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International drug trafficking and terrorism

You are to choose a topic of interest from the list below and write a paper addressing the factors that have drawn you to the topic and its relevance to the study of politics. For example, the idea of a perfect society in connection to the ideals of democracy seems to depart conceptually from empirical →

Red brigade, italian terrorism

The Red Brigade viewed themselves as the evolution of inexorable historical and social forces, and that their ascendancy in Italy, and perhaps Europe was natural and inevitable. Curio believed that the Red Brigade would eventual become a key political force in Italy, and that the Brigade was destined through the natural evolution of the revolutionary →

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Good research paper on auto-biography paper

My concernswere to see a firsthand account of thedamagethat poaching hadbrought to theparts of thecountry in terms of destruction of Kenya's wildlife. I discovered a powerstruggle in terms of economicandpoliticalauthority which creates a situational crisis in Kenya making wildlife vulnerable to poaching in theregion.

War has a feminine face and a masculine character

The purpose of the War on Terror was to try to stop the threat of terrorism in America but also other Western powers. The War on Terrorism needs to be brought to an end as millions of people are being killed, civil liberties and human rights are being violated, and the costs of the war →

Will american hegemony produce a better world for everybody?

Thus, according to Stratmann in the realist view of hegemony, the focus is on the hegemon's role " in mitigating collective action problems through the provisions of leadership over other donors and the creation of positive incentives to cooperate, e.g.by assuming a larger share of the costs to set up and maintain a cooperative infrastructure". →

Free research paper on the religious and political motivations anwar al-awlaki and osama bin laden for

Suicide bombing and other forms of terrorism are tactics, not goals or strategies, and since the Afghanistan War began in 1979, the main political, religious and ideological purpose of men like Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki was to overthrow the regimes in Muslim countries that were allied with the Western powers and restore the →

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The cause of iraq war argumentative essays examples

On top of the destruction of Saddam's military arsenal, the recovery of land, military equipment and freeing Kuwaiti prisoners of war from the first Gulf War was also given as a reason for the US involvement in the Iraq War. The political and humanitarian reasons given for the war was the ushering of a democratic →

Sample critical thinking on nsa surveillance

The surveillance activities touch the human right that advocates for protection from unreasonable search, and the right to privacy; this necessitates the implementation of a Share with public policy that would increase the acceptability and accountability of surveillance activities to the citizens of the U.S.and to the rest of the world. This is a convincing →

Terrorism and hezbollah essay sample

Hezbollah, one of the most significant organizations presenting a threat to the United States today, is a sophisticated organization with decades worth of refined tactics, techniques, and procedures. While the method of attack it old, Hezbollah's attack on the Marine barracks in 1983 is often looked at as the " date of initiation of a →

Free literature review about united states vulnerability to cyberterrorism

American's direct and indirect involvement in growing uncertainties in the Middle East have sparked new debates and concerns regarding the threats new types of cyber terrorism now pose to the nation's data and information security. Regardless, the concept has received widespread attention in the past decade, and has ultimately found that the threats and likelihood →

Essay on war and terrorism in 21st century

In the last century, the nature of terrorism was attributed to secular inspiration and orientation, in the 21st century terrorism is linked to the religious Islamic fanatics. The tactics of war and terrorism has also changed in the 21st century.

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Public fear of terrorism

Of late there are clear indications of general fear in the public to the extent that, whatever the media reports, is seen as a representation of the real situation on the ground. Taking the example of international media houses, which broadcast, to the whole world, they are in the first place not bound by the →

Inside the attack on the london transportation system essay examples

In addition to the injuries and deaths inflicted on some of the passengers, a number of other persons in the vicinity were also injured. The Mineta Transportation Institute and the National Transportation Security Center began creating a database to include the information from the NTSC's Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism information center based →

Good example of essay on the impact of cyberterrorism on the us economy

In a 1999 report published by the Center for the Study of Terrorism and Irregular Warfare, researchers argued that the definition of cyberterrorism should be broadly defined as the use of or targeting of a computer or network in a terrorist attack. Under this definition, cyberterrorism would not only include Denning's pure attack against a →

The looming tower, al-qaeda and the road to 9/11 essay sample

Sometimes he would sit in front of the television and weep over the news from Palestine." In his teenage years, he was the same nice kid," his mother later related." But he was more concerned, sad, and frustrated about the situation in Palestine in particular, and the Arab and Muslim world in general". He was →

Counterterrorism vs civil liberties

All the departments and agencies mentioned in the policy will see to it that the counterterrorism campaign of the state is given the highest priority. K, & Baird, R.M.

