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Human resources

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Human Resources Introduction The below synopsis reviews the recruitments processes of the NYPD and the LAPD. It brings out the differences between the two procedures. Minimum Qualifications The minimum qualifications required for application to the LAPD are as follows: the candidate applying must be at least 21 years of age at the time of entry into the academy and must have a graduation degree from a US high school or an equivalent degree from a US institution or a 2/4 year college degree from an accredited US or foreign institution. He/she must be a US citizen or must have applied for citizenship by being a permanent resident alien and must be granted citizenship within 3 years from employment from the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services). Although the candidate need not be a resident of Los Angeles, the background requirements are related to a clean past and he/she must be shown to possess honesty and integrity. On the other hand, the qualifications for NYPD are that the candidates are police officers, traffic enforcement agents or school safety agents and therefore there is no direct recruitment process. However, the qualifications for these positions are similar to that of the LAPD except that the candidate must be a resident of NYC and a citizen of the US while applying (NYPD, n. d, application division, para. 2). Selection Process The selection process is based on the following procedures. – The written examination While the candidates to LAPD are required to pass a Personal Qualifications Essay (PQE) which requires essays to be written that are based on decision-making ability and written communication skills, those of the NYPD are required to take a Civil Service examination conducted by the DCAS (Department of Citywide Administrative Services) and pass it (LAPD, n. d, pqe, para. 3). – Oral boards The oral interview for the LAPD is during the later stages of the selection procedure during which the candidate is required to appear before the department to assess personal accomplishment, job motivation, interpersonal skills, etc. Although the oral interview for the NYPD is also held during the later stages of the selection procedure, they are based on an analysis of medical requirements and character updates. – Character and Background investigation This is one of the processes that are carried out right through the entire selection procedure of both departments. While the LAPD uses questionnaires for background verification during the preliminary stages of the interview and relies on a personal history form and an oral interview with a background investigator after the physical tests, the NYPD employs character investigation during the medical screening stage and during the pre-hire interview. – The Polygraph examination A polygraph examination is required by the LAPD after the background investigation stage to verify the obtained information whereas the NYPD does not make use of the polygraph. – The Psychological Examination Psychological tests are conducted prior to appointment to the LAPD. They involve written tests and an oral analysis of the candidate based on background findings and how the candidate would react when under stress. The NYPD also uses written and oral psychological tests to evaluate the candidate; however, they are conducted after the character investigation and before the physical test. References Joinlapd. (n. d). Application Process. Retrieved from http://www. joinlapd. com/selection. html NYC. (n. d). Application Process. Retrieved from http://www. nyc. gov/html/nypd/html/careers/application_overview. shtml

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