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Introduction to business

June 20, Recycled toothbrush Recycling uses the Preserve line to make recycled products from disposed of plastics. Recycling collaborated with Stonyfield Farm, a company that makes yoghurt, in order to acquire their plastic cups that are used in packaging. The partnership is highly beneficial to both companies and the environment, as well, because; most of the communities recycling plants do not handle plastic cups from any yoghurt products (Preserve, par. 1). However, the reason is not known except for the bias against the yoghurt cups. For Stonyfield Farm, it will benefit from having less environmental impact by polluting it with non biodegradable waste. In addition, by collaborating with Recycling, Stonyfield Farm will have an opportunity to reach out to the community on the importance of conserving the environment by recycling used products. On the other hand, recycling will benefit significantly from the partnership in that by using request and recommendations made by Stonyfield Farm, they will acquire more plastic waste. As a result, there will be more raw materials for the manufacture of their recycled products. More products translate to more revenue and lesser environmental degradation. All these benefits will be in line with the company’s zero waste initiative. Moreover, Recycling will incur fewer costs in procuring the waste products as the yoghurt maker already has a plan on how the containers can be collected. This is because; Stonyfield itself is in a partnership with Whole Foods. Whole Foods has a “ Gimme 5 program” in which, yoghurt containers are dropped in Gimme 5 bins for collection (stonyfield Farm, par. 4).
To get a larger market share for their products, recycling could make use of various strategies such as making discounts. Discounts on recycled shavers and toothbrushes would attract more consumers to purchase and use their products. This is because they would be more affordable to the general public as compared to normally manufactured products. Also, the company could utilize catchy taglines to advertise their products on commercials aired on T. V. These include “ waste free shaving” and “ Waste brushing,” and would catch the attention of consumers and interest them.
In addition, Recycling could educate the public on the importance of conserving the environment. Recycling as a way of conserving it, would make recycled products appealing to all those who heed the message of environmental consciousness. To market, its shavers and tooth brushes, Recycling could also get endorsement from international organizations like the United Nations for having such a bold initiative.
As Recycling grows larger, changes are bound to occur. They may be in the form of structuring within the company, staffing and even procurement procedures. Recycling will require more staff in order to keep its daily functions at par. This will mean more expenditure for the company as they will require pay. As a result, the company will have to increase its productivity in order to keep up with its expenses. Also, the procurement procedure will have to increase its sophistication by subcontracting some of its duties to other companies. For example, Recycling will have to source for raw materials over large areas thus the need to contract other companies to collect the materials for them.
Recycling will also have to increase its use of technology in order to remain afloat. This will be in the form of increasing the level of sophistication that their products have, and the number of functions that a single item they produce has.

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