International criminal justice practice research paper examples

Crime is a problem that has been persistent in society in the past and still is today and will be there in the future. In the 1950s violence was just a small problem in the rural areas confects resulted in the case of the absence of the state or as a result of excess of →

Example of torture and interrogation essay

In the third century, in the time of the Roman Jurist, Ulpian noticed that the kind of information extracted through torture is not trustworthy. Part of the scenario appeal is that it portrays the torturer as a heroic and principled figure that reluctantly uses torture to save people's lives.

Research paper on racial profiling

Racial profiling is a term used to refer to any action taken by the police for reasons of safety, security or simply to protect the public based on race, ethnicity, or nationality of an individual. Racial profiling is inapplicable in crime scenario involving people of the same race therefore it is crucial to put other →

Role of president critical thinking

Therefore, the role of the president as the commander-in-chief has a lot of impacts in my daily live. In the world history, President Obama has laid down a legacy in the fight against terrorism and war in the Afghanistan.

Good example of identification of two pre-9/11 homeland security events case study

Acts of terrorism within the United States present a threat to the peaceful existence of the citizens of the United States even in the present day. The attack, just like the current terrorist attacks in the United States was well coordinated to deliver the highest impact and destruction.

The algebra of infinite justice by arundhati roy essay samples

She grew up to become of the renowned activist in India criticizing the government on various issues and even donated money she was awarded to educational institutions, publishing houses and the people's movement in India. He, Osama was created by America's insensitivity to minority rights and freedoms in many countries and the arrogance of the →

Effects of terrorism on international business: a detailed analysis

When such exchange of liberal views and active demonstration of different values happen in the socio economic life of the community, the hardliners form a bastion to thwart the spread of such views and the rapid transformation taking place in the society which they feel is a threat to their ownculturewith utmost angst andviolence. However, →

War on terror research paper

Well on October 7th 2001, the war in Afghanistan began marking the first step in the War on Terror. A timeline of the iraq war.

Counter terrorism

The aftermath of the terrorists attack to the US on September 11th year 2001, known as the 9/11 tragedy, have resulted strong beliefs that a powerful nation like the US is vulnerable to such cowardice and barbaric acts, much more vulnerable are the rests of the US allied countries particularly those belonging from the third →

Adjusting to terrorism essay sample

Arizona established the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center which is nationally recognized for their tactical and strategic intelligence support to law enforcement agencies across the US and for being one of the states to be joint with the FBI's Terrorism Task Force. Working together at all levels and maintaining the exchange of information to all →

The role of state and non-state actors in terrorism essay samples

International relations require the action of state and non-state actors to become a reality. As the world globalizes, it is increasingly difficult to ignore the role of non-state actors in international relations.

Is it a threat of terrorism?

The terrorist attacks in Madrid in 2004 and in London in 2005 perpetrated by European homegrown terrorists have contributed to these concerns, as has the surge in terrorist-related arrests in the United States in 2009 and 2010. A closer look at the evidence, however, reveals that the threat of Islamic extremist engaging in lethal attacks →

Domestic and international terrorism research paper sample

One of the important distinctions between international and domestic terrorism appears to be the number of attacks and the lethality of the actions taken by those who carry out the activity. Definitions of terrorism in the U.S.code.

