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It’s always hard to pick a single favorite movie, because there are so many good ones. Sometimes people have different opinions whether a particular movie is good or not. The movie I like the most is “ Batman: The Dark Knight” by Christopher Nolan. The whole movie is action packed, while still retaining drama, a love story, and even a little bit of comedy. The best thing about this movie is the great performances we get to see by the actors and actresses. Already, you can begin to see why “ The Dark Knight” is my favorite movie.

In this Batman movie we are introduced to the villainous roll of the Joker, and also Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face. Heath Ledger is the actor who plays the Joker, and he does it well. He really makes you feel as though he actually enjoys the mayhem and destruction that the Joker causes, which is what moviegoers like to see in a villain. You could almost say that the Joker/Heath Ledger is what “ makes” this movie. Aaron Eckhart also does a great job fulfilling the roll of Two-Face, a villain based on vengeance.

In the movie, both Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes, Harvey’s girlfriend, are trapped in separate warehouses filled with barrels of gasoline and a bomb. Batman is only able to save one of them, forcing him to decide between his childhood friend, Rachel, and the person he believed to be the savior Gotham needed, Harvey Dent. In the end he chooses Harvey, who has half his face burned off from the explosion. Harvey is very upset with Batman’s decision. After a little persuasion from the Joker, Harvey decides to seek revenge on all those who have wronged him, creating the villain Two-Face.

Through most of the movie you get to see what the Joker is all about, which is just pointless destruction, and then by the end you get to see what Two-Face is all about, which is vengeance. I would have to say that this is my favorite movie more for the story of the villains rather than the Batman. There are many great movies out there, and I’ve seen quite a few, but “ The Dark Knight” is by far my favorite. To me, this movie really shows you how evil some people are, or can become. It also tells you that being the hero doesn’t always mean having your name in the spotlight. The whole storyline and the acting just put this movie over the top.

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