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Benjamin braddock characterization assignment

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The Graduate – Benjamin Braddock Characterization The film ?????? The Graduate”, published in 1967 tells the story of a young man who has to deal with the problems of having no aim in life and getting seduced by an elder woman. Benjamin Braddock, played by Dustin Hoffman, is the protagonist and he is going to be the topic of this characterization. Benjamin, a recent college graduate, got the features of a normal 20 years old male in the 1960 ‘ s. Brown hair, mid-tall, well-dressed, trained and good-looking. Furthermore his father owns a fortune, what allowed him to go to college in the East.

He used to be quite dedicated in college, being the captain of several clubs, always having good grades and winning an award for his extraordinary work. The Braddock parents are very proud of him for having achieved so much in his so short life but their relationship can be shaky. They often try to show him off to their friends and humiliate him at some points in the film (scene where he gets his birthday present). But when he tries to tell them about his worries, doubts or problems they seem to be deaf sometimes (scene in front of the aquarium at the evening of his graduation arty).

However they do care about him and love him as all parents do. On the other hand, he is a character who can be easily overlooked. His shyness and politeness characterize him and he does not have that many friends as you could distinguish from his graduation party. He conveys the impression of being extremely introverted and not attention seeking what might be a reason for why he is so lonely. In many scenes he is shown as not saying very much and staring in the air while he is thinking about his future.

As he Just finished college he is unsure what to do next nd becomes anxious because he wants it to be different (as he mentions to his father). But he does not want to go back to graduate school neither he wants to start a career. Following that he starts an affair with Mrs. Robinson, an old friend of the family. Mrs. Robinson and his parents also tell him what to do very frequently and resulting from his shyness and his good manners, he always does what they ask for. In other words he is extremely obedient and if Ben gets annoyed or wants to give his opinion nobody listens to him or understands him.

He is Just too polite to tell somebody to leave him alone and even apologizes for any rude word he could have said. In conclusion you could say as he is the hero of the story that he was in the state of victimization because of Mrs. Robinson and his parents but I think throughout this summer he changed. He started smoking and changing his attitude so in my opinion he might be able to manage his life and do the right decisions for him and his future because of this experience. Benjamin Braddock characterization By isamuell

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