Free essay about political science

While in the past the emphasis of the law enforcers was to act against criminals when there was an attack on its soil, the role of the criminal justice system today is go out in search of these extremists and neutralize any possible plan to launch a surprise attack against its people and installations. In →

Definition of terrorism and police powers

Conversely, it was held by the Court inR v Commissioner of the Police of the Metropolis[6]that pursuant to section 44 of the TA " the interference with the appellant's freedom of movement in order to effect a stop and search is not enough to have amounted to a deprivation of liberty".[7] The exploitation of police →

Violence war and terrorism research paper

The objective of this essay is to analyze the positive and negative impacts of violence, terrorism and war. The first significant of violence and war is creation of jobs and source of income for a good number of people.

Habeas corpus in the us constitution in the context of the war on terror essay examples

The Magna Carta of 1215 indicated the importance of habeas corpus, the original usage of it being a political power by the government to call upon prisoners to testify in trials. The time of President Abraham Lincoln saw the suspension of habeas corpus in the US.

Terrorism and terrorist groups research paper examples

Understanding the History and background of terrorism is a vital component in war against it. A clear understanding on these root causes can help in addressing the issues thus preventing future occurrences of terrorist attacks.

Essay on hear no evil – a brief discussion on the functionality of religion in society

All responsibility in their eyes lies on god, they see they are actions as the will of god and thus subtract all their own agency from the equation; they have no responsibility for their actions all they do is push the button, it's up to god as to what happens next". We have evolved in →

The us strategies in afghanistan and somalia essay

The National Interest in which the president depicts is; the loss of lives by the American troops in the Afghanistan, the economic effect the war has caused especially in the America as the government is focusing its resources on the war in Afghanistan and also the killings that were spearheaded by the al Qaeda on →

Health economics essay example

Media have always maintained their powerful position by ensuring they show all the information on important topics like " Wars" in some of the most vulnerable countries in terms of peace." Weapons of Mass Deception" highlights the role of media as well as the coverage of the war from the American reporters. The war in →

Holocaust and isis: bright examples of violence

The Holocaust was a " genocidal and traumatic event of the twentieth century". ISIS is a current issue in the Middle East, the group seeks to attack and kill Christians.

Cults and terrorism psychology of terrorism-chapter 11 book review example

The goal of this chapter is to try and understand how a terrorist mind functions, what motivates it and how can we recognize and accept the danger to society that terrorist groups and individuals posses." Although terrorism is not a new phenomenon, terrorism today offers a much greater threat of violence to the world than →

Example of technological challenges in law enforcement essay

Law enforcement agencies want to expand the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act to force broadband Internet and Voice Over Internet Protocol providers to develop and implement new intercept technology that would allow law enforcement officials to identify and monitor potential criminal activity. Looking at all three issues together, to address the challenge that new →

Free justice essay sample

The USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 owes its establishment to the strengthening of the national security against forces of terrorism and any other factors that may be instrumental in facilitating the growth and development of terrorist activities in USA. A good example is the bombers of 9/11.

Countering global terrorism

The root causes of terrorism are varied and they depend on one's stand whereby the causes cited by the victims of terror for instance the US are different from those cited by the perpetrators. Terrorists on the other hand argue that the US and other western powers are the major causes of the problems facing →

Free preventative policing strategies essay example

They include the detection and prevention of crime, the protection of both life and property, as well as protection and maintenance of peace and order. Preventative policing is a central feature in the modern police force, and it denotes law enforcement strategies that are geared towards deterring the commission of crime.

Is the war on terrorism a war essay

There are grounds which validate the war on terrorist act as being considered an existent war such as the fact that an existent decelaration of war was waged by both the US and Al-Qaeda.it can be considered a new manner of war.and that finally like war.terrorist act is a mean to a political terminal. Besides →

Iraq 2003 violence peace and social change argumentative essay example

The case in point used in this paper is the invasion of Iraq by the U.S.in the year 2003. In short, the reasons behind invading Iraq were given as: a) Combating terrorism, b) Confiscating and destroying WMDs to keep the U.S.and the rest of the world safe, and c) to give the people of Iraq →

The spread of islamic extremism in central asian post soviet countries

In the last couple of years Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIL, Islamic State of Iraq and Levant or " Daesh" in Arabic became an agenda and was all over the news. In 2011 the operatives from Islamic State known as Jibhat Al-Nusra were sent to Syria to fight in the civil war →

Osha concerns and regulations

It is the policy of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to defer to local authorities in the immediate response to catastrophic events. Private sector workers are protected by the legislation and may not be fired in response to filing a complaint with OSHA.

