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Hala bchara

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Hala Bchara Outline Essay 4 I. Introduction A. Thesis: The Gay marriage is wrong and we should be canceled B. Preview 1. Family 2. Religion 3. Culture 4. Social II. Gay marriage prevents family forming society, and consequently it leads to the extinction of human being on earth (argument) A. We can do LGBT adoption by law  (Opposing) B. If being gay is an option, more and more people will take it and it will end up hurting society (refute). III. Gay Marriage is against religion (argument) A. None of holy books said that gay marriage is taboo (opposing) B. Some of church organization support Gay marriage (opposing) C. As long as we obey the Ten Commandments we are not doing anything that make the God angry from us (opposing) D. The Bible always has marriage between man and woman (refute) IV. Gay Marriage role should fit the couple’s culture (argument) A. Not all the cutlers accept and allow gay marriage (Opposing) B. Gay marriage as a new trend in life is against most of the cutler established long time ago. C. Culture and tradition is been made from long time, and change it means change a whole generation which is kind of impossible (Opposing) D. Culture is made by people, and as long as there is a gay people in this earth we can still make are won culture (Refute) E. We were always looking forward for the day that start making are history, and this day arrived (Refute) V. Gay marriage has bad influence on the society ( argument) A. not a good role models to follow in society, they are miskick, and being miskick this arise suspicion about their miskick nature ( Opposing) B. we have heard a lot of story about rape C. Most of the parents might get scared if they knew that one of their kids has a gay friend, in this case the community would be divided to tow level and lead the society to anarchy and confusion. ( Opposing) D. Certainly, good people are against the split of the society. E. Most of the manager of successful companies, and university are Gays (Refute) F. A good and successful society doesn’t not primary mean that the leader should be a man, researches showed that how many gay people achieved high statues in the society ( Refute) VI. Conclusion A. Thesis: The Gay marriage is wrong and we should be canceled B. Preview 1. Family 2. Religion 3. Culture 4. Social Reference http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Religious_views_on_same-sex_marriage http://www. inc. com/issie-lapowsky/gay-people-make-better-entrepreneurs. html http://www. psychologytoday. com/blog/addiction-in-society/200811/gay-marriage-the-culture-war-has-just-begun http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/LGBT_adoption

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