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————————————————————————————————–Analysing the Literary Canon————————————————————————————————–By definition, a canon is (1.) an authoritative list of books accepted as Holy Scripture (2.) the authoritative works of a writer————————————————-or————————————————-(3.

) The accepted body of works that have come to be widely recognized as “ major” or “ the best” and are referred to as “ literary classics” by a consensus of critics, scholars, and teachers.————————————————-This third definition is often referred to as the literary canon. The authors that represent the literary canon are those that are kept in print and are frequently and fully discussed by literary critics and historians. Works by these authors are most likely to be included in anthologies and studied in classrooms under titles such as “ World Masterpieces,” “ Major English Authors,” “ Great American Writers,” etc.————————————————-While the accepted literary canon includes all genres of literature, the focus of this web page is A Canon of Classic Novels.

Keep in mind that a canon emerges gradually and is subject to change. Additionally, this particular canon of classic novels have been subjected to the following criteria:————————————————-They are works that:————————————————-– are widely assigned in high school and college classrooms, and————————————————-– have had great influence on other authors————————————————-HERE ARE 3 TOP 100 LISTS: 50 Classic Novels– Listed Alphabetically by Authorhttp://www. geocities. com/blondelibrarian/literaryexplorer/textonly/classicnovels. html.


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