Bioterrorism: biological warfare and public health nursing

Some people would actually take the agent and put it in boxes, envelopes, etc.and send it in the mail to affect others with the disease. Healthcare workers can review disaster plans in the workplace, be available as a first responder, review the evacuation plan, and help others to deal with the events that are taking →

Terrorism and the media term paper

This can be further fuelled by the fact that the media can choose to concentrate on the plight of the terrorists and portray them as the ones whose cause is justified. They and the media as a result blame the Israel for deliberately attacking the civilians and as a results leads to endless wars between →

Free research paper on states supported terrorism

The first and of course futile terrorist attempt by the United States was courtesy of Cuban exiles in America. The motive of American support for the invasion was for the exiles to overthrow Fidel Castro's government.

Essay on into the wild

Keeping in mind the fact that McCandless was a fervent and a passionate man, I think that he was a foolish man who lost his life due to his fanatical ideas and beliefs. When he comes to know of his father's other family, he is so angry and furious that he refuses to think rationally.

The terrorist attacks on the world trade centre and the pentagon on the 11 september 2001

The terrorist attacks on the world trade centre and the pentagon on the 11 September 2001 were a totally new phenomenon that changed the world. The hijackers then internationally crashed two of the airlines into the Twin towers of the World trade centre in New York City, killing everyone on board and many other working →

Counter-terrorism project

Moreover, the introduction of Al Qaeda's terror training manual clearly stated their words of advice to their opposition, saying that such unfaithful regimes must know the dialog of bullets, the ideals of assassination and the diplomacy of the cannon and machine-gun. In addition to this, the manual is a written proof of the things that →


Chairperson, Department of Political Science, the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Professor Razia Musarrat claims that " Pakistan's geographical location, its nearness with Afghanistan, its close relations with the Taliban regime, its deep knowledge of the rugged terrain of Afghanistan, and its history of Cold War alliance made Pakistan obviously the most important strategic asset for →

Patriot act essay

The Patriot Act was designed to deter and punish terrorist acts in the United States and around the world and to enhance law enforcement investigatory tools. The Patriot Act provides safety to all Americans in order to fight terrorism The United States is full of freedoms and sometimes it is good to have control from →

Civil liberties, habeas corpus, and the war on terror essay sample

I will exam whether the president goes against the constitution to protect the safety of its citizens in a time of war or is it an abuse of power because the president is the commander and chief. In my opinion habeas corpus is written in the constitution to protect the people and the president should →

Theology, ethics and terrorism research paper examples

It is a premeditated form of conflict that seeks to influence the actions and decisions of the victims so as to exploit fear among the victims, coerce a target, publicize a cause or change a perceived status quo. Terrorism is characterized by the generation of a sense of fear and terror among the victims, the →

Religious fundamentalism and terrorism

Specifically, the notion of a perceived necessity for a reassertion of religiosity as a response to globalization will be examined, particularly as a result of; the nonviolence and clash of beliefs and ideas; forces of secularism; the consequences of modernity and the anxieties associated with social disruption; and the issue of increased power convergence and →

Terrorism in peru

It was a fight between the proletariat and the state, between the landowners and the capitalists in the city. Generally, forgiveness is a decision to let go the resentment and thoughts of revenge.

Evidence of the ineffectiveness of the drone assassinations term paper sample

This paper analyzes the contents of the White Paper; its provisions for dealing with terrorism, ethical and legal justifications for the use of drones, and other military means to carry out the operations. According to the department, the White Paper provides for the use of lethal force when; a high-ranked US official determines if someone →

Hizballah the lebanese party of god and its rise to global terrorism research paper

The Hizballah organization was formed in 1982 in reaction to the apparent disenfranchisement of the Shiite Community in Lebanon. In that strain, the organization has identified the United States of America has the largest threat to the establishment of Islam and extended the same to the Israelites as the representation of the American hatred →

