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E-commerce business strategy for babysitter service

E-commerce Business Strategy Report


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Executive summary

This report demonstrates an ecommerce business model for a new company tiny & tots babysitter. The company will offer family services by online across all over the world according to their customer needs. Through online platform company will able to provide the fast and efficient babysitter service.

The finding in report demonstrates that the company has small scale babysitter who worked in local areas. There is no single industry that provides the on-demand service across all over the world. The e commerce business model will enabled the tiny & tots Babysitter Company to offer services globally. So, in this report numbers of ecommerce business strategies are used to guarantee that e commerce model work effectively.


The tradition companies were sold their products and services in personnel, by mail or on phone. They had physical location and people had to walk to stores to buy services or products. Now a day, due to hectic life people wants to buy products or services online. They have no time to visit to physical store due to busy schedule. E commerce helps people to buy products online. Most of the companies adopted ecommerce. Due to this trend, a newTiny & tots babysittercompany who provide childcare service started this service through online all over the world. Thetiny&totsbabysitter. comwill enablecustomers tobook the babysitter according to their needs.

This report will also explain the e-commerce business strategy that helps the company to achieving long-term capital and e-commerce business models that will help the company to make profit. The online marketing and advertising tools explained in the report provide the opportunities to the company to attract customers and increase their revenues. The report also includes the conclusion and recommendations to the business.

E- Commerce business strategy

The business strategy is a set of plans for achieving superior long-term returns on the capital invested in a business firm. It helps to making profit in competitive environment over the long term through online. Most of the firms are offering the babysitter service from their offices. Due to hectic life, parents have no time to visit the offices and book the babysitter. Some of existing firms are not able to provide on- demand service.

Tiny & tots babysitter company provides this service online and provide specialized babysitter services to the customers. They are providing babysitter through their experience and other qualities that required in babysitter. The customers that have children need special attention and care can contact to the company and company will help to find the appropriate babysitter. With on-line services, customers can book babysitter from their homes and offices. By this, people have no need to go their offices to inquire for babysitter service. Furthermore, the company opened account on website for qualified babysitters from which they can sign up and registered to themselves. The company will enable to provide the fast, reliable and efficient service to their customer. The company will provide the services at weekend and night care.

However, the company also facing the competitive from daycare centers. Tiny & tots company is cost effective for the clients. They charge small fees to the parents to become member and they are able to access the database of babysitter. It will enable to parents to choose particular babysitter. When parents enter the information and preference for babysitter that they need the system will generate list of available babysitter according to their requirements. E commerce provides the convenience to buy services without making any physical imperatives the shoppers.

In addition, the website is going to give all qualified babysitter across over the world not only in geographical area. The company will provide the services 24/7 via online that means customer can book the babysitter at any time. It also helps to increase the economy of company. The website will give the more convenient way to customers to buy babysitter services no matter where they are. Because of worldwide reach offered by the site, the expense of working will be exceptionally negligible contrasted within the income produced. Thus, the organisation will have the capacity to offer the most reduced costs in industry while as yet offering quality babysitter services. This will have a great deal of effects on the little scale babysitter and majority of their clients are probably going to move to tiny & tots babysitter.

E-commerce business model

The e-commerce business model aims to use the unique qualities of the internet, the web, and the mobile platform (Laudon, 2016). Tiny & tots babysitter is a company that is offer babysitter service to customers all over the world through an online. With the help of the website , anyone can take babysitter services who is need of it will just login to the website and book the babysitter as per their requirement and then complete the booking process by making advance payment. By this, the company will be able to offer babysitter services everywhere, anytime in the world. The company also providing on demand services like Uber.

Likewise, the organization will draw in with its clients and the individuals who want to procure additional salary by giving babysitter service will have the chance to do as such through the site.

Value proposition

The value proposition is vital factor for the success of any company (Doligalski*, 2015). The value proposition defines the company’s product or service that fulfills the needs of customers. Successful e-commerce value propositions include personalization and customization of product offerings, reduction of product search costs, and reduction of price discovery costs and facilitate of transactions by managing product delivery (Laudon, 2016).

Tiny & tots babysitter will be the first company to offer babysitter service anytime and anywhere in the world. The company will provide the experienced and qualified babysitters in various areas at affordable prices across the world who will meet the customer needs across the world. They also provide the babysitters who have experience to work with multiple kids of various ages.

The day care centers only provide services in day and weekdays. The company will provide this service 24/7 that help to the customers whenever they need babysitter service whether its weekend or night they can get this service. On demand service will be the best service provide by the company. for example, if customer needs babysitter to look after more kids for events like dinner parties, weddings then they can hire any time and it help babysitter to earn more cash.

