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Chapter analysis

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al affiliation Introduction Experts describe poetry as an art. An art of transferring a message to people by use of language and creativity. Poetry involves the use of theme, styles and rhythm to give the word. Poetry is a reflection of the real world through a series of dark thoughts and expressions (Naylor, 2014). A broad analysis of a poem brings out the message encoded in the writing. Poetry analysis is necessary because most poets pass the message to the contemporary society through the writing, in which case the message is usually encoded in a piece of properly drafted and arranged words. Poem analysis, therefore, makes the poem easy to understand and simplifies the message to the audience.
The above verse primarily speaks of four trees that the narrator describes as skinny. The narrator explains that the trees are not supposed to be there but still talks about his good relationship with them. The narrator compares his health with the trees and explains that he also has a skinny neck and a pointy elbow. The trees are described as excuses planted by the city, but the people, like Lenny, do not seem to appreciate such living phenomena. Although the trees are skinny and pointed, the narrator describes that they have a secret strength, with their roots holding firm the earth and their ‘ teeth’ biting the sky. The narrator speaks of the trees, how they survive and how they fight for their existence. The trees encourage each other and give themselves hope. The relationship between the narrator and the trees is explained when the narrator admits that he looks upon the trees for hope. The trees have a sole reason for existence, and they accomplish their mission despite the odds that come their way.
An analysis of the above poem will include a consideration of different styles of literature and an examination of the themes brought forward (Naylor, 2014). The narrator clearly sets off the idea of companionship in the poem. Companionship is enhanced by the trees. Despite their poor health conditions, they do not give up on life as they are there to ‘ keep’ each other. The trees droop each other with their arms around each other in times of difficulty. There is also a companionship between the narrator and the trees. The narrator describes the trees as the only things that understand him. In times of losing hope, the narrator also looks upon the trees. The theme of responsibility has also been put forward in a scheming way. The trees are skinny and pointed, yet they are planted by the city. It is the duty of the municipal to take care of the trees and protect them. The city, therefore, does not perform is responsibilities well. It is the responsibility of the city to take care of its residents and ensure their safe health. The strength of the city is the residents. The city fails in the responsibility to protect the citizens in terms of health and nutrition. The narrator has skinny and pointy elbows. The situation depicts the poor health of the members of the city due to a failed responsibility.
The style of personalization is dominant in the poem. The trees have been given a human character of grabbing the earth and biting the sky. The trees also drop their arms around each other in times of feeling low. The literature style of irony has also been advanced in the writing. It is very ironical that the very skinny and pointy trees have a secret strength. The power of the trees is big enough to grab the earth and bite the skies with violent teeth.
Naylor, A. (2014). ‘ Rich and Strange’: Encountering Early Modern Poetry in the Subject of English-A Study of the Reading and Reception of Renaissance Poetry by Teachers and Students in England (Doctoral dissertation, University of York).

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