Good term paper about the usa patriot act: success of failure

Specifically, the USA PATRIOT Act violates: the First Amendment's right to free speech; the Fourth Amendment's right to privacy and prohibition against unreasonable search and seizure by the state and the Fifth Amendments right to due process; and constitutional prohibitions against over broad and vague laws. Specifically, the First Amendment holds in relevant part that →

Argumentative essay on rendition

A more recent form of rendition by agents of the federal government is the apprehension of individuals in the US and transferring them to other countries to face trial. So when the US transfers them to these countries to face trial, it is not only impeding the democratic growth of the other country but also →

Essay summary of terrorism

Hamas is a Palestinian national liberation movement that struggles for " the liberation of the Palestinian occupied territories and for the recognition of the legitimate rights of Palestinians.". But in the view of the public, the meaning of terrorism, just as had occurred in France in 1794, became representative of an abuse of power and →

Report on the ethics of terrorism

Throughout the course of this essay I intend to probe religion in terms of its uses and purpose and how a system of ethics is abused and talk about the ethics of terrorism. I think what he's trying to say is really that America does not want to see itself as in a war but →

The anthropology of terrorism

In 1998, the Arab Convention for the Suppression of Terrorism was implemented by the Council of Arab Ministers of the Interior and the Council of Arab Ministers of Justice in Cairo, Egypt. In Section 2331 of Chapter 113, defines terrorism as:...activities that involve violent...or life-threatening acts...that are a violation of the criminal laws of the →

Terrorism (national and international) essays example

Al-Qaeda has recruited members and had their operations in Africa as a whole and in East Africa in particular. The Al-shabab had been terrorizing people in Somalia and the neighbouring countries.

Reign of terror narrative essay

It was a civil and a foreign war, where the government decided to terrify the people of France, and to take harsh consequences against those who were against the revolution, like the nobles and priests. The government forced terror in the hearts of the French.

Cause and effect of global war on terrorism

As the ten year anniversary of that horrible act of terrorism approaches, we are forced to look back and reflect at the last decade and the long term effects. As a result we are able to withdraw all of our combat brigades out of Iraq and focus on other bordering countries and turn the security →

Good example of essay on ethical issues and pacifism

The activity of the United States military in Iraq and Afghanistan has raised many questions regarding the ethical position of the government as well as the terrorists who have invaded our communities. While the terrorists are arguably causing harm and pain in the society, the writer wants to establish the ethical justifications of their actions.

Media is a mixed blessing/how ethical is media?

In Against:- * Media played a big role in getting independence to India as it created awareness in people.* Through media, we can know the happenings around us.* It is the communication from the country to country.* We can know the jobs available and products available through advertising.* It helps people to realize their duties.* →

The isis (islamic state of iraq and the levant) essay examples

The extremist involved in the group believe that their way of life is to Allah. In conclusion, the Hamas group is the vanguard of the circle that struggle against the Zionist.

Osama bin laden expertly leading terror

Communicating in the way bin Laden did allowed for his attacks to go undetected and off the radar until it was to late to stop. Osama bin Laden's ability to garner his followers respect by leading past wars against Russia and his fearlessness of United States of America enabled his teachings to further his influence →

Japan staffing approach

What is the crime rate of the country you have chosen? S? According to the travel.state.gov Japan has low rate of crime.

Is terrorism a serious threat to national and international security?

Of the three, the 9/11 attack was the worst terrorist attack which the United States have ever faced, it was unprecedented and was used as a justification of the initiation of a ' war on terror' and the introduction of specialized counter-terrorism legislation, the foundations of which appear to be unstable, as terrorism did not →

Good essay on war on terror

Mazhar and Goraya argued that the sovereignty is violated by the War on Terror as seen in Article 2 and Article 51 of the UN Charter. International law and the War on Terrorism.

Example of essay on drug trafficking

In Colombia, it has been stated by the State Department that is concerned with drug trafficking control that the explosion in coca plantation is the reason for the increase in drug trafficking. This is because of the intense involvement of the guerrillas in drug trafficking.

