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Electricity services ltd.

Looking back at the early beginnings of information technology in the late 19th century, it was humbly a working and operational mode of calculator machines. Communication was not its initial aim.

It was merely to facilitate calculations of large sums of numbers. Its capability was limited then. A replica of the machine is demonstrated by International Business Machines initial computers that are as large as a building can hold. Nevertheless, this idea prompted enthusiast to enhance its capabilities which brought about the latest innovations in technology these days. In the early years of the 60’s, entrepreneurial companies went into the business of host computing.

Even governmental institutions went into computerization especially in its treasury departments. Enterprising and creative minds saw this as an opportunity to improve computer capability. Thus was the birth of midrange computer platforms that are cost effective and efficient beyond the initial machines Computers have evolved from early abacus, papyrus and ENIAC to today’s main frames and super computers that can manipulate huge amount of information across the globe. In today’s digital world, having a digital Information System (IS) fully equipped with precise up to date network security system management is important in order to compete globally.

Taking advantage of the technologies in the digital world does give an extra push toward a flexible and feasible business. Information Systems knowledge which is very essential will be boosted too for a company like Grenada Electricity Services Ltd. to further grow and prosper. Inclusive are the line of objectives such as reaching far away location, offer new products and services, reshape jobs and work flows as well, which will profoundly change the traditional ways of business. As the information age advanced the need for enhancements in computer network security management became a profound challenge. Actually, the use of computers for internet was discovered by a military man to share information.

After the first dial up connection, the trend became popular amongst local public, especially Grenada Electricity Services Ltd. At present, computers are indispensable part of its existence. Starting from basic calculators to storing and manipulating of terabits of information computers became its handy machine. As the information age advanced, Grenada Electricity Services Ltd.

need for enhanced tools such as computer network connections became indispensable. To implement a system that will maintain and manage a perfect security issue of Grenada Electricity Services Ltd is central. With the advent of electronic age, an enhancement for efficiency records is a must. A software will be installed which will replace the existing system. This is an electronic system maintained by network administrator and the employees.

This will make possible all existing payroll documents to be converted into electronic forms where employees can access using Intranet. High-speed Internet services will be provided for employees that will be monitored using local ISP. The recent developments in internet communications posted a critical level of danger on the information security of Grenada Electricity Services Ltd. Concurrence of cyber crime is all over the papers. Plus is the danger of losing highly important communications documents of economic transactions.

The present security aspect of Grenada Electricity Services Ltd. is the centralized system which is weak compared to the client-server three-tier system because the security protocols are used for application security services. Client case management software that will then be installed will ensure highest level security system in the market for the Grenada Electricity Services Ltd.

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