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Definition of success

BUS 242 Achieving Professional Success Success has different meanings and definitions top different of people. Everybody seems to seek and want success.
Work related definition of success
In terms of work success has different definitions to me. It is a promotion at work. If I work hard and get promoted at work I deem that successful. Success likes oneself, liking what one does and liking how they do. Success in the work place means the project becoming better as a result of my participation. I see the results as well as feeling fulfilled my work. I see myself successful because my work fulfills others because the service I offer is helpful and the product I make is useful.
Here, my success is often defined on the basis of comparison with others. Success is about demonstrating superiority in the form of capabilities. Success is characterized by self-development, strong commitment, learning, cooperating and mastery of tasks. Success is doing work as best as one can to achieve the goal set by the superior and feeling happy. For example, a team leader who develops a product that fulfills the needs of customers is deemed successful. Also, a junior officer who gets promoted after hard work and dedication is deemed successful.
Goal oriented definition
Success is goal related set by oneself or others. If the person achieves that goal then they have been successful. Success is therefore the effort applied in achieving that goal. It is all about satisfaction, achieving the goal and being happy with it. A successful person exceeds the success criteria of the set goal in given timelines effectively and efficiently, with an optimum utilization of a set budget without violating the core values of the company or organization.
According to this dimension, success can also be defined as the pleasant and powerful feeling of achievement that brings growth, improvement, development and getting better. For instance, if a person who wanted to establish a business succeeds in doing so, the person is said to be successful. Also, an individual who, for instance wanted to join college, ends up in joining one, such an individual has also achieved his/her goal and is deemed successful. Finally, if a department that was required by the production manager to produce 1, 000, 000 computers ends up producing 1, 000, 100, 000 computers, such a department is deemed successful because they have not only achieved their goal but also surpassed it.
Altruistic definition
This dimension I view success as becoming famous by achieving what I have set out to do. Here, success is defined by the contributions a person makes. I define it particularly by the good that I have contributed as well as by what is remembered about me who has finished the work. I often measured by the difference that person has made in peoples’ lives, how he/she has changed lives as well as the environment as a whole. Success is a good feeling and happiness one experiences after achieving something spectacular.
Success is the peace of mind that I have, which is often a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing I did my best to become the best I am capable of becoming. Here, a successful person is one who continually expands their happiness by doing what they can to help other people. For example, I achieve worldwide recognition for fighting for environmental conservation or girl child education which I deem successful.

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