization to advertise for the street rehabilitation on Washington Boulevard (Norwalk Boulevard to Westman Avenue) and Norwalk Boulevard (Washington to Boer Avenue),” (Adjourned Meeting Community…, 2008). In addition, miscellaneous concrete repairs for the year 2007-2008 were also discussed (Adjourned Meeting Community…, 2008). During the discussion, the public was allowed to comment on any community development that concerns the agenda.
New business was also discussed in the City Council Meeting of Santa Fe Springs. This is the “ consideration of a request for financial assistance involving the construction and use of a new electronic reader board sign,” (Adjourned Meeting Community…, 2008). The members of the community who attended the council were made aware of the project, and would be later notified with the proceedings of the negotiation.

The recent City Council Meeting of the Santa Fe Springs allowed the public to tackle the current issues of the city. The local issue regarding the street rehabilitations and concrete repairs were properly discussed and dealt with. The efforts of both the concerned citizens and the Community Development Commission (CDC) “ improved the city’s quality of life,” (Santa Fe Springs…, n. d.). It also added to the city’s urban design and streetscape quality. The council meeting improved once again the overall development and potential of the city (Santa Fe Springs…, n. d.). All in all, the local issues on transportation were discussed transparently with the public.
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