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Black men and public space essay sample

In life they are some things that most people believe are right however, it does not is right, so a lot of people have problem with other ideas. Brent Staples in his essay gives us an example for this, some people have a problem with dark skin or any color unlike them self. Specifically the black man because they think he is a bad man and never talk with them. Additionally, some people think black people are murderers and use drugs. Staples write, “ It was in the echo of that terrified woman’s footfalls that I first began to know the unwieldy inheritance I’d come into – the ability to alter public space in ugly ways. It was clear that she thought herself the quarry of a mugger, a rapist, or worse. Suffering a bout of insomnia” (Staples 294). He said, that the women had feelings, she is afraid of him and he thinks she thought he is a murderer and dangerous, just because he was black. This is not fair and I ask how he was feeling in the event? He talked about black man but he meant that all black people have a huge problem in the black community.

A hundred years ago, the black people work in the big countries and companies and these countries and companies did not give black people money, black people worked just as slaves for them, they worked in the gold mines and service for the wealthy and they lived without rights, they couldn’t like houses, land or horses. Also, they couldn’t work and the community did not respect them or their family. The black people were feeling bad and hated everything around them. But they tried to live with safety, so they did not talk about anything. According to Staples: “ Over the years, I have learned to smother the rage I felt at so often being taken for a criminal. Not to do so would surely have led to madness. I now take precautions to make myself less threatening” (Staples295). He said always try to not be angry because that appear him to be a criminal. So, he wants go far away from problems and wish live without mistakes weather pull him to jail and he talked about what he did where he found Injustice. Also, this is the reason that Staples wrote that essay, Staples and the black community are feeling bad about every time talked about them self, they said: “ we are not dangers, we are like you and we hate crimes”.

And they asked question : who is responsible for their issue ? and why almost all the white people prefer for every things for example the magazine advertisement almost don’t show any black people the community who are responsible? I remember my father when he talked with me about black people in my country and slaves, he told me in 1982 all the world agree with Abraham Lincoln and my king in these years his name Fasil agree with Emancipating slaves, then my country does not have slaves and we live with them in the same rights. And the first of reasons for the black people take all rights that my religion because my religion said there is no difference between black and white and they we should give each other live with their whole rights, because the people could not choose their color, just God chooses it, and we should respect choices made by God. But everybody can choose their ethics and they can change it to better and learn to respect another color. The black people in United States and don’t forget one of the men who changed history, his name is Martin Luther King Jr. He was a leader of the black civil rights movement in America.

He was protesting for equal rights for all humans no matter what their color. At that time black people in America were being treated very unfairly by the white people. He has love of all American people whether black or white. So, United States has on the third Monday of January each year a day for remembered Martin Luther King Jr. On another hand, some black people have idea inside themselves that the white people hate them, but this is stereotype too, because I know a lot of white people love black people, and some of them are married to black people, this means the communities on the right road, and I am very happy when I saw that. Every body of black and white should know the community not for one of them, but it is for all. So, we should save it and live each other with love and equal rights. Nowadays, the communities changed be a better than before for example: we see now that Barack Obama, the first African-American president for a big country in the world this mean United States has a better change in the black people issue, some people shocked when they know Obama is a black man because they think the president of United State should be white man but the United States has democrats and color give all body live up his ground all rights.

This is we wish something to see in all countries. To sum it up, we should respect all people and respect what they wants, and we should teach a new generation respect all people, all religions and all ideas because this point where they fail to recognize that most of the reactions they get are simply due to people being in situations that are unfamiliar to them, and like all animals trusting on instinct at such meetings, they flee for the need to subsist. As humans, we can’t see very well in the dark and it’s almost impossible to be able to guess what would happen in any position. It is for that one reason that we can’t predict the outcome of a situation that lets the fear in us takes over. When we do this we will build a wonderful community, so we did not find any black people have bad feelings and we did not forget say for some black people that think we hate them, this is not true, and we love you.

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