Example of article review on statement of the similarities

The two essays share a similarity in the following ways:- They touch on immigrants coming to America from their home country - They display how immigrants are used by terrorists to carry out terrorist activities on American soil.- Both essay blame the terrorist activities carried out on America to poor immigration control.- They also show →

Women involvement in terrorist organisation

Once in the group, the Islamic State manifesto unmistakably outlines the roles of women, they are anticipated to become wives and mothers. While the activities and functions of women inside Islamic State are subject to argue and speculate, surely the role of wife and mother is anticipated of most women who travel to become a →

Free book review on history

It is important to note that the story inside this book provides an enticing look back on the Afghanistan-American politics beginning from the soviet Afghanistan war to September 10 the year 2001 and the commencing of the war of terror. The second part of the book explores the war between the Soviet Union and the →

Critique article reviews example

For the majority of researchers, it can be dangerous to do investigative research in danger zones, and therefore, majority of the research is carried out on the basis of reports released by the government and media news stories. There is a need to design a strategy with a new approach and agenda that will explore →

The influence of pop culture on teenagers

They can be easily influenced by the music they listen to, the television they watch, and the celebrities they see. Teenagers see the people they wish to be in the future with the fame, fortune, and popularity and act as these celebrities influence them to.

Terrorisom (world issues, singapore perspective) essay sample

I hope that this essay will give a more in depth explanation to terrorism and also serve as a reminder to the Singaporean readers that terrorism is a force to be reckoned with and everybody should play their part by heeding to precautions provided by the government. All in all, terrorism is a sensitive issue →

Is israel the real terrorist state critical thinking

The popular sentiment in the Western countries and most of the non-Arab world is that, Palestine is the perpetrator of the conflict and Israel is doing what any country would do to safeguard its citizens. To be fair to Israel that is true, as most Arab nations were against the creation of the Israel and →

Merton’s five “modes of adaptation” essay sample

Innovation During innovation, Merton identifies a miniscule, but substantial change in the perspective of the people whose mode is still in conformity and that of whom has shifted to innovation. The people continue to seek success; however by innovation they strive to obtain the success by taking advantage of illegal goals available to them in →

Terrorism in the old testament

This is more evident in the story of Moses and the release of the Israelite's from the Egyptians. God first sent Moses to the Pharaoh to ask kindly for his people's release.

Terrorism studies dissertation critical thinking

Objectives - Analyzing the effectiveness of counter-terrorism measures in preventing terrorism.- Finding out whether counter-terrorism measures lead to violation of human rights.- Evaluating the effects of counter-terrorism measures in contributing to animosity between the religious affiliations i.e Muslims verses the rest of the world.- Analyzing the effects of the PATRIOTIC ACT with regards to violation →

Example of research paper on terrorist profiles

Al Qaeda which in the Arabic context denotes the meaning of " base" is an Islamic international terrorist organization made up of the affiliate regional and, consequently linked to a number of the terroristic attacks in the many parts of the globe. These leaders of the al-Qaeda terrorist group have various political moves that push →

Term paper on indefinite imprisonment of prisoners and suspected terrorists

According to the law and the legal procedures, it is required that a person arrested for any kind of offense or suspected of terrorism involvements should be taken to court where he or she tried for the offenses and atrocities committed, or believed to have committed. Any legal system of detention indefinitely without trial for →

Essay on breaking the silence truth and lies in the war on terror

The film ' Breaking the silence: Truth and Lies in the War on Terror' was screened about six months after the attack of Iraq in March the year two thousand and three. The movie starts with a disturbing sequence of pictures depicting the bloodbath inflicted on the people of Iraq by the British and US →

Osama bin laden and the 9/11 terrorist attacks

The reason that the firefighters came in to help the people and risk their own lives was because they knew that the buildings were made of steel and sturdy. The pilot of the plane had decided that he wanted to crash into the western side of the pentagon, where there were no people around.

Free the economic effects of the war on terror term paper example

The economic effects of the war to either the raiding nation or the countries affected (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and the African and Southeast Asian countries) can be detrimental to their overall economic capability as the war can cripple all sectors of economy (especially for affected countries) and the expenses needed for recovery and →