Revenue model

The revenue model help the firm to earn revenue, generate profits and produce a superior return on invested capital (Laudon, 2016).

The primary source of make profit for company is 24/7 service and on-demand service. Due to globally reach through website, the customer can demand any time for babysitter. When customer request for babysitter through website or mobile application, they will need to pay in advance by using debit/master cards because company will charge fees to offering babysitter service.

Moreover, the company can make profit through affiliate revenue model. It is based on the principal of commission. The other companies who offers same services can advertisement on tiny & tots website to attract more customer. If any customer visit the tiny & tots company website they get link of other companies providing same services. An affiliate-link includes a code that identifies the affiliate. If any customer clicks on the link and purchase service then the other companies pay money to the tiny & tot company. The clicks and sales are tracked. The merchants sell their services and the affiliates get their commissions. This model is very good for the web and therefore it is very popular.

Competitive environment

The competitive environment refers to the others companies selling same products or services in the same market place (Laudon, 2016). In competitive environment, company monitor the how many competitors are active, what the market share of each competitor is, how profitable these firms are and how they price their products. The firms can have two competitors direct and indirect (Augusto, 2012).

Tiny & tots babysitter company gain its competitive advantages through website. It gives the following competitive advantages to the company.

On-demand services – the tiny & tots Babysitter Company to be the first company to offer on-demand babysitter services across the world through website. For example, if customer wants babysitter services in next one hour, the company immediately connected to the babysitter in the same region and provides the babysitter service within customer’s deadline and according to their requirement. The on-demand service will help the company to create a global brand.

However, the company has another competitive advantages 24/7 service. Like the daycare centers does not provide service in night and on weekends but this company will provide the service anywhere and anytime across the world with the qualified babysitters. The company will ensure the fast and efficient service. The service offered by the company will be at reasonable price. So, parents have no need to spend more money on day care centers. Day care centers provide these service $100 per day.

Online marketing and advertising tools

The online marketing tool can attract customers. The tiny & tots babysitter company  can use the online marketing and advertising tools that provide a greater opportunity to increase their revenues.

The company can use the following online marketing strategy and advertising tools that gives benefits to the company:-

Search engine marketing: –by search engine marketing the company can reach target audience when they are ready to buy (Dou, 2010). The recent study shows that 90 % of online searches are done by people to buy services and information when they have unmet needs. SEM will get your promotions before your intended interest group with substance that is exceedingly pertinent to them, just for nothing until they tap on your advertisement.

With SEM, advertisement is set on the supported area of internet searcher’s outcome page. Meanwhile, using search engine optimization helps to visible the website by search engines. Keywords will be used in the website content. Some of them include baby care, babysitter, babysitter services that will make the site effectively to people who wants babysitter services. SEM not only helps to increase traffic to the websites but also increase the brand awareness. The highest ranks of service in search engines, the more customers can see the website and prefer the recommendation offered by companies.

E-mail marketing: – with the use of e-mail marketing the company can promote the services online (Sterne, 2000). By email marketing the company informed the customer about new services. To send email to the customers’ first company should generate email list of interested customers. The email marketing has two big advantages price and ease. The emailing is an inexpensive way to advertise the products or services offered by company. The company can send the newsletter through email in which they provide the necessary information about the website and also provide the news updates about the company and also give information about the upcoming events, promotions and special offers.

The study conducted by host papa, the email marketing still exists while increasing usage of social media for advertising. 94% of users still use email and only 61% use social media. For online users email marketing is preferred marketing method. Email marketing is an incredible method to inspire individuals to visit or return to your site or blog, and more traffic generally likens to more salary. Email marketing help the company to build trust with customers over time to turn them into repeat customers. The email should send with their proper address and name that customers do not think that its spam email.

Conclusion and recommendation

The finding of this report shows that the babysitter industry is small-scale babysitter who provides services in local areas. The company has no global reach. It is the one company that offers on-demand services to the customers. The e commerce platforms offer opportunity to the tiny & tot Babysitter Company to provide services across all over the world according to the customers need. The company will enable to provide service by 24/7 availability at reasonable rate.

In addition, the company should need to conduct a market research to understand the customer behavior. The safety concern of children and parents, this is the responsibility of the company that they hire the qualified babysitter and check their backgrounds when recruiting the babysitter to decrease the crime rate. The company should provide the best training of their babysitter to handle the different ages of children.


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