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Drinking water

This is a business investment that requires good packaging quality in order to be successful. Water packing business requires registration with NEVADA who also has production requirements that affects how the design can function.

Introduction to design brief: This document is an initial brief that puts own a proposed water packaging factory which will comprise of; Pure water, bottle water with a production volume of (100, call per day). A temporary and comfortable accommodation type of two (2) bedroom and one bedroom hostel-like apartments for the staff. An administrative office that befits a factory which will be a unique structure that represents the factory. The design and construction features should be enhanced by internally developed strategies that address critical constraints faced by sustainable building managers today; power, adequate ventilation and pace.

Client: The client is a large scale industrial developer who is interested in developing a factory for packaging drinkable water. The Site Area: The site is located in Tot, Gun state, Nigeria. The proposed design is to be done on a site size of four (4) acres of land approximately (16187. Mm ). Goals: The main goal is to design an industrial environment that suits and enhances easy and efficient production of water packages. Guiding Principles: Selection of designs that is cost effective, contextual, flexible and enduring.

Use of the latest engineering techniques to maximize sustainability and energy efficiency. NEVADA requirements for water packaging facility: Source of water; the sustainable source of water in the location of the site is preferably a borehole. Adequate water treatment and purification. Factory location and layout. Equipments/Storage. E. G. Water holding tanks above ground level with materials made of stainless steel or plastic(PVC), Automatic sealing machines and tap, washing hand basin should be made of stainless steel.

Filling machines Water treatment machines and filters, Conveyors, Sealers, Bottle loaders, Water sterilizer, Water dispensers, Trucks for distribution. General Design requirements: Laboratory for testing the water safety level. Accommodation of two housing schemes. Access to the facility. Orientation of design. Drainage. Services like lighting, heating and any recycling service. Parking space. Administrative unit: Factory: The factory should be secluded from the residential area, refuse dump site and other potential areas of contamination.

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